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Ada Allen Gardner


Something About Sistahs, Inc

Douglasville, Georgia

Something About Sistahs, Inc. was formed in 2014 by Ada Allen Gardner. The organization was put in place to begin to create some positive energy between the hearts of other women through monthly meetings and events. Those meetings started out small, but would eventually enable us to support, encourage, heal, and dedicate some time to ourselves to work on being better women, mothers, wives and mentors to our younger generation.

​Ada's goal in life is to show women that no matter where you came from or how low you have felt due to your situations that there is a way out. We all have a story, but we tend to channel the hurt we experience in negative ways. A lot of times our brokenness and inability to forgive funnels over to our kids and those around us creating destructive generations. It's time for women all over the world who have conquered their personal situations to reach back and heal the women who are still struggling with the pains of life and support them through their journeys -- through mentorship, love, support and education.

There are multiple parts of the organization. To include, My Sistah's Closet, which is a closet that houses gently used women suits. Something About Sistahs takes these items into shelters and group Homes and teaches women how to get back into the workforce with classes that enhance their confidence.

Prisoners Heart is another program that is new to Something About Sistahs. Prisoners Heart is a tele-class that teaches women how to release generational curses and get out of their own way through a 60-day Generational Release Curse Challenge. The class teaches you to recognize, release and revive!

We are a mentorship, a sistah-hood, a lifestyle. Achieving Dreams Anyhow is our mentor program for young girls age 12-18. We teach them everything from self-love, purpose, etiquette, life skills,etc. We give them a blueprint to life and provide a comfortable place for them to share their fears, etc.

The mission of Something About Sistahs is to empower women who are in various stages of their lives that are seeking personal growth through venues that provide motivation, awareness and mentoring. A woman’s self esteem, self image, and self confidence are greatly enhanced as she learns her purpose, her various gifts, talents and abilities, which in turn makes her a better mother, wife, sister, parent, etc. Something About Sistahs believes that we can conquer the world if we simply do it in love. You are your sistah's keeper!​

My name is Ada (Allen) Gardner, I am a believer of God, the mother of four and a grandmother to one. Why is that so important?

At one point in my life, the only reason I even existed was because of my kids and God. As a child, I suffered sexual abuse from age 5-11 by 7 different people and was mentally and physically abused to attempting suicide at age 15 while I was pregnant with my second child. As a teen mother of two daughters, I have lived through the deepest levels of depression leaving me with little to no feelings of self-worth. I can't begin to explain to you the level of faith I had to have to get to where I am now. It took some help and some heavy praying to get my life in order and on track. I have lived through most generational curses and I decided that my kids would never experience the life I did and fought hard to ensure that they didn't have to.

I was married for ten years and from that marriage we have 2 beautiful children, Jayda and James Gardner.

Over the years, I worked hard to be successful and worked my way up to Vice President at Regions Bank, where I was employed up until September 29, 2017. I have been in banking and finance for 20 years and I like to say that I was volun-told by God to leave because there is something else out here that He has for me to do. I left with the support from my employer to grow my nonprofit and heal the hearts of women, so that we can start to heal the world.

I am an author of three published books. "Afraid Of The Dark," "Journal Of A Single Chick" and "SHE." "SHE" is the beginning of journals for women that will encourage us to do and be all that we are purposed to be. I will release four journals this year for women. I am a Motivational Speaker and a Philanthropist. I just recently started and I own Perfect Start Business Consulting, which helps people to get their business off to a perfect start.

I must admit that I still sometimes have fear of some things that I currently experience in life and I have to understand quickly who and whose I am in order to stay on track to God's will for my life. There are so many parts to my life and it's amazing to me. I didn't know that God would be doing so many amazing things through me and I am grateful. I understand that my experiences and testimony helps to build other women and sometimes men and that's why I created Prisoners Heart. We are all imprisoned by something that hinders us from gaining our freedom to live out loud and on purpose. We are hindered when we allow our past and the opinion of others to create our future by how WE accept those things as truth and embody those feelings in our hearts.

I am a CASA for foster kids and it was great to recognized on their page as a amazing volunteer.

I was on the Michael & Joi Show to discuss my journal released on January 4th.

Top associate award from Regions Bank.

Featured on Fox 5 News.

Personal LifeShare

I journal every day, sometimes multiple times a day. I have been writing since I was able to, at age 5. It was my way of escaping life and it still is. I love to travel and I love to travel alone to have an opportunity to explore life and have quiet time.

I define success differently today than I did ten years ago. Success is being able to look at my family and know that I have done the best that I can to make sure they reach for whatever life holds for them without fear, without regret!

My personal success is defined by knowing that I have helped someone who feels like they didn't have any other way otherwise. I want to be that organization that people go to and it really changes their lives through a process of support and love and encouragement...but giving them a blueprint to moving their life in a direction that they may have never thought they could get to. I don't ever want to regret not doing what I know God has placed in me to do.

For Something About Sistahs, Inc. I see this nonprofit being a top family and resource center in Atlanta. As for the Sistah-hood, I want to build in other states. I want to have chapters developing in different states that have been modeled by the Atlanta chapter. I am looking forward to growing both this nonprofit and my business, Perfect Start Business Consulting into household names.

Ada Allen Gardner
Something About Sistahs,Inc
83835 Cherokee Blvd Ste201
Douglasville, GA 30134




Ada Allen Gardner

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