Dr. John Lipman is a board-certified Interventional Radiologist and renowned authority in the non-surgical treatment of uterine fibroids. He received his Masters and Medical degrees from Georgetown University School of Medicine in 1985. He completed a residency in Diagnostic Radiology at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and then did a fellowship in Vascular & Interventional Radiology at Yale-New Haven Hospital, Yale University School of Medicine.
He was awarded the highly acclaimed Fellowship status in both American College of Radiology & Society of Interventional Radiology; honors that only ~10% of Radiologists ever achieve in their career. He has delivered over 200 invited lectures on uterine fibroids to some of the most prestigious medical centers in the country, including Harvard, Morehouse, Vanderbilt, and Yale Medical Centers. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Medical Association of Atlanta (MAA) and Cobb County Medical Society (CCMS).

He currently serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of Sharecare: an interactive internet healthcare platform founded by Dr. Mehmet Oz and Jeff Arnold (the creator of WebMD). He also is on the Expert Advisory Council for Responsum Health for Fibroids and The White Dress Project. He was the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Health Care Hero of the Year, a “Top Docs” in Atlanta from Atlanta magazine, the 2019 Trailblazer Physician of the Year from the Atlanta Medical Association, and the recipient of the 2021 Vanguard Award for Philanthropy from the Morehouse School of Medicine.
Dr. Lipman is the Founder & Medical Director of the Atlanta Fibroid Center; a state of the art medical facility that specializes in the nonsurgical treatment of uterine fibroids and has cared for women from throughout the world. He is a Volunteer Physician at Good Samaritan Health Center, a non-profit health care center for those without the means to afford traditional care. He is also an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Morehouse School of Medicine.

​John C. Lipman, MD, FSIR
Founder & Medical Director
Atlanta Fibroid Center
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Nobody really likes to talk about pooping or gas or tummy issues! But you know your tummy be talking to you when something’s going on, right? Just a’growling and a’rumbling!  You better stop and learn what it’s telling you! It’s important! Good gut health should be top of the list for self-care and good health because it is directly connected to overall wellness, including mental and emotional wellbeing.  

Here are five tips you can use now to embrace good gut health:

1. Educate yourself

Google it!  There are a plethora of YouTube videos and articles out there.  Not to replace medical advice from a good gastroenterologist, mind you, but simply learning how digestion and gut health is connected to overall health provides a  jump start.  “The 11 Best Ways to Improve Your Digestion Naturally” on the website, provides a list of some of the best ways to improve gut health:

  • Eat real (whole not processed) foods
  • Beef up on the fiber
  • Include healthy fats (salmon, anyone?)
  • Adequate hydration
  • Stress management
  • Mindful eating (eat slowly with focus on the food)
  • Chew, chew, chew it up!
  • Regular exercise
  • Don’t overeat (it takes 20 minutes for your brain to know your tummy is full)
  • Get rid of bad habits like smoking, too much alcohol & late-night eating
  • Include gut-supporting nutrients such as probiotics, etc.

2. Make necessary lifestyle changes

If you’re young, start taking care of yourself now!  I stopped eating red meat and quit smoking in 1996 and maintained a daily robust workout regimen.  I attribute those lifestyle choices I made early on to enjoying relatively good health as I approach 60. I am a firm believer that how you treat your body when you are young can make or break how debilitating the inevitable degenerative changes your body goes through in your 40’s, 50’s and beyond.  Of course, if you’re older, it’s never too late to institute good habits!  Diet and lifestyle changes go a long way to healing your gut.  Eat for nutrition, not for comfort or because you’re bored or to give in to cravings.  Lose weight, quit smoking, exercise!  Start today!

3. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Have you ever considered what this saying means?  When it comes to our health, it’s easier to stay healthy than to get healthy from an unwell state.  I watched my mother endure the ravages of diabetes – a disease that literally attacks your entire body.  While she tried to make healthy choices, the disease had already begun to take its toll on her physical being and the damage was irrevocable. All diseases begin in the colon — and digestive issues lead to many of these health issues, some of which are sometimes avoidable by making preventative choices before you get sick.

4. Supplements!

Did you know your body has its own digestive ecosystem?  Gastrointestinal flora is simply a safe balance of good and bad bacteria working together for common good in your digestive system.  Just like anything else, though, when the bad outnumber the good, you’ve got troubles! Probiotic supplements help create a good balance.  If you don’t like taking pills, yogurt, kefir, kombucha, etc. are viable options.  Celestial Seasonings makes a great ginger tea with probiotics that is pure liquid wellness, Woooo!  Pick it up at the healthy food markets, like Sprouts and Whole Foods.

