5 Things Every Gardener Should Do This Fall

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Fall gardening is not the only productive thing gardeners can do as the season begin to change. I typically use the transition from summer to fall as a great opportunity to reflect and prepare. Depending on my harvest, seed stock, and circumstances, I tend to do all or some of my typical tasks. Here are 5 tasks you can consider to help you navigate gardening this year better.

Prep Herb Collection and/or Stock Up

As your spring/summer herbs are coming to an end, you should consider storing and stocking up on herbs you would like to use throughout the winter. I like to take my last large harvest and air dry them in a dark room (pantry for me) and store in an air tight container for summer use. Most herbs can last anywhere form months to a year in such containers. My family and I use such herbs to help boost our immune system during the cold and flu season, plus we love cooking with herbs.

Prepare For The Next Gardening Season

Honestly, I love gardening so much that I can’t help but plan the next season before I’ve finished the current one. This break is the prefect time to think about what and how you wish to grow the upcoming season. I like to purchase seeds, schedule seed starting dates, and check last frost dates. Being a season ahead, position you to get the most out of your growing season.

Start A Fall Garden

Gardening doesn’t end after your summer garden has reach its peak. You can totally stat a garden in cooler weather – actually some plant prefer it. Plants in the brassica family such as broccoli and cabbage love cooler weather and taste better after light frost. Also, root veggies do extremely well in the fall.

Prune Back For Over Wintering

I typically cut back herbs like oregano, thyme, and mint to overwinter and so they can emerge again in the spring time. This saves me a ton on repurchasing herbs or even attempting to grow them from seed. Try researching which plants you grow can be overwintered in your hardiness zone.

Review Your Previous Growing Season

One of my favorite thing to do is reflect over my garden journal! I enjoy knowing what I did wrong or what did I take note to change next season. I truly believe this is where I become a better gardener – taking note of what worked, what didn’t, what bugs I experienced, weather, and all of the above.


Read the full article by Black Girls with Gardens @ http://www.blackgirlswithgardens.com/5-things-every-gardener-should-do-this-fall/

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Bettye Burney

Thanks for the post. Great article on tips if desiring to plant herbs and planting small gardens.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bettye Burney
Avis Pitts

These are some excellent tips and ideas. Very helpful! I’m definitely thinking about giving it a try myself..

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