Bringing Elegant Affair Visions to Life – Meet Dione (Dee) Rivers

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Elegant Affairs By Dione

Marietta, GA

Affordable, but not cheap ... the name says it all - elegant! Elegant Affairs By Dione provides event planning and designer services. We pride ourselves on being culturally friendly when it comes to planning Indian and Jamaican weddings. We provide individual packages based on clients needs!

We are at your service with the following offerings:

Your Wedding Day
Partial, full service and wedding day management, RSVP management, invitations, menu & placement cards, budgeting, décor packages and more!

Social Engagements
Bridal Showers, milestone birthday parties, anniversary parties, baby showers, rehearsal dinners, bachelorette parties and more!

Corporate Events
Grand Openings
Launching Services/Products
Team Building

We have chosen our line of work because we believe in the power of Love. We believe that being good at what we do, and doing good while we do it, is both a gift and honor. We can’t think of anything more gratifying than celebrating Love. Let us bring your vision to life!

Bride turned Event & Wedding Designer...
After Founder and CEO Dione Rivers executed her own wedding in 2009, she knew this was something she was going to love. Elegant Affairs by Dione was founded in 2013 and was transformed into a business in 2017.

Although Dione had over 9 years of experience in project & event management, she knew she would need to acquire additional education in the wedding industry. She drove 4 hours away from home for an entire week to attend the Bridal Society Wedding Certification Course. Not only did she walk away with a certification, she also gained a wealth of knowledge about the bridal/wedding industry. On April 5, 2017 she officially launched her website and her first wedding assignment took place in Raleigh, NC. As she planned this wedding, she was nervous the entire time! Dione is quite the perfectionist and wanted her first wedding to go off without a hitch. At this stage, she had not yet developed relationships with other professionals in the industry. Nevertheless, she pulled it off within 3 months time, and the bride, groom and respective families were very pleased; they could not believe such a wonderful wedding was pulled off in such little time.

When the bride gives you a shout out at the wedding, and you receive a standing ovation, WOW is all anyone say. Thank GOD!

Dione always had a creative eye, as she was a master cosmetologist for 13 years. Now in a different line of work, she was able to transfer that creativity to creating beautiful memories. Her goal is always to bring your vision to life.

She relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, in April 2018 and found that the Atlanta industry is saturated with wedding & event planners/designers. She had been trying to figure out where to fit in in the Atlanta industry. She began to work with some brides and realized quickly that everyone wants a celebrity wedding; sadly, their budgets don't match the vision! All brides follow the big named celebrity award winning Wedding & Event Designers. There is so much more talent in Atlanta that gets overshadowed by the celebrity event & wedding designers. If a designer does not have thousands of followers, no one give them a second look. Because of this, I decided to close the gap and host a series of events - the All Things Wedding Experience.

The All Things Wedding Experience was birthed out of the need to help local small business owners in the wedding industry showcase their talents and book more brides/weddings. But that’s not all!

At Elegant Affairs by Dione, we believe so much in giving back to the community. A portion of the proceeds from the event will go to Embracing Arms, a therapeutic group home for girls in Jonesboro, Georgia. Embracing Arms programs are designed to encourage positive change and growth through a series of educational, recreational, treatment and support services in a warm, loving, and therapeutic environment.

I would have to say receiving handwritten notes and cards from clients is the best recognition I have received.
Building long-lasting relationships with clients because of the rapport that is built from working with them on their events is also a plus.
One of my clients stated during her reception that Elegant Affairs does so much for their brides and how very glad she was to have found us.

Personal LifeShare

The Golden Rule: Treat others as you would want to be treated.

I can say I have had two managers who have mentored me. Both didn't mind pouring knowledge into me. They were not concerned about me taking their jobs, they wanted to empower me so that I can get to the next level. Now that I am in leadership, I have fostered that very same view and culture.

Elegant Affairs By Dione
2500 Dallas Hwy Suite 202 #5008
Marietta, GA 30064




Images by: Image 1-pic-All Black Tie Event- 2018- photo credit @ mediabyprince, Image2- Surprise Wedding- 2019- Image 3-Nurses Ball 2020 mediabyprinc- Image 4- Corporate Event 2019

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Great accomplishments and amazing journey!


Dione, you are a true definition of stepping out on faith. Keep up the phenomenal work my CLS sister.

Bettye Burney
Bettye Burney

Dione you are amazing!!!!! Keep your vision moving for greater.

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