The Classy Living Society Wine Club made up of wine connoisseurs (and novices too!) participates in monthly events when girl time, sipping wine and wine education is the order of the day!  These events are held at various wine establishments around town and recently, the Club got together at Corks and Cuvée Wine and Gift Shoppe in historic downtown Conyers, Georgia.

Corks and Cuvée is a Black woman-owned full-service wine shop that offers retail wine by the bottle, private tastings, walk-up tasting station, and awesome charcuterie boards.  And it’s super cute!  Owner, Founder, and Principal Wine Consultant Regina Jackson is a joy to meet and she shared the story of her emergence from corporate America to the accomplished sommelier she is today.  As the Club members enjoyed tasting their flights of wine, Regina also shared her extensive knowledge about wine!  To get to know a little more about Regina, tap your mouse on the link below for a VoyageATL article all about her.  Visit Corks and Cuvée, you will love it!

Each month, a portion of Wine Club dues is advanced toward the purchase of small appliances, laundry items, etc.  In connection with the July event, the CLS Wine Club put dues to work by donating $100 to Gigi’s House to purchase toasters for the young women they serve.  Gigi’s House is dedicated to serving girls ages 13-19 who are victims of sex trafficking. We provide a safe home in a faith-based loving environment.  

Stay tuned for news on upcoming CLS Wine Club adventures!  

Important Links:

Corks and Cuvée website:

Regina Jackson VoyageATL article:

Gigi’s House:

Written by Janine Lattimore


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CLS realizes the key to a greener planet is in all of our hands and is proud of its mission to promote earth-friendly initiatives that relate to conservation and preservation and this includes ridesharing!  That’s why when the opportunity recently arose to give back to the community and include ridesharing, CLS was all in!  

Members packed and delivered meals to the beloved seniors in our community for Meals on Wheels Atlanta (MOWA) on Saturday, July 10.  With two to three members per car, CLS sisters motored around to assigned residences to deliver meals. 

MOWA is making a difference in metro Atlanta by supporting senior independence through meals, shelter, education, and community.  Founded in 1965 to support seniors struggling with poverty, food insecurity, and social isolation, MOWA has grown from a small soup kitchen to an organization serving more than 600,000 meals each year throughout the Atlanta area. They have also expanded their program offerings to respond to other critical needs in the community. They now offer multiple services to support both older adults and veterans, including home-delivered and congregate meals, home repair services, and a food pantry for both seniors and their pets.  Amazing!

What a great morning!  Through this endeavor, when CLS members ride together to volunteer, they promote a friendly environment by improving air quality, conserving non-renewable energy resources and saving time all while giving back.  In addition, they foster sisterhood and friendship!  It’s a win-win-win situation!  Now that’s Classy!

For more information on Meals on Wheels Atlanta, visit their website:

For more information on Classy Living Society’s Go Green initiative CLS Cares, visit

Written by Janine Lattimore


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Look in the dictionary under classy lady and you’ll find Moretta’s name.  She’s a true testament to service and dedication and as an Oh So Classy CLS member, Moretta takes her commitment to help others seriously.  She says she’s always had a tremendous spirit of giving and that’s exactly why she joined an organization like Classy Living Society.  Paying it forward has been and continues to be a strong mantra that allows her to live life as a servant leader.  Moretta firmly believes that CLS gives her many ample, unique, and rewarding opportunities to share her time and talents through service. Talk about blessings, Moretta says…” it is a tremendous blessing to be able to help those who are less fortunate than I am through so many various acts of volunteerism.”  Building a powerful partnership with like-minded women who seek to empower and improve the lives of others is what Moretta strived for.  Being a  member of CLS has given Moretta the opportunity to do just that. She was looking for a group of dedicated ladies not only to volunteer with but to also share incredible life experiences.

CLS fit right into her plans, especially after becoming an empty nester when her daughter Moranda left home for school.  Moretta describes her daughter as being both beautiful and amazing and lets her pride shine when she fondly speaks of her daughter’s accomplishments. 

Moretta grew up on the picturesque Mississippi Gulf Coast, in Moss Point, where she enjoyed opportunities for fishing, walking in beautiful outdoor parks, luxury resorts, restaurants, and other unique attractions.  After graduating from Alabama State University with a degree in Accounting/Business Management, she moved to the Atlanta area where she’s been a proud resident for 33 years. 

