Founded in 2013, the Classy Living Society is a membership driven organization committed to providing volunteer services, being a hands-on community partner and hosting fundraisers for local charities, as well as, specializing in fabulous, fun and extraordinary events.

CLS provides a superior platform which allows women to connect with other like-minded local women, to build lifelong friendships and network with others who are movers and shakers and truly making a difference in their communities.

CLS promotes a vision to inspire and cultivate genuine friendships through a private social club with a focus on building support systems and collaboration between women in our community. We are committed to hosting high-end, exciting and premier events, galas and social functions throughout the year where friendship, fun and fabulous lifestyles are abundant, all while volunteering our time and resources in order to enrich the lives and futures of those in our own communities.

We are Committed to Changing the World!


As a daily news watcher, I found myself becoming more and more saddened by what I was seeing on television and posted on social media. People seem so angry, so unhappy, and in such turmoil. I kept thinking to myself, “How did we get here?”

Then, one day, it dawned on me that quite possibly the human race had forgotten about the word CARE!! Who cares anymore? Who cares about our neighbors, our children, our youth, and the struggles of both men and women who are pushing hard in life to make it better for their families.

As I pondered this I thought, “Wow… I haven’t been a foot soldier with respect to charity work! No mentoring, no extending my own presence.” Yes, of course, I give at Thanksgiving and Christmas time in conjunction with my employer and provide occasional food bank donations here and there and try to be a kind and pleasant person every day. Yet there I sat saddened by all of the world’s turmoil. So I decided to step outside of myself to get a real blessing — which comes in helping others. I was overcome and inspired by the thought of getting others equally excited and involved about doing charity work. But how? How could I make charity work exciting, fulfilling, fun, nurturing, and the new trend??

Come along with me on this journey called life. Let’s help make a difference in someone’s life and as well as our own. Let’s broaden our horizons, learn a new language, a new skill, meet some new people, travel to new and exciting places. Let’s open our hearts and minds to the wondrous possibilities in life. Let’s change the WORLD!



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