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Bonita Parker


Bonita Parker Enterprises

Waldorf, Maryland

Helping women with their success journeys and building sisterhood in our community of women is, and has always been, a huge passion of mine. Over the years, I've been able to create massive impact and ignite life-changing breakthroughs with women, helping them transform from hurt to healing, rediscover their purpose, and ignite radical success in their business. These efforts recently expanded when I opened the doors to Dream Achieve Win!, my online academy designed to train and certify newly appointed life coaches and women looking to expound on their purpose.

My mission is to help purpose-driven coaches and women warriors who are ready for a transformational breakthrough, embrace their true purpose and live their unimaginable lives. I encourage them to show up and make an impact in the world by taking action to become the go-to force in their niche industry.

What sets me apart is that I give my clients the tools they need to be confident and visible in their industry. I do not rely on traditional cookie-cutter coaching methods to spark a breakthrough. I'm very personable and understand that each woman is different, with different issues and concerns, and process information differently, which is why my programs are altered to suit the needs of each individual. Most importantly, I give women the space to be exactly who they are and set a coaching environment where an exchange of information takes place and rather than their divulging all to me. We become sisters in the journey and not merely just coach-client ... our relationship surpasses the length of coaching for this very reason.

A few years ago, I hit a pivotal moment in my life where I was forced to do a much-needed self-evaluation and take hard look inside of myself. The reflection staring back at me was one that I did not recognize or like. I was transitioning out of a marriage where I had lost so much of ME and it had taken so much out of me. As a result of the transition, I was pushed back into the workforce. I held a good executive leveled job with great benefits and loads of perks. But I was so unhappy and internally empty. I knew that THIS was not my destiny. Working a 9-to-5 was never for ME, and I often felt that I was "wasting time." Having someone tell me when I could take a day off, what time to show up, and dictating my worth on their terms - was NOT for me! I wanted to have the real ME back ... the free-spirited go-getter who never needed validation or permission, and therefore, I knew I had to become non-negotiable on the things that I wanted in order to get back to being ME.

In the back of my mind I always knew that coaching (of some kind) was my calling but I needed to heal me first and properly prepare for my greatness. I secured a life coach to help me pull out everything that I knew was in me, and help me overcome the fear of the leap. I began expanding my knowledge about internal healing and personal development to not only help myself, but to become the expert in my industry so that I could thoroughly help other women as well. I got my master certification as a life coach. Shortly thereafter, I secured a business coach to assist me with a plan to generate a 6-figure income in my business, hold me accountable to my goals and assist in implementing my exit strategy from Corporate America.

Successfully maintaining and shortly after leaving Corporate America, I discovered a mass in my breast that totally threw me a curveball. In December 2017, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer. Determined not to let the effects of chemotherapy hinder me, I continued to do my best to coach and empower women while putting together a plan of action that allowed my business to sustain while I focused on my health. The beauty in this journey was that I opted to be completely transparent with my online tribe by inviting them into this intimate journey with me. I didn't realize how doing this would inspire and change the lives of so many women globally. It was part of the reason I fought to live so feverishly. When I tell you there were so many days when I didn't have the energy to get out of bed, days where my bones ached so bad that I couldn't walk, moments where I was so weak that I couldn't eat or talk ... it was rough! But I'm here. Eight months later, I'm blessed to announce that I am cancer-free and slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things again.

To date, I have relaunched my Dream Achieve Win! online coaching academy and it is thriving. We just released our first Build & Brunch Tour where we will travel to various cities for intentional networking and building strong bonds and sisterhood - something that has always been a huge mission of mine. And so dear to me is The Radical Wellness Retreat that I partnered with my powerhouse sisterfriend, Angela Cudger - the Queen of Wellness. This retreat is going to be EVERYTHING! We are changing lives from the inside out and the women are so excited about it ... I can't wait for the transformation to happen. My annual conference - Radical Success Con is in February 2019. OMG - so many things going on right now - and I just give all thanks and glory to GOD for allowing me new life to clearly see the vision he set forth for me and how I need to show up for so many women in business today.

