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Fertile Alchemy

Houston, Texas

Created and Curated to inspire a new narrative around fertility, Fertile Alchemy is a health and lifestyle brand designed to inspire women to live a fertile and nourished life. With an emphasis on nourishment, emotional health, and spiritual wellness, Fertile Alchemy is for all women. Those wanting to conceive, women with no desire to have children, and women who are already mothers. Fertile Alchemy offers every woman something to enrich her life with.

After I was let go from a job I hated, I decided it was time for a career change. I immediately enrolled in a program to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and submerged myself into the world of holistic health. Having recently gotten married, my focus centered around family planning and preconception health. I quickly realized there was not much information online about what to eat and what not to eat outside of the standard offerings. I knew there had to be more to it; what about emotional and spiritual wellness? After finishing my Health Coach Certification, I began to study herbalism and aromatherapy, which led me to create custom aromatherapy blends for my coaching clients. They wanted something that would help with emotional wellness as well as PMS. One particular formula worked so well that my client got pregnant and I knew I was onto something. After a few years, I launched my first product, Fertile Alchemy Aromatic Oil in 2017. From there my product line has grown to four products and is stocked in seven stores across the country. As of today, Fertile Alchemy has helped over a dozen women conceive, it has aided in cyst shrinkage, and contributed to the elimination of menstrual pain in just two short years of being on the market.

The source of my proudest moments have been the testimonials from my clients and customers who have found wonderful results from using my products. When I get emails from women telling me my product helped them get pregnant, or that they no longer have horrible cramps, I could not be more proud of the work I do.

I am also proud to have been featured by Essence, Refinery 29, Voyage Houston, and Modern Luxury - Houston.

Personal LifeShare

I have always been a strong-minded independent thinker. I began my first business in fourth grade, so I have always been ambitious with an entrepreneurial spirit. I have never aspired to work for anyone, I have always wanted to be my own boss and that fuels me.
I took a nontraditional path when it came to education, because I am very much a nontraditional person. While I have studied at the collegiate level, I have always found I learned the most through rigorous self-study, which has helped me tremendously.
In my free time I love to learn, travel, and eat really good food with my family.

The best advice I have received was to begin with the end in mind. When I am launching a new product or working on content, I start from the beginning. For me, this amounts to creating a rough draft of the packaging, creating a list of the stores I'd like to be in, and how my product will be used. Of course, it is necessary for me to make changes as I go, but having a vision of what the final product will look like helps me maintain a strong grasp on the ultimate vision. It also keeps me inspired when I am feeling discouraged.





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