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We are Committed to Changing the World!

The heart of CLS is community service

President’s Volunteer Service Award

CLS is a proud recipient of the President’s Volunteer Service Award issued by President Barack Obama in 2016.

CLS Cares!

Keeping America Clean One Road at a Time Through The Adopt a Road Program

Get on the Bus!

CLS Travels to New Orleans to Bring Awareness to Human Trafficking

Hope thru Soap

Hope Thru Soap is an Organization that travels around Atlanta offering showers, haircuts, food, and clothes to the less fortunate.

Classy Events

Fedoras & Friends

Yes We Can!
Over 300 Cans Collected for Thanksgiving Dinner

Red Dress Gala 2017

Thank you for your support of the 4th Annual Red Dress Gala.

If interested in becoming a sponsor for the 5th Annual Red Dress Gala, please contact

The Classy Hour

CLS collected over 1400 pairs of socks to donate to My Brother's Keeper

Want to make a Difference?


Welcome to
Classy Living Society

We are a unique women’s organization that believes in giving back to our community by partnering with small local charities as well as small businesses.

Our organization


Through the vision of its Founder, LaShanda Pitts, Classy Living Society was founded in 2013 as a multi-faceted women’s community service organization with a commitment to change the world!   With a hands-on approach to volunteerism, CLS partners with charities and nonprofit organizations and provides them with resources to carry out their mission and vision.  As a membership-driven private social club, CLS strongly promotes sisterhood and inspires women to connect with other like-minded women, by hosting high-end, exciting and premier events, galas and social functions throughout the year. Customized educational forums and workshops are fashioned for members and member business owners to empower, rejuvenate and promote growth.

Among many local and national recognitions and accolades, CLS has been recognized by Kasim Reed, Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia and is a proud recipient of the President’s Volunteer Service Award issued by President Barack Obama in 2016.



By joining forces with charities and non-profit organizations across the United States, CLS is able to support the mission and vision of its partner organizations by providing volunteers, fundraising assistance and more.  These strategic partnerships serve to bring increased awareness to the causes that CLS and their partner organizations are passionate about – causes that affect local and global communities.  In addition, these important alliances will improve community outreach programs and give back campaigns and assist in funding projects and offering additional services to the community that our partners may not otherwise be able to undertake alone.  Increased brand recognition will be realized and CLS and its community partners will have the opportunity to share connections and other important resources.  If you are a non-profit or charity organization, we welcome the opportunity to connect with you!


CLS provides opportunities to facilitate development and growth in businesses through small business education support from within the organization, through networking, promotion and patronage and more!  CLS provides a number of forums in which businesses can advertise and promote and provide incentives within the organization to build an entirely new customer base!


“Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

CLS members are passionate about philanthropy.

As foot soldiers in the community, CLS members possess a deep-rooted desire to give back to the community.  As an organization, CLS is a hands-on partner with non-profit and charity organizations, giving member volunteers the opportunity to lend a hand up to those less fortunate and participate in a number of worthwhile give back initiatives.  We understand that we must be champions for the causes we are passionate about.  We understand that we have an awesome responsibility to be the change we want to see in our communities. Purpose, passion, persistence, professionalism and perseverance is the lifeblood of CLS volunteers.



As its mission, CLS desires to give back to the local community with our time, talents and compassion.  To that end, CLS  greatly appreciates the support of businesses and individuals who wish to assist us in furthering our cause.  We welcome and greatly appreciate our sponsors; our value-added partnership with you helps us promote our vision to change the world.
Why you should sponsor?

Posh Patron $150

Recipients: Homeless shelter and Group home residents, Teen Girls

Funds will be used for 25 Classy Hygiene Kits: tooth brush/paste, body soap/lotion, deodorant, sanitary products, and comb/brush. Business or Sponsor Name will be printed on the Hygiene Kits

Chic Supporter $250

Recipients: CLS Members-Volunteers

Funds will be used for T-shirts, water bottles, and healthy snacks to support members as they volunteer on community projects and give back with their time, talents and compassion.
Business or Sponsor Name will be printed on the back of the Volunteer T-Shirts

SHADE Sponsor $350

Recipients: Women who are facing major life transitions

Funds will be used to purchase SHADE as well as other personal items to empower and encourage women about self esteem as they are transitioning back into the workforce, etc.

Business or Sponsor Name will be used on any printed materials, signage and social media outlets. Additionally businesses will be featured on

Stylish Philanthropist $500

Recipients: CLS partner organization for one time event

For school supplies, prepare and serve meals for Thanksgiving, host baby shower for pregnant teens living in shelters, provide basic needs to domestic violence survivors transitioning into safe housing, etc.

