You keep killing your house plant, right?! This article is for the horticulturally challenged. Having plants is amazing, but you definitely want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep them thriving, flourishing, and not dying. Everyone can have a green thumb if you make sure you’re avoiding the few mishaps below!


Water is great and perfect for everyone and things, right? WRONG. Too much water can easily cause the demise of your plant and is definitely the most common reason why a lot of plants die at the hands of their newbie plant owner. We often forget that in order for our house plants to be happy, we must mimic their native surroundings. I.E. Aloe, succulents, and cacti are used to dry and sunny climates. Their fleshy leaves and sometimes rhomizones roots allow them to store water for long periods of time not requiring water for weeks. Therefore, watering an aloe plant daily or weekly is not ideal. It actually will cause a very quick death.

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Fall gardening is not the only productive thing gardeners can do as the season begin to change. I typically use the transition from summer to fall as a great opportunity to reflect and prepare. Depending on my harvest, seed stock, and circumstances, I tend to do all or some of my typical tasks. Here are 5 tasks you can consider to help you navigate gardening this year better.

Prep Herb Collection and/or Stock Up

As your spring/summer herbs are coming to an end, you should consider storing and stocking up on herbs you would like to use throughout the winter. I like to take my last large harvest and air dry them in a dark room (pantry for me) and store in an air tight container for summer use. Most herbs can last anywhere form months to a year in such containers. My family and I use such herbs to help boost our immune system during the cold and flu season, plus we love cooking with herbs.

Prepare For The Next Gardening Season

Honestly, I love gardening so much that I can’t help but plan the next season before I’ve finished the current one. This break is the prefect time to think about what and how you wish to grow the upcoming season. I like to purchase seeds, schedule seed starting dates, and check last frost dates. Being a season ahead, position you to get the most out of your growing season.

Start A Fall Garden

Gardening doesn’t end after your summer garden has reach its peak. You can totally stat a garden in cooler weather – actually some plant prefer it. Plants in the brassica family such as broccoli and cabbage love cooler weather and taste better after light frost. Also, root veggies do extremely well in the fall.

Prune Back For Over Wintering

I typically cut back herbs like oregano, thyme, and mint to overwinter and so they can emerge again in the spring time. This saves me a ton on repurchasing herbs or even attempting to grow them from seed. Try researching which plants you grow can be overwintered in your hardiness zone.

Review Your Previous Growing Season

One of my favorite thing to do is reflect over my garden journal! I enjoy knowing what I did wrong or what did I take note to change next season. I truly believe this is where I become a better gardener – taking note of what worked, what didn’t, what bugs I experienced, weather, and all of the above.


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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the technology that we must use in our fast paced world today? Do you ever just feel like checking out for a moment from it all? If so, it is because you should and I want to let you know that you are not alone. According to the American Psychological Association, 65% of people strongly agree that disengaging from all forms of technology is important to their health. In order to stay afloat, we are required to utilize various forms of technology in all facets of our lives. Information is consumed and communicated through technology in all seven of our main industries in the world which are the economy, education, entertainment, religious/non-profit, government, media and medical sectors. Along with the current forms of technology that we are using, we must also be prepared for the progressive emergence of Artificial Intelligence. 



We need and use our cell phones, laptops, PC’s and apps in order to work, make purchases, schedule appointments, conduct meetings and communicate. Although the world is advancing virtually day by day, regularly detaching from technology is needed in order to recharge, refresh and recalibrate your minds, hearts and souls. In addition to all the global and national injustices we are able to witness via our cell phones and television, taking moments to unplug is recommended to maintain a healthy mindset. 

With that said, listed below are 5 proven keys I’d like to share that you can easily incorporate  to help with maintaining your health and wellness in life.

Take Time to Sip Some Tea

Carve out time a few nights a week to create a tea time nightly ritual before retiring for bed. The following are three herbal teas that I drink during the week that are great stress relievers and provide relaxation.These are perfect nighttime teas to drink at least one hour before your bedtime and will aid in restful sleep. Below is a description of each tea along with the health benefits.  

