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The Purpose Broker, LLC

Houston, Texas

My mastery is in unlocking the undeniable, divine destiny that dwells inside each of us. As a broker of purpose, I negotiate and extract from others their higher selves, push them to their ultimate callings, help them live out their undeniable truths and their most authentic selves.

I'm a transformational speaker, a life purpose alignment and life story development coach. I put on events, I host events, conferences and do trainings. I'm a writer and a relentless creator. I don't believe that I'm the only person who can reach the soul of others, who can lift them from one space to the next and help them to gain clarity on where they're going. However, I do believe I'm the only person that can do it in the sensational style that I have with the utmost conviction, authenticity, and sincerity that I possess.

I was born with a gift at cross connecting people from the boundaries in front of them to their humanity on the other side- and I've spent a lifetime focusing on my gifts, strengths, being who I truly am and unleashing that in the world. This is why I'm a master at helping others to do the same- I truly know and believe that I am 1 in 6 billion and my purpose is actually showing others how they're the same. How they can transform their pain into freedom, their passions into fuel that paves the way for their purpose and limitless potential.

I have been speaking on stages and in pageants since I was a teenager. Even though I had talents similar to some of the other young ladies such as dancing, acting/monologues, and poetry (I'm experienced in those crafts so it was sort of expected of me)- I always told them, I want to give a full speech. "As in, a rendition of a Martin Luther King speech or 1 from a presidential or historical figure?" they'd ask. No, a present-day, original speech that I have written and believe the audience needs to hear.

You see, people often think someone needs to give you credentials or a platform first before you can operate in your greatest capacity. I have never believed that. In my home, I was reared with the thought process that the more you focus on who you are and love being, the more time you spend on your unique gift, skills, and talents and find ways to serve others with them- the more joy, satisfaction, confidence, competence, forgiveness and love you'll be able to experience in this world and deliver to others.

What I do is teach people that they can be limitless, I am here to serve their inner power because that is the wealth that was endowed to me. So I give back to the world in abundance that which has sowed into, replenished and carried me over mountains.

Excerpt from bio:
C. Marie has spearheaded and launched several businesses and organizations including 4 before the age of 30.
She was offered the position of President for a marketing firm in Houston by a Partner with 20+ Years of executive industry experience; General Manager for a startup tech. company in Springfield, Missouri and General Manager for a fine Italian restaurant in Sugar Land, TX. She's trained in Management through Top Management Development Programs by Multiple Fortune 500 Companies.

Mrs. Williams worked alongside and represented a U.S. Congressmen, 2 State House Representatives, 1 state senate representative, 3 Honorable Judges and The Economics & Government Affairs Departments for Two City Chambers.
She was awarded Top Speaker at the Services Cooperative Association; she has been featured on The Entrepreneur Academy Podcast, The Purpose to Profit Podcast, KHOU 11, KCOH Radio, The Multi Million Dollar Brand, The Black Speakers Network, Boyce Watkins Enterprises, SPEAKERCON, the Straight to the Top Show with RMI Capital, Destiny Talk Live, Gospel Radio Nation, The Greater Black Houston Chamber, The City of Houston, The Juneteenth Festival, My Sisters Keeper Houston, The Grace and Mercy Foundation, AND MANY, MANY MORE!

Personal LifeShare

I enjoy leaving my phone on the counter and taking a stroll outside and in the park with my dog. It's a great way just to be present, reset for the day or evening and enjoy being alive.

I write often: I write down my purpose, I write down my I Am Statements, I write what I feel with no judgment or restrictions and I write what I am grateful for. We are a living testament and it's nothing without documenting that.

I dance all around my house and in the mirror- it feels good to get the body going, release energy and positive vibes.

Here are the role models I grew up with that still sustain me:

My Father- Introduced me to my life purpose & the power of belief.
My Mother- Introduced me to self love, true womanhood & forgiveness.
Jesus/Yeshua- Introduced me to the greatest being the one who serves and a sacrifice for our higher calling
Malcolm X- Introduced me to selfless activism, being a voice for the voiceless and realigning yourself for truth
Lauryn Hill- Introduced me to non-conformity, authentic creativity and setting the standard.
Maya Angelou- Introduced me to the power of words and storytelling.
Oprah- Introduced me to creating global platforms to let your light shine.
Michael Jackson- I am unsure of the accusations made about him post his death, they are hurtful and it hasn't been proven if they are true- but I hae to give credit where it is due. In terms of his career legacy, he introduced me to relentless commitment to passions, being unafraid to create, recreate, push limits and set the bar.

C. Marie Wiliams,
Chief Visionary Officer of The Purpose Broker LLC
Houston, Texas
Phone (also available through text): 832-315-5233




Images by: Photography by @JayOVision, Graphics by @PsalmMyTee, Creative Direction and Wording by @ThePurposeBroker

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