Moretta’s business acumen is extensive.  She originally worked for corporate America in the banking industry, then eventually ended up working for the famed Coca-Cola Company for 17 years.  Moretta acknowledges that it was a challenge working in corporate America and being a hard-working single parent, especially considering that her job required 60% travel.  These perceived hardships gave her the ability to totally empathize with others.  She understood a single mother’s plight and totally understood the obstacles. 

In 2004, Moretta made the decision to change careers and she transferred her impressive skill set to work in one of the local school districts.  She realized her true passion when she started working with students, parents, and other stakeholders.  This soon became a very rewarding experience for her.  Moretta says that it is extremely fulfilling to know that she has made an absolute impact on “at-risk” students over the years, by equipping them with the right resources and pathways for future success.  She continues to stay committed in her quest to support students with their educational endeavors.  

Besides experiencing and participating in the unique volunteer opportunities that CLS has to offer, Moretta sits on several board committees.  One such committee is KDOW (Kids’- Doc- On- Wheels) which is a subsidiary of Decatur Pediatrics. This organization offers access to a program that prepares America’s youngest children to succeed in school by partnering with doctors to prescribe books and encourage families to read together.  The program is for children age 6-months through age 5.  Moretta’s service knows no limits or boundaries!

Now, what does a classy lady like Moretta do when she has some spare time?  She enjoys the art of vintage shopping where she usually secures the most unique finds.  She has also traveled extensively to many destinations and she well knows about the expression “wheels up!”

 Moretta has landed in exotic and remarkable places. Sophisticated Paris, beautiful Hawaii, glorious London, the tranquil blue Caribbean, the busy Panama Canal, and other European countries have been on her schedule.  She’s enjoyed every experience she’s had in these amazing places and plans to continue to travel as soon as she can.  Moretta also enjoys gardening in her yard which by the way has a lot of curb appeal.  Moretta also loves spending quality time with her family and many friends.  With the help of her new granddog Luda, she and her daughter have a great time creating memories that can be shared for years to come. 

If you ask Moretta about her ministry, she’ll say that she definitely has one.  Her ministry is her total commitment to serving the community and making a pledge to positively impact those in need.  

Your light is shining brightly Moretta, so continue to be the classy star and solid volunteer that you are!


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“I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day…”

It rained off and on all day on Saturday, June 19, but the weather didn’t stop 35 CLS ladies from bringing the sunshine to the Estrella rooftop of Atlanta’s Bazati restaurant for the Yellow Dress Rooftop Mixer!  The ladies, resplendent in yellow dresses, gathered for a cause they are passionate about.  Yellow represents CLS’ stance against human and sex trafficking as the organization continues to take its place in the fight against this global problem that affects millions of people around the world.  While it was a social event for the organization, it was, more importantly, an opportunity to give back with purpose.

Located on the Atlanta Beltline, Estrella, meaning “Star” in Spanish, has been touted as one of the best rooftops in Atlanta, with one of the best views of the Atlanta skyline.  Because of the inclement weather, the ladies enjoyed the afternoon inside, adjacent to the outdoor roof.  They grooved to upbeat Latin music and enjoyed Mexican cuisine, fresh squeezed margaritas and other crafted cocktails.  

The event was in benefit to Gigi’s House, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving girls ages 13-19 who are victims of sex trafficking. In addition to safe housing, they provide individual and group trauma-informed therapy with a licensed therapist, home-school, mentoring, life skills, and daily self-confidence-building activities.  CLS collected over 30 inspirational letters/notecards and fast food restaurant gift cards for the girls at Gigi’s House at the event!  

Mission accomplished!  The event was a huge success and was enjoyed by all in attendance.  Classy Living Society brought a ray of sunshine to Estrella rooftop and hopefully, also brought the sunshine to 30+ girls through donations to Gigi’s House! 

Written by: Janine Lattimore of New York Red Blog

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On May 18, Classy Living Society celebrated its eighth year in business!  What a major accomplishment!  This year CLS celebrated with a multi-part giveback/social mission!  

