Who doesn’t want healthy, younger-looking skin? CLS members had the opportunity to learn how to achieve their very own glow up at home during an exclusive live CLS Talks session on January 28 presented by esthetician Erica Hague, The BeYouty Therapist!
Erica shared a wealth of information to guide the CLS members on their skincare journey and provided them with tips that can be used every day to achieve great-looking skin. While demonstrating her own personal facial on camera, Erica demonstrated the tools to get the job done the right way! CLS learned the “skinny” on skincare – valuable lessons on cleansing, toning, moisturizing, facial massage, and more!
Erica has her own line of skincare products called BeYouty Therapy Skincare that has been described as amazing and her spa offers unique services that will make you feel fabulous.

CLS is also excited to announce that it will donate a number of skincare products to Wellspring Living for its participants! Now that’s Classy!

For more information on The BeYouty Therapist, and to shop the Boudoir, visit her website:

CLS Talks is an exciting virtual platform through which CLS brings informative insights to support, among other things, women’s physical, relational and financial health. The goal of CLS Talks is to educate the participants of these unique video sessions on important topics related to women’s health.

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I’ve always been drawn to fabulous finds. When shopping, I normally look for high-quality pieces that will last. Growing up in Austin, we didn’t have access to designer brands. The closest we got to designer was Neiman Marcus Last Call. Fun fact – we didn’t even have a Nordstrom when I lived in Austin. I think Barton Creek Mall finally got a Nordstrom 2 years after I moved.

I learned about designer brands during my freshman year of college. Of course, I knew bigger designers like Louis Vuitton and Gucci but I had never heard of Valentino or Chanel. My first job in Houston was at the Galleria – Dillard’s Post Oak. During my lunch hour, I would walk through Neiman’s and Saks. I would stroll through the aisles with amazement at the well-crafted designer pieces. It was a lot like art to me. The craftsmanship blew my mind.

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about high fashion and decided to share a few things to help you while shopping. Here are my top 5 things to consider before buying designer pieces:

Is this a timeless piece?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, timeless pieces never go out of style. Think of your classic items like a white button-down, black wide-leg pants, a gold watch, or loafers. These items don’t require annual refreshing. You’re likely to have timeless pieces for a lifetime when well taken care of.

Can I afford this right now?

A good rule of thumb is to not buy anything that you can’t pay for directly out of your checking account. To take this to another level, I’d say avoid buying designer pieces if you don’t have at least 3 times the amount in savings.

One way to afford designer pieces is to save up for your desired item and create a sinking fund. Sinking funds are designated savings accounts for your desired need/want. Example: You can start saving $500 a month towards a car, boat, appliances, cell phone, vacation, or Chanel bag until you have enough saved for the item. This helps you pay cash for your item and avoids racking up credit card debt.

Bonus tip – use your credit card to purchase the item and pay off your statement within the same month. This will give you an opportunity to snag points if your credit card has a rewards program and also helps boost your credit score by paying off the bill on time/early.



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On the evening of August 11, Classy Living Society hosted a CLS Talks with special guest International Beauty Expert and Brow Esthetician Kim Roxie. Ms. Roxie, who is also the Founder and CEO of LAMIK Beauty, took over Facebook Live and delivered a vivacious presentation titled, “Your Eyes are Front and Center; Learn to Smize Them!”

Smize: to assume a playful or alluring expression of the eyes.

These days during the pandemic, our eyes are more front and center than ever before.  With Zoom video conferences peppered throughout our remote work days and wearing masks in public, our eyes are the focal point.  So why not make sure they’re visually appealing!   Ms. Roxie demonstrated how to do just that – with LAMIK Beauty’s Celebrity Brow kit.  In the session, CLS members learned a few great tips about how to DIY their brows and eye makeup.  They also learned how the brow kit can be used four different ways: concealer, eyeshadow primer, eyeliner, and eyeshadow!  

The session was truly amazing, as Ms. Roxie is as lively, spirited and engaging as they come!  It is nearly impossible to interact with her and not get caught up in her dynamic energy!  The ladies learned, laughed and came away armed with new techniques to get those eyebrows popping!  There were a few giveaways as well!  

