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On Wednesday, June 24, in honor of Survivor Awareness Month, Classy Living Society will be honoring a beautiful survivor.  The definition of a survivor is a person who copes with a bad situation who is determined to live through that affliction. This month is a celebration for women who have survived cancer, domestic violence, illnesses, tragedies, or any other situation.

The members of Classy Living Society are bringing awareness to support Beautiful Survivors in our lives and Beautiful Survivors everywhere by honoring them for their tenacity. They have encouraged us to keep going and we love them.

Members chose someone who is a survivor that they know and love – mother, sister, daughter, cousin, friend, or co-worker, and honored them by wearing the color lavender.  In doing so, CLS raised awareness in our communities and honored all survivors on social media by showing the world that life after illness, trying situations or tragedy can be fruitful, rewarding and even inspiring.

Using the hashtags #NationalCoalitionforCancerSurvivorship #ClassyLivingSociety#BeautifulSurvivor#SisterhoodMagic, members posted photos of themselves wearing the color lavender, or a photo of them and their beautiful survivor on their social media timelines.

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Who among us wouldn’t want to possess the keys to unlock valuable information to obtain healthy, glowing, younger-looking skin?  On Tuesday evening, June 23, Classy Living Society members were treated to a CLS Talks virtual forum presented by The BeYouty Therapist, Esthetician Erica Hague and got the “skinny” on skincare.

Erica shared valuable information on the five most common skincare concerns for people of color, as well as tools to incorporate in our beauty regimen right now.  Subjects discussed included:

-ACNE: Causes and tips to reduce inflammation.
-DISCOLORATION: Why? What to avoid and treatment options.
-SKIN TYPES: Four skin types and how to treat them
-AGING: The three most important tips for younger looking skin.
-PRODUCTS- What should I be using and how?

Ms. Hague recently launched her own line of skincare products (that is sold out already!) called Beyouty Therapy Skincare.  She offers a number of amazing products and services at her spa.  Click her to visit her website TheBeYoutytherapist

CLS Talks is an exciting virtual platform by which CLS will bring informative insights to support, among other things, women’s physical, relational and financial health.  The goal of CLS Talks is to educate the participants of these unique video sessions on important topics related to women’s health.

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Have you done what it takes to prepare for unexpected occurrences in your and your family’s lives?  Life insurance, estate planning, living wills and more are all important parts of a contingency plan for dealing with and being prepared for unexpected events.

Camille Hicks, a Principal Broker at C. Hicks Agency, an insurance and financial services brokerage agency led Classy Living Society’s CLS Talks segment on June 16.  C. Hicks Agency focuses on insurance and financial solutions to protect family, assets, business and wealth.  The agency also offers personal and business insurance and represents the top insurance companies in the industry.

In her informative talk with CLS members, Camille, who is a Houston Society CLS member, provided the strategies necessary to prepare members and their families for life’s expected and unexpected events.  She discussed what insurance and financial coverage is required along with the important documents needed to protect family and assets and, most importantly, how to organize it all.  She offered links to technology that distributes instructions and documents during future life events, including medical emergencies, accidents, and legacy plans.  She also offered information regarding estate planning and insurance planning.

Life happens, and as the saying goes, “If you stay read, you don’t have to GET ready!”  Camille provided all of the necessary and valuable information to put CLS members’ contingency plans on the right track.

CLS Talks is an exciting virtual platform by which CLS will bring informative insights to support, among other things, women’s physical, relational and financial health.  The goal of CLS Talks is to educate the participants of these unique video sessions on important topics related to women’s health.

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Well, here we are going into nearly our FOURTH month of this pandemic.  Who would’ve ever thunk it?  Anyway…I don’t know about you, but I find that with all that’s going on (including everything besides the pandemic), I look for ways to be entertained or laugh or just be plain ole delighted.