5. Don’t be hard on yourself

I have suffered from acid reflux for the last few years, and a few lifestyle changes stand in the way of good gut health for me.  Yes, I know, I know….  For some reason, I am a lot less disciplined these days.  The journey has never been a straight line. Yet, I’ve decided to stop being hard on myself, and use that energy to do what I need to do – one step at a time.  I re-dedicate myself as many times as I need to.

What are some of the things you do, or can do for a positive impact on your wellbeing?  If you know what that is and haven’t started, begin today!  Dedication and focus is key!  It starts in your mind first!

When your tummy is happy, you will find that many other parts of your body are better!  And it’s not so much what you eat because tummy wellness has so many moving parts.  Doing all of the things that cut down on inflammation (another good health topic to Google) and creating wholesome balance in your body can go a long way to overall health and wellness.  It’s all about self-care! Be kind to your tummy!

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Classy Living Society is committed to ensuring its members are in the best of health!  By advocating for healthy lifestyles and physical activities to promote strong bodies and foster amazing minds, CLS helps its members maintain and enjoy tip-top health!

In July, CLS joined the American Cancer Society’s fight against cancer by participating in a 30-mile walk/run challenge.   The objective was to walk or run a total of 30 miles between July 1 and July 30.  Congratulations to CLS members Alicia Booker and Olivia Rudder-Wilson for completing the Challenge!  CLS made a donation to the American Cancer Society in each of their names.

A donation to the American Cancer Society helps fund cancer research, education, advocacy and patient and family services.  This amazing organization does so many great things for those whose lives are touched by cancer.  Most people know them for their research, but they attack cancer from every angle! They promote healthy lifestyles to help cancer prevention. They research cancer and its causes to find more answers and better treatments. They fight for life saving policy changes. They also provide everything from emotional support to the latest cancer information for those who have been touched by cancer.  Visit their website for more information on what they do or click the “donate” button and be a part of furthering their efforts.  

American Cancer Society:

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CLS realizes the key to a greener planet is in all of our hands and is proud of its mission to promote earth-friendly initiatives that relate to conservation and preservation and this includes ridesharing!  That’s why when the opportunity recently arose to give back to the community and include ridesharing, CLS was all in!  

Members packed and delivered meals to the beloved seniors in our community for Meals on Wheels Atlanta (MOWA) on Saturday, July 10.  With two to three members per car, CLS sisters motored around to assigned residences to deliver meals. 

MOWA is making a difference in metro Atlanta by supporting senior independence through meals, shelter, education, and community.  Founded in 1965 to support seniors struggling with poverty, food insecurity, and social isolation, MOWA has grown from a small soup kitchen to an organization serving more than 600,000 meals each year throughout the Atlanta area. They have also expanded their program offerings to respond to other critical needs in the community. They now offer multiple services to support both older adults and veterans, including home-delivered and congregate meals, home repair services, and a food pantry for both seniors and their pets.  Amazing!

What a great morning!  Through this endeavor, when CLS members ride together to volunteer, they promote a friendly environment by improving air quality, conserving non-renewable energy resources and saving time all while giving back.  In addition, they foster sisterhood and friendship!  It’s a win-win-win situation!  Now that’s Classy!

For more information on Meals on Wheels Atlanta, visit their website:

For more information on Classy Living Society’s Go Green initiative CLS Cares, visit

Written by Janine Lattimore


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Do you have a green thumb?  Have you ever been able to grow thriving plants and maintain lush gardens overflowing with fruits and vegetables?  Since many of us are not so fortunate to possess this wonderful talent organically, thank goodness for the green fingers of those like Nyajai Ellison of Nyajai Gardens, Classy Living Society’s recent guest for its virtual CLS Talks!

During the session “How to Start an Indoor Herb Garden”, Nyajai offered valuable tips on how to start and maintain a vibrant organic garden of fresh herbs in our own homes!  We learned about seeds and self-starters, the proper organic soil to use in our pots, and how to water and feed our gardens to gain optimal growth. 

Playing in the dirt with Nyajai was so much fun and so informative!  She is an excellent gardening coach!  A Black organic grower and plant lover with a strong appreciation for nature, self-care, and peace, she is affectionately known as “The Garden Goddess”.  She lives by the mantra, “what you water will grow.” 