Kim Roxie has been at the forefront of celebrating the beauty of multicultural women since she founded LAMIK in 2004, while still a college student in Atlanta. She didn’t set out to become an entrepreneur at 21, but was inspired to create her own line when she researched the ingredients in the brands available to her customers while working at a cosmetics counter part-time while in school. Dismayed by the unhealthy ingredients she uncovered, Kim decided to become the change she was looking for and founded LAMIK, an environmentally conscious cosmetics line that would not only look good on women of color but also be good for them. By naming her brand LAMIK, which means Love and Makeup in Kindness, Kim signaled that her brand was about more than makeup. She believes in promoting a deeper meaning of beauty, that it emanates from the inside out.

Want more info about Kim Roxie, LAMIK and her Celebrity Brow Kit?  Click here:  LAMIK Beauty.  

Follow her on social media:

Facebook:  LAMIK Cosmetics / Facebook

Twitter: LAMIK Beauty / Twitter

Instagram: LAMIK Beauty / Instagram

CLS Talks is an exciting virtual platform by which CLS will bring informative insights to support, among other things, women’s physical, relational and financial health.  The goal of CLS Talks is to educate the participants of these unique video sessions on important topics related to women’s health.


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The fact that your favorite nail salon might be is closed is actually a blessing in disguise. Experts agree that constant manis, acrylic treatments, gel polish, and more wreak havoc on nails, so what we have here is a built-in excuse to give your claws a break. Here are some tips for getting super glowy at-home nails between manicures. 

No Biting

Now’s a super stressful time, there’s no way around it. But if you use nail biting as a coping mechanism you’re doing a lot more harm than good. Not only does this habit forcefully peel off layers of your nails, it also makes you vulnerable to ingesting a lot of bacteria. Kick it by wearing a thin layer of topcoat, this will add a visual and taste deterrent to stop you from chowing down. Or, find another tactile way to express anxiety, like a fidget spinner or a stress ball. Your nails will thank you for making this healthy choice.

Keep Cuticles Cute

The cuticle is a protective layer of skin that forms on your nails to keep bacteria out. To maintain healthy cuticles, gently push them back with a wooden cuticle stick about once a week. Then slather on some cuticle oil to keep them soft and reduce dryness.


Painting your nails dries them out. Quench them by rubbing lotion all over your hands once a day. Nails are porous so they’ll be able to absorb the moisture from the lotion just like your skin does. You’ll also want to apply SPF lotion to your hands before going outside to avoid aging sun damage.

Work from the Inside

Your outer appearance is a reflection of the kind of things you put into your body. To this end, you might want to consider adding a few supplements to your routine. Some experts suggest taking a multivitamin that includes biotin and vitamin E, both of which promote nail growth. Ask your nail Pro if they have any more ideas for taking a holistic approach to your nail health.

If you take time to do all of these things, you’ll have strong, gorgeous nails the next time you stroll into a salon.

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The bathroom is a common place in our homes that we all spend a consistent amount of time per day. Still, a few simple additions can turn your everyday bathroom experience into a daily ritual that rejuvenates, calms, and relaxes.

The ritual of cleansing is an ancient global practice that consists of many forms of sensory experiences that have pampered royalty, and was a symbol of preparation, focus, or a retreat from daily stress. A few simple changes to your bathroom can create an experience that manifests a spa-like ambiance that you can experience regularly. The key to creating a truly relaxing oasis is to trigger all five senses in one ecosystem.

Appeal to Your Sense of Vision by Starting With Decor

A great place to start when creating your in-home oasis is to begin with your physical space by making a few simple changes to your bathroom decor.