My whole entrepreneurial journey has had so many incredible moments. None as rewarding as when I first received my Articles of Incorporation back in 2007 solidifying that I was a legit business (LOL). It was something about that level of imposed freedom I felt when I held that piece of paper in my hand. I knew then that massive impact was on the horizon.

August 2018 - Completed 3rd Anthology book entitled Release the Debt; to be released October 2018
November 2017 - Opened the virtual doors to my Dream Achieve Win! Academy for life coaches
October 2017 - Topped the Amazon Bestseller list for my 2nd Anthology, Artificial Beaute: The Breakthrough
September 2015 - Spearheaded my 1st mega Conference featuring a top world-renowned Keynote
June 2015 - Self-Published first book; received an award nomination

2017 Woman of the Year
2017 Anthology of the Year Nominee
2016 Woman on Fire Award
2015 Metro Phenomenal Woman Award

August 2018 - 1 month CANCER-FREE!!
June 2018 - Officially 11 years in business

Personal LifeShare

Because juggling life, a business, a household and an active child and significant other can be trying at times, I maintain by praying daily for strength, guidance and wisdom. It takes great strength to multitask and stay sane, lol. I always seek the guidance of GOD before making big decisions and those that will affect the way I deal in family and business life, and the wisdom to carry out those decisions effectively. Another technique that I use very often is meditation (often mediation baths). I strongly believe that getting quiet and being still is the only way to hear those messages being delivered in the form of intuition. I always say that intuition is GODs way of getting his message to us and sometimes the voice in our heads be so loud that we miss the message. I do the meditation baths because in water is where I feel most connected to my spirit and energy. And through meditation, I am able to get what I need spiritually and the solutions and answers to any mind-boggling conflict. Another way that I love to relax is to take a nice car ride. Turn on some ole school R&B and let the rhythm of the music take over. Soft music calms my mind. When I need to shut down or hit the "off" switch on my brain, this is my go-to method. I usually do this after my annual conferences or major product launches, etc. and it helps me with my mental debriefing.

If I had the power to change one thing about the world it would be the mindset of women - the way we think of ourselves and other women as a whole. I believe that more often than not, women fail at the understanding of sisterhood - what it truly means to be your sister's keeper and pulling each other up. I think that has a lot to do with the mindset. Upbringing, media, men, and even other women have consistently over the years pit women against each other whether it was in looks, body, jobs, fashion, you name it - and made it a competition to where we can't stand to see another woman get ahead of us or appear as if she is doing better than us. Its tragic. I remember back in my late 20's, I applied for an Executive Assistant position for a non-profit working for this powerhouse African-American woman. The interview went very well and she made it known that it was between me and one other woman with whom she previously interviewed. Unbeknownst to us, she had hired us both - which we found out by accident when we both showed up for work. Nevertheless, when the owner showed up, she called us both in her office and explained to us that she couldn't choose between the two of us, so she hired us both temporarily to see who she actually likes the best and does the better job. She ended the conversation with "may the best woman win!" and dismissed us from her office. THAT did something to my spirit ... and after about 30 minutes of sitting in the office letting that conversation play back in my mind, I asked the other young lady, "so how can we make this work so that we both have a job and are working together instead of against each other? What can we propose to her so that she sees the value in us both? Her response was, "Oh I don't know about all of that because I want the position solely for myself." So I took a mental exhale (deep breath) and kindly collected my belongings and walked out without saying another word to anyone. And from that point I made a vow to myself that I would never allow someone to pit me against another woman in competition because that's not what I'm about. We are powerful as a unit and collectively I believe that we can conquer the world. And that's my goal ... sisterhood, unity, and collaboration.

Bonita Parker Enterprises, LLC
Waldorf, MD 20603
Direct: (240) 412-6951
FB Tribe: www.facebook.com/groups/RadicalSuccessWarriors




Bonita Parker

Images by: Jackie Hicks Photography, C. McCoy Photography

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