With that being said, I have literally become stalkerish about Tabitha Brown.  Who is Tabitha Brown you ask?  She is truly a breath of fresh air, and if you don’t follow her on any of her social media, I suggest you do so.  Why?  Because of her calming voice, “I’m your best girlfriend” demeanor and to-die-for ‘fro (if you love ‘fros, that is)!  And let’s not forget that melodious Southern accent!  Most of her videos are about her vegan lifestyle and delicious things to cook that have nothing to do with meat.  She also includes her husband and children in her videos and they are just as engaging as she is.  Well, almost.   Just like many of us, her talent came to the forefront through, and in spite of, the challenges she’s faced in her life.  You just never know where you might end up!

If you’re familiar with Tabitha (or even if you’re not) – here’s a Youtube video on why she went vegan:

And honey (in my Tabitha voice), read her “herstory” in the NY Times by clicking on the link below:

The Joy of Vegan Cooking, 60 Seconds at a Time

Finally, follow her on social media!

Comical, refreshing, positive, entertaining, and giving you all the tea on a lot of things – that’s Tabitha.  My newest virtual BFF, my WCW – I’m telling you but, really…. it’s my business!

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the technology that we must use in our fast paced world today? Do you ever just feel like checking out for a moment from it all? If so, it is because you should and I want to let you know that you are not alone. According to the American Psychological Association, 65% of people strongly agree that disengaging from all forms of technology is important to their health. In order to stay afloat, we are required to utilize various forms of technology in all facets of our lives. Information is consumed and communicated through technology in all seven of our main industries in the world which are the economy, education, entertainment, religious/non-profit, government, media and medical sectors. Along with the current forms of technology that we are using, we must also be prepared for the progressive emergence of Artificial Intelligence. 



We need and use our cell phones, laptops, PC’s and apps in order to work, make purchases, schedule appointments, conduct meetings and communicate. Although the world is advancing virtually day by day, regularly detaching from technology is needed in order to recharge, refresh and recalibrate your minds, hearts and souls. In addition to all the global and national injustices we are able to witness via our cell phones and television, taking moments to unplug is recommended to maintain a healthy mindset. 

With that said, listed below are 5 proven keys I’d like to share that you can easily incorporate  to help with maintaining your health and wellness in life.

Take Time to Sip Some Tea

Carve out time a few nights a week to create a tea time nightly ritual before retiring for bed. The following are three herbal teas that I drink during the week that are great stress relievers and provide relaxation.These are perfect nighttime teas to drink at least one hour before your bedtime and will aid in restful sleep. Below is a description of each tea along with the health benefits.  

Soursop Tea – Soursop is a fruit also known as Graviola and it is grown in Central and South America. Soursop is rich in vitamins B1, B2, vitamin C, calcium, zinc, potassium and magnesium. Below are the health benefits of Soursop tea: 

  • Immune Booster. High in antioxidants. 
  • Aids in killing cancer cells
  • Fights against bacteria 
  • Fights against inflammation
  • Muscle Relaxer & Relieves Pain 

Chamomile Tea – Chamomile flower is a member of the daisy family. It is a sweetly aromatic plant native to Europe. Below are the health benefits for chamomile tea: 

  • Relieves stress, anxiety and depression – Increases serotonin and melatonin hormone levels in the body. These hormones have been known to relax the body and eliminate stress. 
  • Improves the quality of sleep
  • Aids in Weight Loss – Toxins and excess water are flushed and released. 
  • Antioxidant & Immune Booster – Chamomile has been known to fight off flu and cold symptoms. 

Kava TeaKava is an evergreen shrub native to the Polynesian islands of the South Pacific. It is commercially cultivated in Australia and Hawaii. Kava is sedative and mildly euphoriant. It is used mostly for its sedative properties, which do not impair the user’s mental alertness. Listed below are evidence of benefits: 

  • Significantly reduced symptoms of moderate to severe anxiety, depression and insomnia.
  • Known to heal headaches
  • Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agents suitable to treat urinary tract infections.

