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Nurse_Haskins, PLLC

North Carolina

Nurse_Haskins, PLLC a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, successfully launched on the scene in 2017 after many years following her passion to inspire and mentor women, coach and teach nursing students. Feeling compelled to bridge the gap and mindset between “failure and success” for nursing students and novice nurses, Nurse Haskins created daily motivational opportunities through social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and her YouTube channel, "Being Nurse Haskins."

Nurse Haskins spent six years working as a Registered Nurse at University of North Carolina Hospital and Healthcare Systems. While working, she was able to advance in her career and credentialing from an Associate’s Degree Nurse to obtaining her Master’s Degree in Nursing. While on this journey, she served in various roles such as Charge Nurse, Nurse Preceptor to new nurses in addition to being selected to several hospital-wide committees and leadership teams.

She began to realize the trend or mindset of nursing students she would encounter. The new students enrolled in the various nursing programs were either monotone or not hungry for the nursing profession. Nurse Haskins would often sit in on interviews as a seasoned nurse preceptor in the evaluation process of new hires. She found that the new hires were tunneled on "success in the profession, yet often not able to adapt to change or able handle setbacks or failure; it was the acceptance and accountability phase of their journey that needed some tweaking. This inspired Nurse Haskins and she returned to school with the intent to start where it all began, in the classroom or clinical setting, with hopes of helping students to transition their mindset and approach into the nursing profession.

Nurse Haskins, PLLC began as a "mentoring platform" to many after sharing one of her YouTube videos on social media on "how to succeed after failure". She was determined to make a change for future healthcare providers and she knew that she would trail blaze the scene through her transparent affirmations of sharing with her personal failures and resilience to finish the race.

One of her biggest reflections would be the ability to inspire others through her experiences and struggles, in addition to how she entered into the healthcare arena over 20 years ago as a "Certified Nursing Assistant" and steadily "Climbed the Ladder to Success". “When there was not an elevator, I needed to take the stairs because that's what worked for me as mother first,” Nurse Haskins. However, she continued and gradually acquired each of her four Nursing degrees as a non-traditional student and mother of two.

Today, she can boldly acclaim, “I am thee, Nurse Haskins, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, a motivational Speaker/Empowerment Coach, who utilizes several opportunities to present on various topics which includes health and wellness, preventative medicine and preventative care.

*Professional Development Unit coordinator for improving educational credentialing
*Team member for Leadership committee including hiring screenings and training
*Successfully mentored new RNs to achieve goals and contribute to excellent healthcare.
*Nursing Clinical Instructor for University and Technical College Nursing Programs
* Recognized , Honored and Awarded “Employee of the Month” at UNC hospitals
* Honorable Appreciation Regional Mention "Caring and Growth" an award giving to providers in practice

Personal LifeShare

While there is no perfect ending, follow your heart.

Treat others in a way of which you would like for someone to treat you. I am accountable and responsible for the energy that I give off.
I have always taught my children to forgive as God has forgiven you. No one is perfect.

Nurse Haskins, PLLC
1135 Killdaire Farm Road
Suite #200
Cary, NC 27511
(336) 355-2770 (office)




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Bettye Burney

Nurse Haskins, your words are so inspirational. As a mentor I can relate in wanting young women and young girls to move from where they are in life to something greater for themselves. I enjoyed noticing how you began utilizing your skills in determining your destination one step at a time: from a ‘CNA to a successful board certified Family Nurse Practitioner’. You wore many hats to get to where you are, but it paid off. Your eagerness to transcend your passion to others was heart warming and on my side of town you are a trailblazer to many as… Read more »

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