Soursop Tea – Soursop is a fruit also known as Graviola and it is grown in Central and South America. Soursop is rich in vitamins B1, B2, vitamin C, calcium, zinc, potassium and magnesium. Below are the health benefits of Soursop tea: 

  • Immune Booster. High in antioxidants. 
  • Aids in killing cancer cells
  • Fights against bacteria 
  • Fights against inflammation
  • Muscle Relaxer & Relieves Pain 

Chamomile Tea – Chamomile flower is a member of the daisy family. It is a sweetly aromatic plant native to Europe. Below are the health benefits for chamomile tea: 

  • Relieves stress, anxiety and depression – Increases serotonin and melatonin hormone levels in the body. These hormones have been known to relax the body and eliminate stress. 
  • Improves the quality of sleep
  • Aids in Weight Loss – Toxins and excess water are flushed and released. 
  • Antioxidant & Immune Booster – Chamomile has been known to fight off flu and cold symptoms. 

Kava TeaKava is an evergreen shrub native to the Polynesian islands of the South Pacific. It is commercially cultivated in Australia and Hawaii. Kava is sedative and mildly euphoriant. It is used mostly for its sedative properties, which do not impair the user’s mental alertness. Listed below are evidence of benefits: 

  • Significantly reduced symptoms of moderate to severe anxiety, depression and insomnia.
  • Known to heal headaches
  • Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agents suitable to treat urinary tract infections.

Gratitude Journaling 

Gratitude journaling is an intentional habit that creates deep appreciation. Writing down at least 3 things you are grateful for each day can help with balancing perspectives and focusing on positive things in life. If we are ever feeling anxious, grabbing a gratitude journal can keep us grounded to avoid focusing on so much of the future. It can bring about inner calmness and it is especially recommended for those that may be grieving. Gratitude journals can help cause happy, peaceful moments. Below are benefits of writing in a gratitude journal: 

  • Improves sleep – Reduces blood pressure and induces quality of sleep
  • Deepens the quality of relationships
  • Aids in discovering the meaning of life and finding the meaning in your calling.

You can start gratitude journaling today! Grab a journal or notebook, pick a certain time of the day to write in your journal and take 5-15 minutes to list 3 things you are appreciative for. Lastly, keep it going and don’t stop!

Join the Plant-life Community

Lately more and more women are taking an interest in learning more about having a green thumb and plant care. I can personally attest that since the national quarantine order was issued, having plants in my home has provided a beautiful, calm in my life. Having plants in your home not only purifies the air, but it is a form of self-care. Below are more convincing reasons why we should join the plant-life, green thumb community:

  • Indoor plants can lower your stress and anxiety levels and improve mental health.
  • Plant care provides therapy known as horticultural therapy. Horticultural therapy is a nature-based intervention that takes place in a garden setting that improves mood and causes self-awareness. 
  • Plant care can teach us lessons about patience and establishing our own self care routines as care is given to plants. 

Take a Digital Detox

When was the last time you took a break from watching your TV, checking your emails, texting and scrolling through all of your social media platforms? While communicating, making connections and engaging with others on social media can be exciting, it can also become draining and mentally taxing. Occasionally, you will notice someone on social media post an announcement that they are “closed for spiritual maintenance.” Taking a digital detox silences the busyness and nosiness on social media. When we are quiet this space allows for us to gain clarity on areas that are close to our hearts. Below are the benefits to taking a digital detox: 

  • Allows us to be present and deepen our relationships
  • Improves sleep
  • Removes distractions and provides time to focus on accomplishing goals. 

Sister-bonding is Therapy 

There is nothing like being surrounded by a great group of girlfriends. We all need friends to accept us and provide non-judgmental spaces for us to be ourselves. Many times, talking to a friend about situations that are close to our hearts is a form of therapy. Listed below are few more benefits on the importance of connecting with and having a few girlfriends in our lives: 

  • Accountability Partner – Girlfriends can serve as great accountability partners. They will lovingly remind you of your goals, dreams and desires and help you to stay focused in order to achieve them. 
  • Confidence Booster – Whenever we are feeling low in life, we can always depend on our girlfriends’ encouragement to help us feel better about ourselves and fight off feelings of depression. 
  • Longevity in Life – A study from Brigham Young University was conducted and found that having a strong support system can increase our longevity in life by 50%.

In summary, I hope that you are encouraged and enlightened to implement these 5 Keys to practice self-care and to maintain your health and wellness. 