Business or Sponsor Name will be used on any printed materials, signage and social media outlets

Sophisticated Sponsor $1000

Recipients: Elementary and/or middle school students

One-time donation to a “qualifying” classroom in a school for a semester to use towards field trips, special events reading enrichment programs or other educational needs.

Business or Sponsor Name will be used on any printed materials, signage and social media outlets as well as noted in affiliated press releases

Community Partner $1500

Recipients: Various non-profit programs and organizations

Support and bring awareness to causes affecting the community, Health and Fitness in the community initiative and CLS Cares’ quest to bring awareness to the need for communities to protect the environment through movements such as ride sharing and recycling.

Business or Sponsor Name will be used as a titled name for one of the programs


With every lipstick sold a $2.00 donation will be given to a nonprofit organization that is helping to change the world.
Your purchase makes this possible.
Don’t throw Shade. Wear it.

Join the #IWearShade Movement TODAY!


SHADE is CLS’s very own line of lipsticks that has a give back initiative attached.  A portion of each lipstick purchased is donated to a number of non-profit organizations that are making a difference by bringing awareness to causes affecting the world.

In a world where humanity is plagued by resource inadequacy, abuse, hunger, war, sickness, lack and fear, it is time for us to address the challenges that impact our global society.  SHADE will bolster international character, representing the various colors of our international family coming together for a common cause.  SHADE will galvanize the social significance of bringing awareness to issues that desperately require our attention.  By wearing SHADE you will be taking a stand – a stand that will ignite the conversation, incite united support and demonstrate that we are the change we’d like to see in the world.

SHADE is designed to bring attention to our words, deeds, voices and call to action.  An incredible creation of beauty to highlight who we are, and the cause we represent… a movement that will change the world and mankind… one SHADE at a time.



Our Sisterhood Bonding


In order to be successful, an organization must be built on a solid foundation – and for CLS that foundation is sisterhood.  CLS strives to create what most believe is an impossible feat; an environment that is welcoming, positive and fun-filled for all women.  CLS fosters sisterhood and promotes a vision to inspire and cultivate genuine friendships. By hosting high-end, exciting and premier events, galas and social functions throughout the year, CLS provides the backdrop for its members to enjoy friendship, fun and fabulous lifestyles.

Our Classy Events


Classy Living Society’s glamorous, unique and personalized events are the epitome of class. Each host venue is fully transformed by innovative designs and customized decor — and each attendee will be dazzled by the rich splendor of the event. Entertainment, speakers, media and presentations never cease to inspire and are guaranteed to leave a long-lasting impression. Each tasteful event exudes refinement, charm and elegance — the brand of the organization is personified by every Classy Living Society event.

Our Seminars & Workshops


Our Number One priority is to help those in need, but CLS also endeavors to educate its members through seminars and workshops that are designed to empower, rejuvenate and promote growth for members and member business owners.  We offer forums that provide important information on finances, health, wellness and nutrition, fitness, fashion and many other areas.  These workshops help our members to realize greater potential, gives them opportunities to explore new avenues, and to provide transformative growth and improvement.  Empowered women are equipped with the tools to change the world!

Concessionaire | Biz zone


CLS strives to promote and empower its members’ businesses on a local and national level. As part of the CLS Biz Zone, Classy Concessionaires is dedicated to supporting and developing the growth of member businesses through networking, promotion and patronage. Our monthly concessionaire spotlight and special private events, held exclusively for our Classy Concessionaires, are just some of the advantages that solidify the advantages of having the support of the entire CLS Family. Become a Classy Concessionaire today!

Join us in our mission to change the world – one daughter, sister, brother, son at a time.



CLS is committed to saving our planet one step at a time with its “Go Green” initiative-CLS CARES! CLS is proud of our mission to promote sustainability wherein we will provide eco-friendly tips and opportunities — conservation and preservation, ride sharing, rotating volunteer events by county/town/city/area, recycling programs, promoting farmers and gardening for fresh veggies, and more. CLS realizes the key to a greener planet is in all of our hands.