During the anniversary week, members posted photographs from their favorite past social and volunteer events, recounting what CLS means to them.  Many of them told the story of how they joined, and the difference that becoming a member has made to their lives.  It was heartwarming to see the photos that have so many memories attached to them.  It was quite a treat to read all of the funny stories, as well as the heartfelt stories of “beautiful survival”, success and triumphs.  The stories are a true testament to the fact that CLS has left, and will continue to leave, an indelible mark on its members and the community at large.  That, in and of itself, is something to celebrate!

In further celebration, CLS members each donated $10 or more to CLS’s 2021 community partner, Margie’s House, to pour into their mission and vision.  Margie’s House serves the community as an outlet to equip disadvantaged families with physical, spiritual, emotional or financial needs.  They provide resources that help them gain and maintain long-term independence.  Collectively, CLS members donated a total of $900 to Margie’s House!

Bonjour!  On Saturday, May 22, CLS members travelled to Paris to celebrate!  Well…not really!  But close to it!  The Berets & Bubbly event was held at Le Bilboquet, a French restaurant in the Buckhead area of Atlanta.  The ladies wore stylish berets, and sat on the patio to dine and clink glasses of celebratory champagne on the patio of the restaurant.  Bon appetit

Not only did the ladies enjoy bubbly and delicious fare, CLS had a few goodies lying in wait!  Everyone was asked to check the underside of the table in front of them for birthday cards taped there.  If found, they were eligible to win a prize!  A few of the members won fabulous gift cards, and the first member to arrive, Ms. Jeannette Washington Whipple, won a night’s stay at the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta.  Before leaving, the ladies unleashed the festive balloons that were tied to the tables and chairs and released them into the clear blue sky.  The balloon release was symbolic of the passion and forward thought of the organization for itself – the sky’s the limit … and beyond!

Of final note, the Founding Sisters of CLS presented a $500 scholarship to a deserving young lady of the Girls of Excellence.  During the presentation, Founding Sister Tarrah Smith announced that they would also be purchasing the scholarship recipient’s books for four years!  Girls of Excellence is a nonprofit organization that provides supportive services to girls ages 8-18 in grades 3-12.

Most people equate birthdays with receiving gifts, and that’s an excellent way to celebrate!  But there’s something about giving that brings a special ambiance to the celebration of a new year.  The best way that CLS knows to celebrate the beginning of a new year in business is to give back to others.  It’s the finest way to say “thank you” to all of its members, supporters, well-wishers and community partners.  Without you, all that we do would not be possible!

Happy Birthday, Classy Living Society!   

“To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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The temperature was warm, the sunshine golden yellow, the sky blue, the fields green, and the strawberries were blooming … as Classy Living Society brought Spring 2021 in with a bang at Southern Belle Farm!  On May 8, the ladies of CLS donned their cutest denim overalls and red tank tops and got together for a day on the farm to pick fresh delicious strawberries! 

Welcome to the farm!  Southern Belle Farm is a family owned 330-acre working farm. They are open seasonally for fresh produce, berry picking, peach picking, fall fun, Christmas trees, and much more! Located in McDonough, Georgia, just south of Atlanta, Southern Belle Farm also has a wonderful farm market and bakery, where you can buy so many unique and delicious products – fresh scrumptious strawberry shortcake, pound cake, jams and jellies, strawberry cake, fruity syrups, gifts, and more!  Each visitor purchases a keepsake basket to fill with delicious berries or whatever fruit is offered/in season.  

Since it was Mother’s Day weekend, many of the CLS members brought their children and/or grandchildren along! It was truly the most adorable thing to watch the cute kiddies filling their baskets with strawberries!

After strawberry picking, a few of the ladies headed to a nearby Mexican restaurant to enjoy lunch and strawberry margaritas!  

It was an amazing day in the sun, picking strawberries among the lush green rows of the farm, cows mooing nearby and the blue sky overhead.  Anyone want strawberry smoothies, cake, bread, ice cream, cobbler…?  We’ve got plenty!  Springtime fun and sisterhood!  Now that’s Classy!


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Monthly Reading Initiative 

During the month of February, Classy Living Society launched a monthly volunteer effort in partnership with the Pajama Program.  

The Pajama Program is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes and supports a comforting bedtime routine and healthy sleep for children to help them thrive. Since 2001, Pajama Program has delivered over 7 million good nights for good days to children facing adversity by providing new pajamas, storybooks, and resources for caregivers. Pajama Program offers bedtime resources and sleep education nationwide, as well as through local programs in New York City, Atlanta, and metro-Detroit. To achieve its mission, Pajama Program relies on a national network of volunteers, generous donors, and partnerships with 4,000 community-based organizations across the United States and Puerto Rico. After all, Good Nights Are Good Days.