  • Upgrading your bathroom fixtures will take your cleansing experience to another level. Installing a different shower head that’s detachable or has multiple spray patterns is an easy do-it-yourself project that can enhance your time in the shower. A rain shower head creates an instant feeling of relaxation and also conserves water. Decorative curtain rods, cabinets, and light fixtures can add another unique touch that will make your design more cohesive.
  • Changing your shower curtain can instantly create a different vibe. There are many stunning patterns, textures, and imagery currently on the market that can add a lively picture or touch of color to your bathroom.
  • Choose calming colors for any new enhancements that you make to your space. Anything in the blue, violet, green, gray, or tan family are standard color bases that often create a soothing environment. If bright colors cheer you up, splashes of yellow, pink, or other vibrant colors or fixtures will enrich your space.
  • Adding small plants or other greenery can be part of your ritual. If you have a small space, making a habit of bringing in and watering your plants as part of your bathroom routine could add additional purpose and excitement to your cleansing ritual.


Incorporating High-Quality Materials Will Invigorate Your Sense of Touch

The higher the quality of materials in rugs, towels, or bath wear, the more comfortable the material will feel against your skin. Avoid scratchy or hard fabrics for your rug, bath wear, and towels. An ultra-plush bath rug that has memory foam and a soft texture can provide relief for tired joints or sore feet. A pair of bathroom slippers can also provide extra foot support, and a bathrobe will help keep you warm.



Organically Bath & Beauty

Inspired to start making products in 2013 when our now 15-year-old daughter developed severe eczema. Organically Bath & Beauty was established to create organic vegan beauty products that nurture and repair. Infusing the most precious minerals in all our products. Every item is freshly made and preserved with all-natural additives to ensure the vitality of ingredients.

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I love all black and feel so sophisticated in this outfit. Not only is black cute it’s also affordable. When I shop at fast-fashion retailers, Forever21 and H&M, I normally go for black garments. Less expensive fabrics normally look better and last longer in black or darker colors. Here are my top 3 reasons to wear all black: ready, set, go!


Seriously, I can’t get enough of chic looks. I mentioned in my last fashion post that I love chic outfits and gravitate towards more classic styles. Chic looks never get old and remain timeless decades later.


Black can instantly slim your frame and camouflages well. Who doesn’t like to look slimmer in pictures?! Conceal with a good black suit or little black dress.


Black just screams boss babe! When I wear an all-black look at work people always think I mean business. I feel like I can conquer the world in a good black pantsuit or midi skirt and blouse combo.

Find the links to Stacey’s look at

Written by:

Stacy Davis,  Wardrobe Stylist, and Blogger.

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It’s Saturday morning and a beautiful sunny summer day! You rise and look forward to the activities you’ve planned for the day; one of the special tasks on your to-do list is a pedicure – a treat for your toes.  You head over to your favorite nail salon, walk through the door and stop short … who would’ve thought everyone else would have the same idea!  The salon is bursting with customers and the receptionist has asked that you return for your pedicure in 2 hours!  What?!  You know you don’t want to wait two hours, but you also know you don’t want to go through the rest of the weekend with your toes in the disastrous state they are now!  Never fear, my dear, you’re going to treat yourself to an at-home pedicure.  The following are a few simple instructions to help you master pampering your own tootsies!

First, assemble the tools you will need:

  • Cotton balls/strips
  • Nail polish remover
  • Double-sided emery boards
  • A portable tub or foot spa filled with water
  • Towels
  • Nail clippers
  • Your choice of foot salts or soaks
  • Cuticle remover
  • Orangewood stick or cuticle pusher
  • Exfoliating foot scrub or pumice stone or file
  • Cuticle oil and moisturizing lotion or cream
  • Base coat, nail color & top coat

Get comfy in a chair and begin to remove old nail polish completely using cotton balls, strips or rounds soaked with nail polish remover. Holding the soaked cotton on the nail for a few moments to loosen stubborn, hard to remove polish before wiping off is helpful.

Add salts or foot soak to the water in your portable tub or foot spa and soak for several minutes; long enough for the dead skin and nails to loosen a bit.  A helpful tip is to add 1/4 cup of milk to the water; the lactic acid in the milk will help to soften and nourish your skin.   Removing one foot at a time from the water, trim your nails straight across with nail clippers, leaving about 1/8 of an inch in length. Trimming them straight across will set the foundation for filing.  Do not let your nail extend much further than the tip of the toe. Remove the other foot from the water, placing the first one back in.  Trim the nails on the other foot using the same technique.