Gratitude Journaling 

Gratitude journaling is an intentional habit that creates deep appreciation. Writing down at least 3 things you are grateful for each day can help with balancing perspectives and focusing on positive things in life. If we are ever feeling anxious, grabbing a gratitude journal can keep us grounded to avoid focusing on so much of the future. It can bring about inner calmness and it is especially recommended for those that may be grieving. Gratitude journals can help cause happy, peaceful moments. Below are benefits of writing in a gratitude journal: 

  • Improves sleep – Reduces blood pressure and induces quality of sleep
  • Deepens the quality of relationships
  • Aids in discovering the meaning of life and finding the meaning in your calling.

You can start gratitude journaling today! Grab a journal or notebook, pick a certain time of the day to write in your journal and take 5-15 minutes to list 3 things you are appreciative for. Lastly, keep it going and don’t stop!

Join the Plant-life Community

Lately more and more women are taking an interest in learning more about having a green thumb and plant care. I can personally attest that since the national quarantine order was issued, having plants in my home has provided a beautiful, calm in my life. Having plants in your home not only purifies the air, but it is a form of self-care. Below are more convincing reasons why we should join the plant-life, green thumb community:

  • Indoor plants can lower your stress and anxiety levels and improve mental health.
  • Plant care provides therapy known as horticultural therapy. Horticultural therapy is a nature-based intervention that takes place in a garden setting that improves mood and causes self-awareness. 
  • Plant care can teach us lessons about patience and establishing our own self care routines as care is given to plants. 

Take a Digital Detox

When was the last time you took a break from watching your TV, checking your emails, texting and scrolling through all of your social media platforms? While communicating, making connections and engaging with others on social media can be exciting, it can also become draining and mentally taxing. Occasionally, you will notice someone on social media post an announcement that they are “closed for spiritual maintenance.” Taking a digital detox silences the busyness and nosiness on social media. When we are quiet this space allows for us to gain clarity on areas that are close to our hearts. Below are the benefits to taking a digital detox: 

  • Allows us to be present and deepen our relationships
  • Improves sleep
  • Removes distractions and provides time to focus on accomplishing goals. 

Sister-bonding is Therapy 

There is nothing like being surrounded by a great group of girlfriends. We all need friends to accept us and provide non-judgmental spaces for us to be ourselves. Many times, talking to a friend about situations that are close to our hearts is a form of therapy. Listed below are few more benefits on the importance of connecting with and having a few girlfriends in our lives: 

  • Accountability Partner – Girlfriends can serve as great accountability partners. They will lovingly remind you of your goals, dreams and desires and help you to stay focused in order to achieve them. 
  • Confidence Booster – Whenever we are feeling low in life, we can always depend on our girlfriends’ encouragement to help us feel better about ourselves and fight off feelings of depression. 
  • Longevity in Life – A study from Brigham Young University was conducted and found that having a strong support system can increase our longevity in life by 50%.

In summary, I hope that you are encouraged and enlightened to implement these 5 Keys to practice self-care and to maintain your health and wellness. 

Tea Time | Gratitude Journaling | Plant-life | Digital Detoxing | Sister-bonding

Written by:
Janelle Watkins, Founder
Women Authentic, Inc.
Instagram: @thejanellewatkins; @womenauthenticinc
Youtube: janellewatkins





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That thing we find so enchanting about children is their simplicity and realism that’s all wrapped up in their wonderment. It’s beautiful. But as adults, our propensity is to complicate things. Some adult screwed us up a long time ago and we are perpetually passing it on to our kids. Stop it! Yes, you can. It’s a conscious decision.

Let’s embrace the youthful, playful, frank spirit of children which makes them so funny and lovable. They are pleasure seekers doing what feels good to them and they are the happiest beings on the planet. Imagine what could happen if we combined the creative and energetic child we used to be with the intelligent and wise being we are today. This is how we stay sensational at any age and it’s Magic!


Click here to

The Spirit of Youth and Yes

Written by:

Candace Burney
Living Simply with Candace


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Coco Chanel said that we can be gorgeous at 30, charming at 40, and irresistible for the rest of our lives.