CLS has launched virtual reading opportunities for its members to upload videos of themselves reading a children’s story of their choice.  Storytime is a chance to introduce children to a world full of possibilities they have no way of knowing exists, and it becomes an extraordinary thing.  Through its partnership with the Pajama Program, CLS will set aside a day each month for its members to virtually read and share a story.

Now that’s a great set-up for sweet dreams!

Pajama Program:

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It was a Saturday afternoon matinee movie for the Classy Living Society!  CLS reserved an entire AMC movie theatre in Buckhead/Atlanta to view a classic matinee movie – with socially distanced seating, of course!  CLS members showed up and showed out at this Brims & Red Blazers event.  Decked out in stylish brims and chic red blazers, the ladies arrived at the theater just in time to pose for photos in front of a beautifully customized CLS movie poster, featuring two of the four Founding Sisters!  It was classy and dope and just the photo backdrop you would expect to see at a CLS event!  

After grabbing snacks and drinks in the lobby, the ladies proceeded to the theatre, and were met at the door with the gift of a red fleece throw blanket with the message “Thank you for your Warm Heart”.  After being seated and hearing a few important announcements, the movie began.  No one knew what movie was being shown, and then … surprise! – the 1972 classic movie “Lady Sings the Blues,” featuring Diana Ross in her acting debut as jazz singer Billie Holiday.  For many of the ladies, this was the first time in a while since last seeing the movie, and seeing it again was truly a treat.  Everyone was riveted to the screen to watch Diana Ross in one of her most famous roles and a handsome young Billy Dee Williams in the role of her Boo, Louis McKay.  The movie was nominated for a number of awards, including Ms. Ross’ Oscar nomination for Best Actress in a Leading Role.  She did win a Golden Globe Award as Most Promising Newcomer-Female and the movie garnered three NAACP Image Awards – Outstanding Motion Picture, Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture (Billy Dee Williams), and Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture (Diana Ross).   

Warm hearts …. each CLS sister donated $17 in advance of the event, and 100% of the proceeds were donated to The Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation for their hearing aid program.  The Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation provides hearing aid assistance for approximately 1000 low-income Georgia residents every year. The Lighthouse partners with 150 hearing providers across the state, with top hearing aid manufacturers, and multiple other health organizations to provide these services. With CLS’s donation, the Lighthouse Foundation can provide 65 hearing aids to its program participants.  Visit their website for more information:

To top the afternoon off after the movie, a few of the ladies got together at the Intercontinental Hotel for food, cocktails, laughter, and conversation.  It was a great afternoon for amazing CLS sisters to come together and promote sisterhood and giving back.  The brims!  The red blazers!  Photos, a CLS movie poster, gifts, hugs, love! And a celebration of Lady Day with a movie classic!  Now that’s classy!

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The spotlight’s on LaSonya Jones!!

Being a California native, LaSonya knows all about sunny days and star-filled nights. Being a “Cali girl” not only meant being raised around natural beauty, a vibrant food culture, movies, and music, but it also meant being able to view fine vineyards and beautiful beaches. LaSonya took advantage of it all and knows her Golden State well!

LaSonya has one amazing son who is a college graduate. Her son also proudly and honorably served in the United States Navy.

LaSonya believes in purpose and that is part of her reason for joining Classy Living Society. On pages 10 and 11 of Rick Warren’s book The Purpose Driven Life, it all starts with God. Page 10 reads, Colossians 1:16, “For everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible…everything got started in him and found its purpose in him. Page 11 reads, “It’s not about you. The purpose of your life is far greater than your own personal fulfillment, your peace of mind, or even your own happiness. It is far greater than your family, your career, or even your wildest dreams and ambitions. If you want to know why you were placed on this planet, you must begin with God. You were born by his purpose and for his purpose.”

LaSonya firmly believes in these words and attributes them to helping her survive an almost fatal accident. In 1996, she almost lost her life in a car accident, and to this day, she still has ten screws and a plate in her left foot. After the accident, she read The Purpose Driven Life…again! LaSonya knew that God spared her life and allowed her to keep her left foot for a reason and his purpose.  