After soaking both feet a bit more (you’ll want to revel in these precious moments!), towel them dry and use your emery board to file the nail into a square/round soft contour.  Around the corners, file the nail in one direction,  do not “saw” back and forth; this weakens the nail.  Emery boards are preferred over metal files, as they tend to give you a smoother surface.  Use the soft sided surface of the emery board for smoothing the contoured edge of the nail, and the coarse surface on the other side to shape and shorten the nails.

Next, apply cuticle remover cream or gel to the cuticle at the foundation of each nail.  Allow the solution to do its work for a few moments and with an orangewood stick, gently push back the skin of each cuticle.  Using a bit of the water from the foot spa or tub to dampen your feet, apply an exfoliating foot scrub or use a pumice stone or file  to loosen and remove the dead skin on heels and the balls of the feet.  Don’t be too rough!  The idea is to achieve a smooth surface.

Dry your legs and feet thoroughly; being sure to dry between the toes and apply a nourishing foot cream or oil to your lower legs and feet. Massage your legs and feet and rehydrate cuticles by rubbing in a dab of cuticle oil.  Now you’re ready to apply a beautiful shade of color!

If desired, wipe each toe nail with a little nail polish remover to remove the excess oil before applying your polish, this will help the polish adhere to the nail.  Apply a thin layer of base coat and let dry.  The most foolproof way of getting an even coat of polish across your toe nail is by applying with 3 strokes of the brush from nail bed to nail tip – one down the center first, followed by one on each side of the first stroke.  Be careful not to paint the cuticles!  Even if you make a mistake, no worries!  Use a bit of nail polish remover on a Q-tip to dab away the error.  Apply 2 to 3 coats of your nail color; let dry completely and follow up with a thin layer of top coat.

Let it all dry, and sit back and admire your beautiful toes!  You’ve mastered the at-home pedicure!  Congratulations!

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How many times have you stood before your closet at the eleventh hour trying to figure out what to wear to work, on a date, or for that girl’s night out? Just think, on average women spend 16 minutes each morning deciding what to wear. This can be time-consuming and stressful, especially when you are pressed for time and need to decide on an outfit, coordinate with accessories and get dressed. During these times, I’m taken back to my childhood and hear my Mom’s voice in her Caribbean accent saying, “Put your clothes out on Sunday for the week ahead…” Darn it, Mom is still right! Here are a few tips to help you develop this time-saving routine:

  1. Check the weather to gauge the temperature, rain, snow, etc.

  2. Review your calendar for meetings, happy hour, etc.

  3. Hang each outfit on a hanger or hangers with your accessories

  4. As a bonus, add an outfit for an event (date night, night out with friends, etc.)

How will you benefit?

  • Reduces your stress level as you have planned outfits in advance

  • Your outfits will be more intentional as you’ve had time to coordinate your clothes, accessories, and you can make adjustments, if necessary

  • You’ll have at least an extra 16 mins in the morning or night before to do other things (i.e. workout, eat breakfast, meditate, pray).

  • You’ll be ready for those last minute events…you’ll have outfits on standby

  • Your clothing and accessories purchases will be more focused as you can visualize your looks

I don’t know about you, but having some extra time works for me!! One of the reasons I started Frugal Chics Roc, was to help the busy, fashionista who’s time is limited, but wants fashionable quality pieces for work and play. Visit our website and follow us on social media to view our pieces, client selfies, and more.

Nyota Byfield is the owner of Frugal Chics Roc, a women’s online boutique. Nyota has 20+ years experience in corporate America and holds a B.A. in Political Science from New York University and an M.B.A in Organization Management from Georgia State University. She enjoys reading, working out, volunteering, traveling, all things fashion, and spending time with her loved ones both furry and human!