Time in the house during the pandemic has certainly fueled the “green explosion”, widely increasing an already burgeoning desire to farm, plant gardens and create greenspaces at home.  While gardening may have simply been a new hobby for many, it may also be a nod toward our natural way to find methods to remain sustainable, as the pandemic has opened our eyes about the delicacy of our livelihood.  The Garden Goddess discovered her love for gardening for this very reason; the scarcity of resources during the pandemic fueled her desire to maintain food security and health.  Whatever our reason for doing it, people like Nyajai are helping many of us to be successful at it by empowering others to grow and harvest – especially those within Black communities.  

To connect with Nyajai, the Garden Goddess, visit her website, linked below.  There, you will find more info on her, and how to purchase her book, “All Spice! Growing Your Own Herbs”, a beginner’s guide to growing herbs on the homepage, and her book on organic vegetable gardening “Fun, Fresh, Green! The Joy of Organic Gardening” on the “About” page.

Nyajai Gardens, The Garden Goddess:

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We’ve all been there.

Work is driving you crazy. You’ve just had a fight with your significant other. And you’ve completely had it with being stuck in the house day after day.

So what do you?

You grab a pint (or better yet, a gallon) of your favorite ice cream out of the freezer. And some whipped cream.

Or you order a large pizza and eat it all by yourself.

Does it really make you feel better though?

Of course, ice cream and pizza will make anyone feel better for a while. But when it’s gone, you’re still facing the same stupid problems. And your waistband is suddenly a whole lot tighter.

Yet, despite the guilt, you do it again. And again.

If you routinely use food as a way of coping with frustration, boredom, or sadness, the last thing you need is a guilt trip on top of it. But even though stress eating is a common coping mechanism, it’s not doing your body any favors.

It’s time to ditch the guilt and follow these steps to stop stress eating in its tracks.

-Check Yourself.

It’s time for a reality check. How are you feeling? Are you really hungry? Or are you feeling anxious, tired, sad, or stressed? Pay attention to the thoughts and feelings you’re experiencing when you feel the urge to snack.

-Banish Unhealthy Foods.

It’s really tough to ignore a plate of cookies that’s sitting right in front of you or a bag of chips that’s conveniently lodging in your purse. Ideally, you should ban tempting foods from your home. If that’s not possible, at least banish them from your sight by keeping them in a cupboard or pantry.

-Don’t —–Deprive Yourself

If you’re trying to lose weight, you may be restricting treats completely while eating the same foods day after day. This is a recipe for disaster when it comes to food cravings. Allow yourself small treats here and there so you don’t feel too deprived.

-Treat Yourself With Compassion.

Everyone has a bad day. If you do break down and consume that delicious chocolate cake, forgive yourself. Tomorrow is a new day, and punishing yourself will just lead to more of the bad feelings that triggered the binge episode in the first place.

-Keep a Food Diary.

Make a regular practice of writing down what you eat, how much of it you eat, and how you’re feeling at the time. This will help you identify any patterns in your binge eating so you can get better control of it.

-Build a Support Network.

It can make all the difference in the world if you have a friend (or two) that you can call when you’re feeling stressed. Besides, time spent with people you enjoy can distract you from the emotions that are making you want to binge eat.

-Don’t Forget to Exercise.

Exercise is a proven method for elevating mood and reducing stress. By making time every day to go for a walk or a run, to do some yoga, or even finding a home workout video on YouTube, you’ll do a lot to combat those negative feelings.

-Slow Down and Be Present While Eating.

Put away your phone while eating and turn off the TV. Take your time and focus on the taste and texture of the food. Notice how you’re feeling physically as you eat it. By taking the time to really enjoy it, you will feel fuller and more satisfied.


As with any addiction, stress eating can be a vicious cycle that’s hard to tame. But a little mindfulness and self-care can help you curb your emotional eating. Your body and mind will thank you.




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You keep killing your house plant, right?! This article is for the horticulturally challenged. Having plants is amazing, but you definitely want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep them thriving, flourishing, and not dying. Everyone can have a green thumb if you make sure you’re avoiding the few mishaps below!


Water is great and perfect for everyone and things, right? WRONG. Too much water can easily cause the demise of your plant and is definitely the most common reason why a lot of plants die at the hands of their newbie plant owner. We often forget that in order for our house plants to be happy, we must mimic their native surroundings. I.E. Aloe, succulents, and cacti are used to dry and sunny climates. Their fleshy leaves and sometimes rhomizones roots allow them to store water for long periods of time not requiring water for weeks. Therefore, watering an aloe plant daily or weekly is not ideal. It actually will cause a very quick death.

