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We are unique women’s organization that believes in giving back to our community by partnering with small local Atlanta charities as well as small businesses.

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We are committed to hosting high-end, exciting and premier events, galas and social functions throughout the year where friendship, fun and fabulous lifestyles.

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Where Shopping and Giving are in the Bag....

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The CLS Virtual Vendor Mall was appropriately named
The Classy Avenue…

The Classy Living Society LLC (CLS) firmly believes in supporting small businesses and helping to keep the small business community active and profitable. CLS offers its Membership with the ability to obtain discounts on products and services provided by participating vendors. CLS Members are encouraged to support businesses which support CLS and the journey we are on to change the world with our volunteer and Random Acts of Kindness (R.A.O.K) efforts! Through our commitment as a women’s only non-profit organization, our core values are entrenched in volunteerism, community outreach, and fostering an environment and an opportunity for small businesses to flourish.

All of The Classy Avenue Vendors give back 100% of their yearly leasing fee to charity. CLS with the help of our Vendors will continue to not only help innovate how entrepreneurs interface with their customers but CLS is providing the platform for small business to give back to the community. When one shops at The Classy Avenue, they are making a conscience decision to support the #cause of #volunteerism. By supporting the vendors which subscribe to the virtual mall, you’re taking a stand and directly partnering with that business to show that you care enough to want to see them promote their services and goods at The Classy Avenue. Your patronage encourages our vendors to lease virtual space, and when space is leased, charities benefit!

Please show your support for small businesses as they support CLS in helping to make a difference in our communities! “Invest in You, While Investing in Others”.



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