Connect with Nyota on social media:

IG: Instagram/frugalchicsrocc

FB: Facebook/frugalchicsroc

Tw: Twitter/frugalchicsroc

Pin: Pinterest/frugalchicsroc

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Tracy Nicole is more than just a fashion designer – she’s an author, a mother, an entrepreneur, an activist and a breast cancer survivor. With more than a decade of experience in the fashion industry, Tracy has realized national recognition while successfully maintaining a uniquely expressive brand.  I caught up with Tracy to talk with her about her brand, to learn about her business concept and to gather tips to share on being a successful businesswoman.

About Tracy Nicole

Tracy has always had a great love for style and while working as an occupational therapist, she decided to take evening classes to study fashion design at night.  After completing her studies, she decided it was time to make a career change; to do the very thing she loved. She walked away from her busy occupational therapy position and opened her own retail store.  After several years, she decided to develop her own line of clothing and Tracy Nicole Clothing was born. Life was grand, until she received the bad news that she had developed breast cancer.

Determined not to let her breast cancer diagnosis stop her upward mobility in business, Tracy decided that her status as a survivor held a glimmer of hope for the women who loved her clothing designs.  Living through her survival journey became an inspiration for a new collection of Tracy Nicole Clothing that was created exclusively for breast cancer patients. This unique collection was featured at the 50 Shades of Pink Gala in Atlanta, which was hosted by Dr. Jackie Walters from the hit reality TV show “Married to Medicine Atlanta.”

Tracy has celebrated many other accolades as a businesswoman in fashion.  She and Madison James from radio station 98.5 The Beat have partnered with Porsche Motors for the past three years, showcasing her fabulous designs.  Through this partnership, Tracy and Madison James work together to bring awareness to breast cancer and help to provide education and treatment to African-American women affected by breast cancer through Komen Atlanta’s Sisters of Promise Program. 

As an entrepreneur, Tracy has been highlighted in various local and national publications including Essence, Best Self, Atlanta Voice, Lucky Magazine, Jezebel and Atlanta Style. She takes the time to serve various philanthropic causes including Perfect Peach Inc., a nonprofit she started to teach young girls about self-esteem through her Perfect Peach Workshops. As a writer, Tracy’s first novel, Who Said Peaches Were Perfect?, was the editor’s pick for Jet Magazine and Tracy was tagged as a hot new voice on the writing scene in July of 2010. 

Tracy’s other honors include serving as a panelist on the first Young Women’s Leadership Conference for Essence Magazine in Atlanta on ‘‘How to Brand Yourself for Success” and keynote speaker at the 11th Annual Call To Womanhood Conference held in Atlanta. Tracy was listed in the Honor’s Edition of Cambridge Who’s Who for Empowering Executives, Professionals & Entrepreneurs Around the Globe. She served as a Model of Courage for Ford Motor Company and in 2015, was awarded an Emerging Artist Grant by the City of Atlanta. She also received the Creative Style award by the Atlanta Business League. 

Her unique and timeless pieces have caught the eye of numerous celebrities, and counts as part of her clientele, the likes of Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Terri J. Vaughn, Jasmine Guy and Mary Mary.

Tracy Nicole Clothing launched a collection in Belk Stores in the spring of 2017 and that collection has expanded to include men’s and children’s apparel. Recently, Tracy launched a new collection called SIMPLE by Tracy.  This new line clearly demonstrates how Tracy has evolved as a designer. SIMPLE lives up to its name; the wearer of these garments can keep it simple, while still making a huge fashion statement. 

Tracy currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, with her daughters, Kennedy and Kristian. 

Tracy Nicole’s Business Concepts

Tracy Nicole Clothing:

Tracy Nicole Clothing is inspired by the woman juggling it all, work, life and play! It is meant to be classic and versatile while allowing the woman wearing it to be herself– to let her true nature shine. The philosophy behind the company is to encourage women to embrace themselves by promoting positive self-awareness for all body types. Tracy wants women to see that sexy doesn’t have to mean revealing; sexy is embodied in self-worth and confidence. Tracy Nicole Clothing can be worn by women of various body types and meet various needs. Soft, flowing fabrics are chosen for the collection that compliment as well as appeal to the wearer’s senses. The line gives the consumer buildable ensemble pieces, that marry from season to season, one line to the next.