Tea Time | Gratitude Journaling | Plant-life | Digital Detoxing | Sister-bonding

Written by:
Janelle Watkins, Founder
Women Authentic, Inc.
Instagram: @thejanellewatkins; @womenauthenticinc
Youtube: janellewatkins





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That thing we find so enchanting about children is their simplicity and realism that’s all wrapped up in their wonderment. It’s beautiful. But as adults, our propensity is to complicate things. Some adult screwed us up a long time ago and we are perpetually passing it on to our kids. Stop it! Yes, you can. It’s a conscious decision.

Let’s embrace the youthful, playful, frank spirit of children which makes them so funny and lovable. They are pleasure seekers doing what feels good to them and they are the happiest beings on the planet. Imagine what could happen if we combined the creative and energetic child we used to be with the intelligent and wise being we are today. This is how we stay sensational at any age and it’s Magic!


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The Spirit of Youth and Yes

Written by:

Candace Burney
Living Simply with Candace


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Coco Chanel said that we can be gorgeous at 30, charming at 40, and irresistible for the rest of our lives.

Being sensational at any age is simply a matter of taking care of our whole self. We have to look at the pampering of our skin, our hair, and our whole body including the mind and spirit as an enjoying, gratifying ritual.  While aging is out of our control, how we handle it is totally in our hands. The key is to never neglect yourself, not even the tiniest detail.

Eventually, every organism dies and aging, in and of itself, is a tissue wasting process. But there are certain factors that diminish our vitality like being overfed, overweight, and over stressed. Each of these elements speed up the aging process. It’s imperative that we take care of ourselves better. If we follow a few simple steps there will be no need to turn back the hands of time.

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“Sensational at Any Age”

Written by:

Candace Burney
Living Simply with Candace



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*Anyone a die hard Sister Act 2 fan? Every time I hear that word, I think of that scene.

Revival, definition: an improvement in the condition or strength of something.

We can work hard so strengthen our bodies: lift heavy, eat better but the MIND, is where it’s really at!!

When I first started my health journey, I was all about the physical. Hitting a goal weight, looking a certain way, wearing a certain pants size thinking if can accomplish all thee goals I would be happier, i would officially be healthy.

I became a coach and man, how quickly my thinking changed. It’s all in the mind and once I started strengthening that muscle, things started to fall better in place all around.

So, here is a tip to strengthen your mind….this might be hard, so you ready?

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“Send a Revival”

Written by:
Elizabeth E.
Eat Pray Love Fit

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Today I’m going to talk about how to handle the negative emotions around not feeling good enough in some way, and subsequent behaviors that stem from this core belief. Feeling not good enough is part of being human; everyone has this belief to some degree. Also, we tend to see negative emotions in a bad light because they make us feel uncomfortable, but these emotions can serve as signs that we are holding a belief that we aren’t good enough in some way, and taking a moment to pause and look at that belief is the first step toward healing. So, the negative emotion is actually a gift. I’m at a point in my life where I’m able to realize that when I get triggered, it’s more about me than the other person.

If you think about it, if you had a sense of being just fine as you are, the opinion of others would not matter. They would just pass right on by you and not cause a trigger within you. Needing to be right all the time would not be such an important thing to accomplish. The core belief of not enough may even make you violent and allow the outside world to have more power over you than it needs to have. If you think you’re not good enough, you are compelled to get, have, look like a certain version of happiness or success or beauty. We need these external things because internally there’s a sense of not good enough and that can translate into an aggressive desire to go after something in order to feel okay about yourself.

Also, if you perceive yourself as not good enough, as soon as someone makes a comment about you that is less than positive, especially if they are negating something you worked very hard on, it will feel like an attack because you’re already shaky on the inside. The other person may just be expressing a neutral opinion, but if you have the core belief you’re not good enough, it will hit you in a way that is irrational and you can feel attacked a lot of the time. Sometimes the other person wants to insult you, but the truth is that their insult is coming from their internal belief that they are not enough, so they may feel threatened by you and feel the need to cut you down. This back and forth attack happens all the time in our world today because everyone comes at everyone from this place of lack.

Click below to read more!

“How to Handle Feeling ‘Not Good Enough'”  

Written by:
Elizabeth E.
Eat Pray Love Fit



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After being married for over 19 years, it was pretty dramatic being back in the dating field. But, hey, you either sink or swim. I have tried every type of dating: online, offline, blind dates, friend hook ups, guys from the church etc. Lessons I have learned have definitely been because of failed relationships. These are some of the important lessons I keep in mind:

1. Don’t take anything at face value

I don’t take anything at face value; I research, and question everything. Let them call you a detective, CSI or NCIS. You have to protect your heart. Lesson learned # 1 is people will lie and deceive. I met a presumably nice gentleman at a club. I didn’t see a ring but, I still asked “are you married?” He said “no.”… well, you know what? He had been married for over 3 or 4 years when the truth finally came out.

