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My Sister's Keeper Houston

Houston, TX

My Sister’s Keeper Houston is a transitional living program dedicated to restoring the lives of single mothers and their children facing homelessness. Our program welcomes mothers from all walks of life. Whether single by choice or circumstance, we are prepared to provide individual support. Ideal candidates for this program are single women who love their children and are ready to put in work to establish a better life for their families. MSK is located in Southeast area of Houston, TX. We currently host educational classes and provide assistance to families facing temporary crisis. Our future plans include an expansion that will allow MSKH to serve the growing population of single-mothers in a comfortable home-like environment as they work towards personal goals.

I am using my personal journey through teen pregnancy, homelessness, abandonment, abuse, and divorce to educate and empower single mothers. I founded this organization because I identify with the life experiences of the families I work with and I have made a commitment to ensure they don't travel this journey alone. Eight years ago, while on a journey to discover my life purpose, I encountered an experience that changed the trajectory of my life. I met a woman who was in a volatile relationship with the father of her child. He physically assaulted her right in front of a group of people, including myself, and his eight year old daughter. With tears in my eyes, I pulled her to the side and offered to escort her and her daughter to safety. As I gripped both of her hands, she looked at me with tear-filled eyes and said "but he takes care of me and I don't have anywhere else to go. They left with him.

On that day, my soul was ignited! I was so motivated to give the woman another option that I wrote out what I now know is a business plan for a transitional living center. It was four years later before I'd ever look at them again because I needed to work through my own fears. After rediscovering myself after my divorce in 2015, Spirit reminded me of my passions and deepest desires. Once I aligned myself within and shifted my focus to the dream, the pieces started coming together. From there, was birthed My Sister's Keeper Houston.

We are happy to announce in year one we hosted our first annual Mother's Day Brunch for 40 women, began offering life skills classes at local southeast Houston apartment complexes, financial services, and offered 12 months of personalized development for six families. During the holidays we provided meals and gifts to over 100 recipients thanks to our community partnerships with Kroger, Dollar General, Woodforest Bank, and a host of small business and individual sponsors and donors. We are looking forward to what year two will bring and the lives impacted.

Personal LifeShare

My personal journey has not been smooth sailing, so quite naturally my business felt that shock as well. While starting my business I was healing from my divorce, rediscovering myself spiritually, losing friends I'd never saw my life without and self sabotaging my career journey by halting when I go too close to success! It happened to me as it happens to many of us. It took me coming face to face with my life choices and I gave myself a self-pity deadline. I set a date 5/31/16 and I allowed myself space to get all of my last wallowing out because on that day, I was recommitting myself to myself. I had to change the language and tone I was using with myself. I learned to extend myself grace and learned to honor my choices as they bring me closer and closer to achieving my dreams.

1. Meditation to calm the mind and gain clarity
2. Reading on the beach because water is soothing and peaceful
3. Puzzles! I've been a puzzle fanatic since I was a kid. It's an amazing regulator of stress and anxiety.

Mailing Address: 5205 Broadway St #524 Pearland, TX 77521 281-816-6863




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