5 Ways You’re Killing Your House Plant and Don’t Know It

by Classy Chronicles
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You keep killing your house plant, right?! This article is for the horticulturally challenged. Having plants is amazing, but you definitely want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep them thriving, flourishing, and not dying. Everyone can have a green thumb if you make sure you’re avoiding the few mishaps below!


Water is great and perfect for everyone and things, right? WRONG. Too much water can easily cause the demise of your plant and is definitely the most common reason why a lot of plants die at the hands of their newbie plant owner. We often forget that in order for our house plants to be happy, we must mimic their native surroundings. I.E. Aloe, succulents, and cacti are used to dry and sunny climates. Their fleshy leaves and sometimes rhomizones roots allow them to store water for long periods of time not requiring water for weeks. Therefore, watering an aloe plant daily or weekly is not ideal. It actually will cause a very quick death.

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