Being sensational at any age is simply a matter of taking care of our whole self. We have to look at the pampering of our skin, our hair, and our whole body including the mind and spirit as an enjoying, gratifying ritual.  While aging is out of our control, how we handle it is totally in our hands. The key is to never neglect yourself, not even the tiniest detail.

Eventually, every organism dies and aging, in and of itself, is a tissue wasting process. But there are certain factors that diminish our vitality like being overfed, overweight, and over stressed. Each of these elements speed up the aging process. It’s imperative that we take care of ourselves better. If we follow a few simple steps there will be no need to turn back the hands of time.

Click below to read more!

“Sensational at Any Age”

Written by:

Candace Burney
Living Simply with Candace



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*Anyone a die hard Sister Act 2 fan? Every time I hear that word, I think of that scene.

Revival, definition: an improvement in the condition or strength of something.

We can work hard so strengthen our bodies: lift heavy, eat better but the MIND, is where it’s really at!!

When I first started my health journey, I was all about the physical. Hitting a goal weight, looking a certain way, wearing a certain pants size thinking if can accomplish all thee goals I would be happier, i would officially be healthy.

I became a coach and man, how quickly my thinking changed. It’s all in the mind and once I started strengthening that muscle, things started to fall better in place all around.

So, here is a tip to strengthen your mind….this might be hard, so you ready?

Click below to read more! 

“Send a Revival”

Written by:
Elizabeth E.
Eat Pray Love Fit

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Today I’m going to talk about how to handle the negative emotions around not feeling good enough in some way, and subsequent behaviors that stem from this core belief. Feeling not good enough is part of being human; everyone has this belief to some degree. Also, we tend to see negative emotions in a bad light because they make us feel uncomfortable, but these emotions can serve as signs that we are holding a belief that we aren’t good enough in some way, and taking a moment to pause and look at that belief is the first step toward healing. So, the negative emotion is actually a gift. I’m at a point in my life where I’m able to realize that when I get triggered, it’s more about me than the other person.

If you think about it, if you had a sense of being just fine as you are, the opinion of others would not matter. They would just pass right on by you and not cause a trigger within you. Needing to be right all the time would not be such an important thing to accomplish. The core belief of not enough may even make you violent and allow the outside world to have more power over you than it needs to have. If you think you’re not good enough, you are compelled to get, have, look like a certain version of happiness or success or beauty. We need these external things because internally there’s a sense of not good enough and that can translate into an aggressive desire to go after something in order to feel okay about yourself.

Also, if you perceive yourself as not good enough, as soon as someone makes a comment about you that is less than positive, especially if they are negating something you worked very hard on, it will feel like an attack because you’re already shaky on the inside. The other person may just be expressing a neutral opinion, but if you have the core belief you’re not good enough, it will hit you in a way that is irrational and you can feel attacked a lot of the time. Sometimes the other person wants to insult you, but the truth is that their insult is coming from their internal belief that they are not enough, so they may feel threatened by you and feel the need to cut you down. This back and forth attack happens all the time in our world today because everyone comes at everyone from this place of lack.

Click below to read more!

“How to Handle Feeling ‘Not Good Enough'”  

Written by:
Elizabeth E.
Eat Pray Love Fit



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Are you dreaming about the time you can travel again?  Mulling over photos from your travel adventures from “when we were allowed to go outside”?

Surviving the pandemic has been no easy task – juggling Zoom conference calls while homeschooling children, surviving the toilet paper wars, staying at home when you’d like to be out and about, coming up with creative meals to cook for family…it all just makes you want to kick back and chill!

A Real Simple magazine online article provides information that may come to the rescue as a substitution for thwarted summer vacation plans. AirBNB owners across the globe are offering virtual experiences.  You can take a flamenco class in Madrid, say hello to a bunch of cute penguins in Capetown or partake of an inexpensive meditation class from a Japanese Buddhist monk.  When you book your virtual experience, you are also helping an AirBNB owner make up for a portion of their lost income.  It’s a win-win situation!

For more information on these amazing virtual AirBNB experiences, click on the link for the article found on the Real Simple magazine website below:


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