You Are Exactly Where You’re Supposed to Be!

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You are exactly where you’re supposed to be…

Do you ever get to the point when you just throw your hands up about a situation and say you’re just not going to worry about it anymore? 

An albatross is a bird, but metaphorically, it is also used to describe something that burdens you…it follows you, weighs you down, and makes you feel as if you’ll never get rid of it.  Be it a bad financial situation, a relationship that’s bereft with problems you can’t seem to solve, a child who’s giving you trouble, a weight loss journey … you name it.  Oh, the struggle!

Then, all of a sudden, somehow you just arrive at that place.  The part where you have suffered and fought for so long.  The part where you’re tired of driving yourself headfirst into the storm.  The part where you’re ready to let go and let God.  That time, when you realize you’re not supposed to fight, but now you’re just supposed to flow, and let life happen. 

When you get to that point, though, it doesn’t mean the problem or situation goes away!  Oh no…it only means that you’ve decided not to exert the extra energy it takes to tussle with something that’s just not going to change right now.  Doing so only adds to the strife, and takes your focus away from the valuable lesson you’re supposed to learn from the situation.

No more fight…it’s a moment of sweet release.  But guess what else? More important than letting go is the realization that the position you’re in is where you’re supposed to be, even if you don’t understand it, and even if you don’t see how it’s going to turn out.

You are exactly where you’re supposed to be…

Although the future just ahead of you seems cloudy,  concentrate on what the Spirit has for you today. Don’t worry! Lavish in the goodness of now! Keep up with your connection to the Universe…and before you know it, step by step, everything is alright, just like you knew it would be.  

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