Learn more at

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Fall gardening is not the only productive thing gardeners can do as the season begin to change. I typically use the transition from summer to fall as a great opportunity to reflect and prepare. Depending on my harvest, seed stock, and circumstances, I tend to do all or some of my typical tasks. Here are 5 tasks you can consider to help you navigate gardening this year better.

Prep Herb Collection and/or Stock Up

As your spring/summer herbs are coming to an end, you should consider storing and stocking up on herbs you would like to use throughout the winter. I like to take my last large harvest and air dry them in a dark room (pantry for me) and store in an air tight container for summer use. Most herbs can last anywhere form months to a year in such containers. My family and I use such herbs to help boost our immune system during the cold and flu season, plus we love cooking with herbs.

Prepare For The Next Gardening Season

Honestly, I love gardening so much that I can’t help but plan the next season before I’ve finished the current one. This break is the prefect time to think about what and how you wish to grow the upcoming season. I like to purchase seeds, schedule seed starting dates, and check last frost dates. Being a season ahead, position you to get the most out of your growing season.

Start A Fall Garden

Gardening doesn’t end after your summer garden has reach its peak. You can totally stat a garden in cooler weather – actually some plant prefer it. Plants in the brassica family such as broccoli and cabbage love cooler weather and taste better after light frost. Also, root veggies do extremely well in the fall.

Prune Back For Over Wintering

I typically cut back herbs like oregano, thyme, and mint to overwinter and so they can emerge again in the spring time. This saves me a ton on repurchasing herbs or even attempting to grow them from seed. Try researching which plants you grow can be overwintered in your hardiness zone.

Review Your Previous Growing Season

One of my favorite thing to do is reflect over my garden journal! I enjoy knowing what I did wrong or what did I take note to change next season. I truly believe this is where I become a better gardener – taking note of what worked, what didn’t, what bugs I experienced, weather, and all of the above.


Read the full article by Black Girls with Gardens @

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the technology that we must use in our fast paced world today? Do you ever just feel like checking out for a moment from it all? If so, it is because you should and I want to let you know that you are not alone. According to the American Psychological Association, 65% of people strongly agree that disengaging from all forms of technology is important to their health. In order to stay afloat, we are required to utilize various forms of technology in all facets of our lives. Information is consumed and communicated through technology in all seven of our main industries in the world which are the economy, education, entertainment, religious/non-profit, government, media and medical sectors. Along with the current forms of technology that we are using, we must also be prepared for the progressive emergence of Artificial Intelligence. 



We need and use our cell phones, laptops, PC’s and apps in order to work, make purchases, schedule appointments, conduct meetings and communicate. Although the world is advancing virtually day by day, regularly detaching from technology is needed in order to recharge, refresh and recalibrate your minds, hearts and souls. In addition to all the global and national injustices we are able to witness via our cell phones and television, taking moments to unplug is recommended to maintain a healthy mindset. 

With that said, listed below are 5 proven keys I’d like to share that you can easily incorporate  to help with maintaining your health and wellness in life.

Take Time to Sip Some Tea

Carve out time a few nights a week to create a tea time nightly ritual before retiring for bed. The following are three herbal teas that I drink during the week that are great stress relievers and provide relaxation.These are perfect nighttime teas to drink at least one hour before your bedtime and will aid in restful sleep. Below is a description of each tea along with the health benefits.  

Soursop Tea – Soursop is a fruit also known as Graviola and it is grown in Central and South America. Soursop is rich in vitamins B1, B2, vitamin C, calcium, zinc, potassium and magnesium. Below are the health benefits of Soursop tea: 

  • Immune Booster. High in antioxidants. 
  • Aids in killing cancer cells
  • Fights against bacteria 
  • Fights against inflammation
  • Muscle Relaxer & Relieves Pain 

Chamomile Tea – Chamomile flower is a member of the daisy family. It is a sweetly aromatic plant native to Europe. Below are the health benefits for chamomile tea: 

  • Relieves stress, anxiety and depression – Increases serotonin and melatonin hormone levels in the body. These hormones have been known to relax the body and eliminate stress. 
  • Improves the quality of sleep
  • Aids in Weight Loss – Toxins and excess water are flushed and released. 
  • Antioxidant & Immune Booster – Chamomile has been known to fight off flu and cold symptoms. 