In 2009, LaSonya found herself recently divorced. After working for the second-largest school district in the nation for over twenty-three years, she decided she also needed a change in her career. With the support and encouragement of her son, she relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. According to him, Atlanta was just the right place to be for upwardly mobile women of color, and he was definitely right on point with his recommendation. So in June of 2010, LaSonya hit the road…on a solo trip, with God, her clothes, and four boxes of shoes (all heels and one pair of sneakers).  

In October of 2010, LaSonya met the love of her life…her awesome husband, who she met while working part-time selling furniture. LaSonya was bold and invited her soon-to-be husband on a date, and the rest is history. She and her husband are celebrating six years of marriage this year.  

LaSonya’s blessings continued in January 2011 when she landed a job doing exactly what she had done for twenty-three years in California. LaSonya was a Transportation Manager for Cobb County Schools. After eight years of working for Cobb County, she decided to walk away from that job and pursue her long felt passion. LaSonya was serious about encouraging women to live fit and healthy lives. This is what she wanted to do full time, and she set out to do just that!

LaSonya says that she’s always enjoyed working out, and in September 2011, she stumbled upon a dance fitness class that she’d never heard of before. It was called Zumba, and she was instantly hooked! After speaking with the instructor after class, she went home and signed up for training that night. She found her niche!

After being licensed in November, LaSonya began teaching classes all around the city of Atlanta. Some of her venues were Hartsfield Atlanta (Delta Airlines), Coca-Cola, Home Depot Corporate Office, Rubbermaid Corporation, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and many more.  

2011 also included another game-changer for LaSonya. She garnered a contract with Meals on Wheels of Atlanta Neighborhood Senior Centers, providing fitness classes for seniors in all seven locations across Metro and Southeast Atlanta. Yes, she knows she’s been blessed!

In 2012, LaSonya decided to launch her fabulous LL Dance and Fitness LLC. Between 2013 and 2019, she opened two boutique dance fitness studios while continuing to work full-time for the Cobb County School District supervising 150 school bus drivers and twenty-six schools in South Cobb. Also, during this time, LaSonya became licensed to teach several other fitness formats. She is proud to say that working with seniors is what brings her the most joy. One of her favorite and most memorable moments was when she walked into a senior center in Southeast Atlanta, where she met Ms. Ruby smiling with her one good tooth and calling her name. Ms. Ruby was a proud, old-school Sweet Auburn girl! She was so excited to see LaSonya and show her how the workout that they’d been doing was helping her raise her hand over her head. She couldn’t wait to tell LaSonya! LaSonya said her heart smiles every time she thinks of Ms. Ruby Pate and how she loved to listen to her favorite song…”Hole In The Wall.” LaSonya remembers not leaving until she played that song for Ms. Ruby at least two or three times.

Now in LaSonya’s studios, she’s hung X-Ray pictures of her ankle with the ten screws and a plate on her wall along with a note that reads, “I dance because I can.” Her hope is to encourage anyone and everyone who walks through those doors to keep pushing and never give up.  


LaSonya has always trusted God to lead her on her journey and admits that it hasn’t always been an easy or perfect journey, but she would not change anything. All things have worked together to get her where she is today; she’s grateful to say.

The exact reasons for LaSonya’s existence and why she is a member of Classy Living Society are the same. It’s about The Purpose Driven Life…”It’s Not About You.”

Congratulations to you LaSonya, for never giving up on your passion and showing what it truly means to be committed to a cause. 

LaSonya says she is “loving life one dance at a time”!!

Follow LaSonya Jones on Facebook –

LaSonya Jones – Owner

LL Dance and Fitness LLC

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Meet Lativah Greene, Founder, CEO, and franchisor of senior care through her company  Compassionate Helpers.  Through Compassionate Helpers, her vision is to help seniors and disabled individuals around the world receive the best health care services in the comfort of their own homes.  Click on the link below and read her feature on the Chronicles Too! – Classy Living Society’s online blog which features people, businesses, and organizations that are doing amazing things in our communities!

Get Featured!  Click on the link below and find out how you can be one of our next features on the Chronicles Too! Magazine!

Advertise with us!  When you advertise on the Classy Chronicles platform, you will become a part of something bigger than yourself by giving back to the community! Click the link below and find out how!

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