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Friedom Innovation LLC

Dallas, Texas

My brands consist of a for-profit, Friedom Innovation LLC, and a nonprofit, Stopping the Madness Anti bullying Foundation. The brands were created because of the need to educate, empower, and elevate. Friedom Innovation is a product development firm, and Stopping the Madness Anti bullying Foundation is a community outreach organization which focuses on positive interactions, training, and resources for those affected by bullying and negative conflicts.

My purpose is to increase a positive impact of personal growth through collaborative "knowledge banks". Friedom Innovation, provides an efficient and informative path for inventors and innovation products to come to life. Innovation and diversity inclusion is the future of our society, and I aim to incorporate paths for individuals and businesses to achieve success. One of my featured programs, the Dallas Women's Success Initiative provides this cohesion through innovation and collaboration with personal and professional workshops and interactive panels to build practical action-plans for DFW women.

The goal of the Stopping the Madness Anti-Bullying Campaign, is to increase positive interaction, knowledge, and personal/professional development of women, children, and families from a holistic approach.

To summarize, I use the acronym I.C.E. to define what sets Friedom Innovation, DWSI and SMAF apart from our peers. I.C.E. is also what makes what we do special. It means that we focus on Innovative, Collaborative, and Educational paths to find solutions for our clients.

I grew up in a small Central Texas town, as the youngest of seven children to a single mom. Although my mother's health was declining, she always made sure that we had what we needed. Her strength was a daily example to never give up regardless of the situation. It was my mother's wisdom, knowledge, and refusal to never allow us to become victims to our circumstances that gave me the drive to take over her care and the household at 11 years old when she became handicapped. Through all the obstacles, I graduated with a 4.3 GPA however, I could not shake the feeling of the promise of my purpose and I vowed to learn everything that I could from my education and my experiences as a manager, tutor, caseworker and business consultant.

Recently, my husband, Zach, and I re-purposed our business structure to add a professional development division to our firm. The development division was created from the need for small businesses and entrepreneurs to reach their personal and professional goals. My husband runs FT&D now, and I am now the Chief Executive Officer and Principle Product Developer of Friedom Innovation, LLC. Additionally, as a professional development specialist, I also created the innovative, action-planning DWSI conference program for SMAF. I learned to push back against the expectations and stereotypes heaped upon me as an educated minority woman fighting for a seat at the table.

My proudest moments as an author, entrepreneur, inventor, and nonprofit founder are numerous. My first book, Victoria's Beginning, was recognized in 2015 and I received the National Indie Excellence Award in African American fiction. I received the O.J. Thomas Distinguished Alumni award in and the Breaking the Line Books was awarded several professional development contracts with various Texas state-level agencies when I became a Texas Early Childhood Professional Development Trainer.

In 2017, we launched the first DWSI conference, and I created the Takedown Tool-E, efficient extension remover, which caught the eye of two investors who became my business partners in Friedom Innovation LLC.

In 2018, I was named as one of the prestigious Dallas 10 Shades of Success award winners for Innovation.

Personal LifeShare

The best advice that I've ever received is that the mind needs prayer and applicable knowledge just as the body needs healthy food. Feed it right and regularly, and you'll always be full. My mother told me that, and I have always used that in my life and business ventures to gain knowledge and pray before I proceed. Another friend of mine who is a Purpose Interventionist also advised me to always define boundaries to keep internal and external peace. I use this advice often to avoid unreasonable expectations from others and of myself.

My heroes and creative influences are my mother, Alice Rosemond-Gibbons, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Steve Jobs, Oprah, Bill and Melinda Gates, Tyler Perry, J.K. Rowling, and Damon John. I learned that failure is always an option, however, it is the lesson learned to try again that is the most valuable. I also learned to stay positive and keep moving forward even in the face of rejection.

Friedom Innovation LLC/Stopping the Madness Antibullying Foundation
9535 Forest Ln., Ste 271
Dallas, Texas 75243




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