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Great Girls Global

Houston, TX

I am a trainer and culture cultivator who works with organizations to equip their leaders with the skills to lead positively and productively. I help them to gain greater peace, increase productivity, and improve team cohesion in order to reach their goals. This service stems from one of my life's missions to help others become the best versions of themselves with a special emphasis on emerging leaders. (FYI- I support and champion leaders of all levels).

What sets my company apart from my peers is our social impact component, a 501(c)3 dedicated to equipping girls with the tools to become leaders and entrepreneurs. Great Girls Global (3G) was birthed after a girls trip with close friends. When we all realized we had younger ladies in our lives who could use some direction and who we wanted to see win, I suggested we have devote time to pour into and mentor them. This very first weekend was held at my home and the rest is history. We've had several weekends together and were able to partner with a local school district in Houston impacting over 100 girls since our inception.

My journey started in public education as a third-grade teacher. A two-year commitment turned into a ten-year commitment. I went from the classroom to campus administration. There was much I saw and learned while in the classroom. Shifting from one to multiple classrooms as an administrator provided me with many opportunities for growth and service, but also opened my eyes to the need for tackling certain issues in a different way. I was able to see similar issues in other areas I have served in as well. The push to start my own business came after I wrote and published my first independent book. I wasn't looking to start a business at the time, but with the release of my book came a demand to train others on the principles taught in it. When I wrote that book, a world opened up to me that I didn't know existed. After some time, I knew it was time to pursue training and development in a more in-depth way. One thing led to the next and soon doors and opportunities opened where I was able to train and learn. The nonprofit is a part of my business model. It gives me and others an opportunity to impact the next generation in a unique way.

- Teacher of the Year, C. Martinez Elementary (2008-2009)
- HAASBE Teacher of the Year, C. Martinez (2011-2012)
- Houston’s Best Kept Secret, N.O.W. Networking Opportunities for Women Event Honoree, 2017
- Speaker of Valor Honoree, Opulence Awards, 2018
- Follow the Yellow Brick Road Award, WBC Business & Entrepreneurial Leadership Conference, 2018
- WBENC, Summit & Salute (2019). NextGen Pitch Competition Winner

Personal LifeShare

The best advice I've received for life and business is to be true to yourself - exercise authenticity and to utilize your strengths. Our strengths, talents, and gifts are gifts to the world.

Some of my favorite ways to relax include travel, spa days, and movies. They all provide a much needed escape from the demands of life.





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Ashley you have an amazing and inspiring story. Thank you so much for sharing. Kudos to you!

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