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Charge Up Campaign, Inc

Atlanta, Georgia

Charge Up Campaign is a nonprofit survivor campaign that supports, educates, empowers, and celebrates men, women, and youth who have fought against health, social, and economic concerns. The campaign provides awareness and support to those affected through programs, social events, and special projects. The focus is to spread smiles that are projected well past being termed a cancer survivor. Our resources focus on providing unique opportunities that create a network of survivors who can support and guide one another. Our mission is dedicated to encouraging a positive outlook in the face of challenges and to contribute to positive change while educating and restoring the meaning of happy.

What sets us apart? The Charge Up Campaign focuses on the importance of reducing mental health challenges that arise due to social, economic and health concerns in families dealing with cancer.

As a third year graduate student I received a devastating call from my mother that changed my life and perspective on being happy. My mother shared that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The cancer was found in her left breast and she had to undergo surgery on May 9th. The day of her surgery was one of the longest days of my life and her journey to becoming a survivor was incomparable. My mother is a fighter, we all knew that, but we tirelessly worked hard to ensure that we won the fight against cancer. While fighting cancer, however, we forgot to focus on the most important mom. When my cousin and I were given the clearance to send my mother to Florida, she came back charged up! She came back in a yellow shirt and sporting her beautiful curls. Prior to this vacation, she was low spirited and often kept her head covered with her scarf. The experience taught me that a person fighting cancer is still a person and the illness does not define them. Upon this experience, I set a goal to spread smiles and charge up the community in a way that men and women who are battling cancer or have battled cancer would receive positive reinforcements and support through a mission that God placed on my heart. Through organizing volunteers and team of supporters, The Charge Up Campaign has provided day of celebrations, scholarships to celebrate not only cancer survivors but also the caregivers.

My proudest moment was finally getting the organization established and witnessing a so many people support the mission at our first Pink Champagne Gala in Atlanta Georgia 2014. At this event I was able to honor my mother with the first Survivor of the year award. After the initial Gala, The Charge Up Campaign has received acknowledgements and recognition from other organizations and media. The ability to touch lives and provide true mental health support in the form of confidence builders, info events and day of celebrations has been insurmountable. When we see survivors and caregivers smile, we smile.

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In all things, thank God for blessings seen and unseen for in every season there is a lesson.

My mother is my ultimate hero. I was blessed to witness someone push through, walk with strength and still take care of her family all when challenged with a deadly disease is most inspiring for me. I continue to learn from her and my aunt who is fighting cancer, that It is true... I can do all things through Christ whom strengthens me.

Charessa Sawyer
@chargeupcampaign on fb, ig, linkedin
@chargeupcamp on twitter

Text Charge to 31996 to make donations.




Images by: Photo credit: Ace Photos and designs..                   Headshot: John Leak Photography

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