Classy Members

Volunteer Efforts

Community Partners

Sisterhood Bonding Events

Volunteer Hours


The Classy Chronicles

The Classy Chronicles is the official magazine of Classy Living Society.  Our digital magazine highlights the non-profit community efforts of Classy Living Society and other organizations and people who are doing great things in the community. Articles provide inspiration for giving back, health and wellness, work-life balance, beauty and fashion and Earth-friendly tips. Business and finance is also an integral focus, and the magazine serves as a platform for small business promotion and advertisement. In full color, the pages come alive and will appeal those interested in philanthropy, travel, business, style and environmental concerns, among other things. Through its reach to an ever-increasing subscriber base, Classy Chronicles gives the world a peek into Classy Living Society and embodies the heart of the organization: to give back, inspire and socialize.

Classy Chronicles, Spring Has Sprung! , Jan/Feb/March 2018

Welcome to the Spring Edition of the Classy Chronicles!
Whew!! Classy Living Society was busy in this first quarter of the year with so many awesome community service missions – and we can’t wait until you read all about it! As warmer winds begin to blow, and the sun shines a little brighter on our faces, this first issue of the year celebrates amazing people doing amazing things in the community – from our members to the organizations we partner with. It offers make-up tips, helpful pointers on going green, and reports on our book club meeting and fabulous social events. Sit back and relax with a fresh glass of lemonade in hand – and get caught up on what CLS is doing in the community. Spring has sprung!

Classy Chronicles, Beautiful Survivor, October/December 2017

As the holiday season draws to a close, we look forward with excitement to the start of a New Year – 2018! On this, the last day of the year, Classy Living Society is pleased to present our End of the Year issue of the Classy Chronicles. CLS has been very busy in the community, particularly during the last quarter of the year. Our efforts truly ramp up during the holidays – the most wonderful time of the year is our best time to inspire and give back! With this last issue of the year, CLS also celebrates the Beautiful Survivor in all of us.

Classy Chronicles, May 2016, Happy Birthday Special Edition

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLASSY LIVING SOCIETY!! Today, CLS celebrates two years of socializing, volunteering and inspiring others to make a difference.

Classy Chronicles, May/June 2016, Issue 12

Classy Living Society welcomes Spring! In this our 12th Edition, you will be inspired and renewed by a new season! Want to spruce up your natural hairstyle? You can do it – and be versatile while you’re at it! SPAIN! Learn a few new Spanish words through our Around the Globe feature and travel to Spain in the springtime! Take a peek into CLS’ newest endeavor – the CLS Biz Zone – the springboard that places CLS on a mainline connection to commerce. Knock your socks off – and follow us through a fun-filled afternoon of traveling back in time at our ‘50’s-inspired Sock Hop! Make sure to read about a Classy Sister you’ll want to meet – Mrs. Avis Pitts! Come along….join us as we educate, socialize, inspire, promote business, encourage sisterhood (AND human-hood) and most of all – give back to the community! Happy Spring!

Classy Chronicles, August 2015, Issue 4

Inside this Classy Issue… You’ll find out why CLS is the organization to follow… This issue includes inspiring stories, heartfelt conversations, upclose interviews and useful ideas to help keep you motivated. If you want to keep up with the latest back to school trends…you’ll find them here. Give your volunteer spirit a boost by checking out what CLS is doing with their community partners. This issue has something for adults…children and everyone in between.

Classy Chronicles, July 2015, Issue 3

The Classy Living Society presents the Summer Edition of the Classy Chronicles. This issue is filled with travel tips, things to do around Hotlanta, month in review of community outreach efforts, spotlights, and much more.

Classy Chronicles, June 2015, Issue 2

The Atlanta Non-Profit The Classy Living Society better known as CLS has released their Second Issue of the “Digi-Mag” appropriately titled “The Classy Chronicles”. CLS continues to keep ahead of the trends and make the world take notice of their mission to change communities one volunteer effort at a time as we recap and share our mission and vision through volunteerism and inspiration. Keep up with all CLS happenings by registering for their very own Classy Chronicles at:

Classy Chronicles, April 2015, Issue 1

The Atlanta Non-Profit The Classy Living Society better known as CLS has turned the tables on how non-profits communicate, recap and share their company information with the public. Newsletters, and E-Newsletters are simply not an option. CLS is an organization which likes to keep ahead of the trends and make the world take notice of their mission to change communities one volunteer effort at a time. Now the world can keep up with all CLS happenings by registering for their very own “Digi-Mag” appropriately titled “The Classy Chronicles”. Click here to get a sneak peek of the 1st issue.

A follow-up to the official magazine of Classy Living Society – the Classy Chronicles – Chronicles Too! is an online magazine which features amazing nonprofit organizations, awesome businesses and business owners, people doing great things in the community and more.


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