2. Are they making room for you in their life?

Lesson # 2: When a person wants you in their life, they make room for you; they accommodate you in time and in their life events. For example: are you included at weddings, family reunions, or work place functions? It’s a lesson learned if you are being treated like a secret. They are not just wanting you all to themselves, they are probably hiding something- maybe a dead body! Just kidding!

For example, I met a guy and we dated at least eight months. He met my mother, sisters and children, and yet never introduced me to his sister or children, even though they were local. I decided if I had to be a secret, he was not for me.

3. Are they controlling?

Failed relationship lesson # 3: if you are too demanding and everything has to be your way, you are selfish and controlling. That is not healthy or cute. I had a boyfriend who was always, always calling me, checking on the time I got in from work, shopping, and working out. He wanted me to cook for him all the time,  yet never taking me to dinners, plays or movies.

4. Do they support your dreams and hopes for the future?

Failed relationship lesson #4: it’s time to be concerned if they’re not supportive of your dreams or visions of any kind. I was dating a guy for over 2 years and had become an empty nester by this time.  I began to pursue some of the things I put on hold as a single parent; one of those things was to write a book.

I wrote my first book and family and friends were excited. I remember going to the mailbox and the hard copy of the book had come from the publisher. I was jumping up extremely excited and I showed the book to my then boyfriend. He picked up my book, looked at it and put it in the box and said “hmm”. No congratulations, No “good job, baby”, just “hmm”. I broke up with him; if you can so easily step on my dreams you are not the man for me.

5. Will the age difference be a factor to consider?

This next one you may agree or disagree with, but here it is: really consider whether you should date someone substantially younger or older than you. I have done both, and truthfully it didn’t work for me. With the younger guy, he had never been married and had never had children. The first question I asked was, “do you want kids one day? Because I have three and my shop is closed.” But people lie or want someone so badly they risk being misleading. We dated about a year and half and he said he was not ready to give up the idea of having kids. This was right after I was freshly divorced, so I was crushed. But it taught me to look for bad signs early and to take what people tell you with a grain of salt.

The older gentleman I could write a book about, but my main gripe with him was he was extremely controlling and always talked to me like I was a child. I learned that I needed someone with whom I could be on equal footing, in terms of our thoughts, ideals and major goals and beliefs.

6. Be wary of manipulation

I learned these lessons from the above dating scenarios. Don’t advise your new love interest of all of the stuff you are looking for in a mate, and all the drama you experienced in your other relationships. Why, do you ask? Because you want someone to genuinely get to know you, rather than giving them a road map to manipulate you.

I dated a guy who tried to be the opposite of all the things I said above that didn’t work for me, but as my grandmother Mary says “time will tell it all.” By the end of six months, I was not getting the support for my events, I was being ignored for football, and all the other warning signs of a relationship going south.

Now as you can see from the list above I have experienced some true life lessons over the years and I can happily report that I learned from them all. I learned what I needed for myself. I must admit I was not ready to date for a long time after my divorce; I really needed time to forgive and heal. I also grew and changed from the young naive lady to a beautiful mature, smart lady with so much to offer the world and a very lucky man.

I won’t keep you in suspense – yes, knowing all of the above about my failed relationships led me to a great guy! He is handsome to me (that’s important if I have to see you all the time), but I got to know him as a friend first (which I didn’t do with any of the above). He’s very supportive, we have lots in common and when we don’t have something in common, we can respect each other’s opinion. Without these lessons I believe I would still be looking for the right one for me.


Michelle A. Roberts is an entrepreneur; she owns several businesses: Michelle A. Roberts Enterprises, Roberts Travel Services and Michelle A. Roberts Legacy Group, which is a Life and Health Insurance Company.  She is a professional speaker & published author and specializes in training and encouraging women that they are overcomers, and can comeback from any challenge. 


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While overworking seems to be popular these days, it can be extremely damaging. There’s no reason to overdo it, even if you have bills to pay. In fact, the harder you push yourself, the closer you get to the end of the line.

It’s important to learn how to balance all the aspects of your life without just focusing on work. Sure, work is extremely important. It keeps your brain active. And yes, it provides the income necessary for you and your family to survive. But it also wears you down, especially if you tend to go non-stop.