Kava TeaKava is an evergreen shrub native to the Polynesian islands of the South Pacific. It is commercially cultivated in Australia and Hawaii. Kava is sedative and mildly euphoriant. It is used mostly for its sedative properties, which do not impair the user’s mental alertness. Listed below are evidence of benefits: 

  • Significantly reduced symptoms of moderate to severe anxiety, depression and insomnia.
  • Known to heal headaches
  • Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agents suitable to treat urinary tract infections.

Gratitude Journaling 

Gratitude journaling is an intentional habit that creates deep appreciation. Writing down at least 3 things you are grateful for each day can help with balancing perspectives and focusing on positive things in life. If we are ever feeling anxious, grabbing a gratitude journal can keep us grounded to avoid focusing on so much of the future. It can bring about inner calmness and it is especially recommended for those that may be grieving. Gratitude journals can help cause happy, peaceful moments. Below are benefits of writing in a gratitude journal: 

  • Improves sleep – Reduces blood pressure and induces quality of sleep
  • Deepens the quality of relationships
  • Aids in discovering the meaning of life and finding the meaning in your calling.

You can start gratitude journaling today! Grab a journal or notebook, pick a certain time of the day to write in your journal and take 5-15 minutes to list 3 things you are appreciative for. Lastly, keep it going and don’t stop!

Join the Plant-life Community

Lately more and more women are taking an interest in learning more about having a green thumb and plant care. I can personally attest that since the national quarantine order was issued, having plants in my home has provided a beautiful, calm in my life. Having plants in your home not only purifies the air, but it is a form of self-care. Below are more convincing reasons why we should join the plant-life, green thumb community:

  • Indoor plants can lower your stress and anxiety levels and improve mental health.
  • Plant care provides therapy known as horticultural therapy. Horticultural therapy is a nature-based intervention that takes place in a garden setting that improves mood and causes self-awareness. 
  • Plant care can teach us lessons about patience and establishing our own self care routines as care is given to plants. 

Take a Digital Detox

When was the last time you took a break from watching your TV, checking your emails, texting and scrolling through all of your social media platforms? While communicating, making connections and engaging with others on social media can be exciting, it can also become draining and mentally taxing. Occasionally, you will notice someone on social media post an announcement that they are “closed for spiritual maintenance.” Taking a digital detox silences the busyness and nosiness on social media. When we are quiet this space allows for us to gain clarity on areas that are close to our hearts. Below are the benefits to taking a digital detox: 

  • Allows us to be present and deepen our relationships
  • Improves sleep
  • Removes distractions and provides time to focus on accomplishing goals. 

Sister-bonding is Therapy 

There is nothing like being surrounded by a great group of girlfriends. We all need friends to accept us and provide non-judgmental spaces for us to be ourselves. Many times, talking to a friend about situations that are close to our hearts is a form of therapy. Listed below are few more benefits on the importance of connecting with and having a few girlfriends in our lives: 

  • Accountability Partner – Girlfriends can serve as great accountability partners. They will lovingly remind you of your goals, dreams and desires and help you to stay focused in order to achieve them. 
  • Confidence Booster – Whenever we are feeling low in life, we can always depend on our girlfriends’ encouragement to help us feel better about ourselves and fight off feelings of depression. 
  • Longevity in Life – A study from Brigham Young University was conducted and found that having a strong support system can increase our longevity in life by 50%.

In summary, I hope that you are encouraged and enlightened to implement these 5 Keys to practice self-care and to maintain your health and wellness. 

Tea Time | Gratitude Journaling | Plant-life | Digital Detoxing | Sister-bonding

Written by:
Janelle Watkins, Founder
Women Authentic, Inc.
Instagram: @thejanellewatkins; @womenauthenticinc
Youtube: janellewatkins





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That thing we find so enchanting about children is their simplicity and realism that’s all wrapped up in their wonderment. It’s beautiful. But as adults, our propensity is to complicate things. Some adult screwed us up a long time ago and we are perpetually passing it on to our kids. Stop it! Yes, you can. It’s a conscious decision.

Let’s embrace the youthful, playful, frank spirit of children which makes them so funny and lovable. They are pleasure seekers doing what feels good to them and they are the happiest beings on the planet. Imagine what could happen if we combined the creative and energetic child we used to be with the intelligent and wise being we are today. This is how we stay sensational at any age and it’s Magic!


Click here to

The Spirit of Youth and Yes

Written by:

Candace Burney
Living Simply with Candace


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