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That Star Life

New York City, NY

I began That Star Life after an unsuccessful search for a website that reflected my world and spoke to the things that were important to me. I wanted to create a site where multicultural women feel seen, inspired, encouraged and entertained.


In 2015, I was awarded Black Enterprise Magazine’s “Follow-Worthy Blogger of the Year". I was also named to Quirky Brown Love’s list of “Most Amazing Bloggers,” and featured as “Hot Topic Blogger Host of the Day” on the Wendy Williams Show. I also received a proclamation from the city of Westchester, NY for my work in the foster care arena.

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Growing up in foster care, I had face overcoming failure head-on. My experience as a foster care youth h hindered me by creating a fear of failure and the fear of setting out to begin something new. Because of these experiences, fear stood in the way and created baggage; I was worried about failing as an entrepreneur, but had to overcome my fears, and then I was strong enough to go for it.

Success is simple; it is that point where you love both what you do professionally and who you are personally. It is a feeling of fulfillment, which excites you about what you've created and the legacy that you will leave behind.

I always tell the foster youth I speak with that they deserve better than the way their life began. I assure them that soon they will get to choose where they want their life to go and decide who they want to be. I also tell them to start making their plans to be that person now and then start walking that journey.

I have had a lot of heroes and mentors along the way. I have the pleasure of working with my idol, Maya Angelou, as part of a client project early in my career. She told me that I would do well in my career as long as I took people into my trust. I was young and trying to be "on" and keep my walls up. She gave me permission to let people in and that advice changed my life. My other mentors throughout the years have helped me learn that there is always more than one way to get to where I want to go in life. Make a plan, work the plan, but be open to opportunities.





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