There is a way to help manage your self-care and create a better balance with work and the other areas in your life that matter most to you. Here is a 20-minute exercise that can easily be incorporated into your day:

  • Five minutes of meditation. This exercise at the beginning of each day is crucial. Meditating can mean the difference between attacking your day with ferocity and approaching it with an aura of calmness.
    • Meditation centers your mind and calms your spirit. It also helps relieve any tension you feel about the day ahead.
    • Meditation can help you focus on your inner power and remind you that you’re important to others.
  • Five minutes for planning. Once you’ve meditated, it’s time to plan your day. Planning means organizing your tasks so you can be productive without abusing yourself.
    • Prioritize your tasks based on their importance.
    • Try your best to stick to the plan for the day. Having a clear plan for what you want to accomplish helps to keep you focused and stress-free.


  • Five minutes for checking in. I like to call this the “self-check”. Whether all at once or in one-minute intervals, check up on yourself. Assess how well you’ve been able to stick to your plan for the day. Have you accomplished your important tasks? Have you been able to manage your day without losing your cool or feeling frustrated?
    • There may be times when you’ll have to re-adjust your list of tasks. This is perfectly fine, as there are bound to be unforeseen circumstances. But what’s important is that you take them in stride.
    • Avoid letting unexpected events throw your plan out completely. Take a moment to change your approach. Learn how to go with the flow.


  • Five minutes for winding down. Now that you’ve come to the end of the day, it’s time to wind down. You’ve probably never allowed yourself the opportunity to do that before. Or maybe you haven’t fully mastered the art of winding down. Taking time to wind down is the best way to relieve the stress of the day.
    • Engage in some relaxing activities. Do you like yoga or would you prefer to sit quietly and listen to music? Let go of what happened today and embrace settling down.
    • Winding down also opens you up to spending quality time with loved ones. You’ll probably agree that at the end of a busy day, you may be too tired to interact with anyone. That will change when you allow yourself time to wind down each day.

Once you try it, you’ll realize that this approach works. Working through this for 20 minutes each day can help you maintain a balance between your professional and personal lives. Learn to be present in each moment, as it can help you manage all other aspects of your life with relative ease. You’ll enjoy a calmer existence that you didn’t think was possible.

Written by:

Dionne M. Lackey

Wholistic Insight Now, LLC

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Have you ever wondered why so many of us get caught up in an endless chase of wishing and wanting more? We think that the day we finally have the perfect body or a million dollars or find the man or woman of our dreams is the day we will finally be lovable and acceptable. We set out on life’s course to accomplish things in the world, hoping that when we attain them, we’ll finally be at peace and feel proud of ourselves.

Close your eyes and ask yourself, “What am I chasing?” Whatever we desire; whether it’s love, acknowledgment, adoration, intimacy, success or respect; we must first learn to “feed” ourselves differently.  It is so easy to take our physical bodies for granted. Without even realizing it, we sometimes act as though we are immortal, ignoring our needs and driving ourselves too hard. It’s easy to forget that our bodies are a delicate “gift” of life.

Self-love begins with gratitude. Gratitude is a choice and a state of being that is developed through practice. It grows and evolves when we choose to look at all that we have, rather than dwelling on what we don’t have. Gratitude is a self-generated gift that we can and should give ourselves every day. When we start counting the small blessings in our lives, we automatically open ourselves up to receive more. If we’re willing to love ourselves and be grateful in spite of what others are doing or saying, something miraculous begins to happen in and around us. Learn to love yourself, be grateful of the uniqueness that is solely embodied only by you, and others will follow suit.

Self-love is a state of appreciation that flourishes from our actions and our practices. When we act in ways that expand self-love within ourselves, we can accept our weaknesses and our strengths and become more centered in our purpose.  Bob Marley said, “Love the life you live.  Live the life you love.”  These few words embody the true meaning of being present in your own life in the name of self-love.

Renee Burwell-Billie is the CEO and founder of RC Fitnez Studio, one of Atlanta’s premier dance, fitness and event studios.  Renee is licensed in several fitness formats and is an AFAA certified Group Fitness instructor, a Personal Trainer, and creator of her own fitness formats. She resides in Georgia with her husband; with a blended energy of love, they have six children. 

Follow me on Social Media: @rcfitnezstudio 

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