SIMPLE by Tracy is an extension of Tracy Nicole Clothing and was created to provide women with more than just something to wear.  It’s to provide them with an experience! Tracy wanted to create a collection where everything is SIMPLE and comfortable yet sexy and interchangeable — the very thing every woman wants. Keeping it SIMPLE and easy. Every style comes in three SIMPLE colors: Black (elegance, power and strength), Grey (timeless, cool and balanced) and Taupe (neutral, warm and relaxing). I believe if you feel good and look good it makes you happy and healthier! We focus so much on outer beauty that we sometimes forget about the inner beauty.

Advice for Women in Business

Focus on what you want to do.  Create a plan and follow it, tweaking when necessary as you go.  Never lose your vision and remember that you can’t share it with everyone.  You are the only one who was blessed with the vision; never let anyone cause you to question your vision.  Each time you fall get up faster. There is no such thing as failure. Your progress is a reflection of what you believe is possible.  If no one is telling you your idea is crazy … it’s not big enough.  God’s plan is far greater than you can ever imagine.

Connect with Tracy Nicole:

Address: 75 Bennett St NW Suite N-1 Atlanta GA 30309


Phone: 678.660.8797






Sheila Emerson is the mother of two wonderful children.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Middle Grade Education, has completed her Master’s Degree in Education, with honors and is presently on her journey to earning her Doctorate Degree in Education and will become Dr. Sheila Emerson!  She is entering her 19th year in the teaching profession and enjoys teaching and motivating students in math.

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Have you heard the phrase, “Your accessories can make or break your outfit”? Better yet, while getting dressed for work, have you looked in the mirror and thought, “My look needs a little something to make it pop?” Well, the good news is adding ethnic accessories to your professional wardrobe not only enhances your look, it’s also a great conversation starter that allows you to bring another piece of your authentic self to work.

Ethnic accessories refers to jewelry, bags, and footwear that are connected to a specific location, language, and or heritage. These articles are also seen as walking artwork as they tell a story, have a rich heritage, and carry a sense of pride. When you add these pieces to your professional look, they add character to your outfit.  You can build your wardrobe with classic pieces that are brought to life by vibrant hues and three-dimensional art. In a recent poll, 72% of respondents stated they wear ethnic accessories to work. Yes, wearing ethnic accessories to work is good for you!

Let’s take a look at an example: you decide to wear a tunic with pants and you add a Native American Squash Blossom necklace that is popping with color…you discover it suddenly brings your look to LIFE! Then, look at what happens next – you are at work and head into the break room to grab your lunch when someone who normally doesn’t speak to you, says, “I love that necklace” and this begins an organic conversation! In responding to the compliment, you give the history of the necklace and before you know it, you’re networking with the person and you find out about job openings in their group!

How did this happen? The answer is simple; accessories open opportunities for others to compliment you and vice versa.  Your accessories lead to “water cooler” conversations, the building of trust and before you know it you’re connecting with someone you’ve never spoken to before. Going a step further, ethnic pieces paired with business dress allows us to shed the monolithic look that many companies are slowing moving away from and promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace. If you haven’t done so before, try it…add an ethnic piece to your outfit and notice an extra feeling of pride when you step off the elevator or enter a room.  Experience the magic that happens next! On the flip side, take those gracious compliments and pay them forward – when you see someone wearing their ethnic accessories…whether it be a tie or necklace, start a conversation…After all, it’s good for you!


Nyota Byfield is the owner of Frugal Chics Roc, a women’s online boutique. Nyota has 20+ years experience in corporate America and holds a B.A. in Political Science from New York University and an M.B.A in Organization Management from Georgia State University. She enjoys reading, working out, volunteering, traveling, all things fashion, and spending time with her loved ones both furry and human!

Connect with Nyota on social media:

IG: Instagram/frugalchicsrocc

FB: Facebook/frugalchicsroc

Tw: Twitter/frugalchicsroc

Pin: Pinterest/frugalchicsroc


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