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Houston, Texas

The name speaks for itself - Confluence. It is where confidence meets influence! One should never underestimate the influence you have over others. No matter if it's big or small, it can impact us all. My purpose for creating this platform was to connect a community of women who are dedicated to making an impact by using their gifts, skills, and talents. I wanted to change our narrative through encouragement, positive energy, and authentic advice. It’s all about lifting as we climb.

What makes my platform so different is that I focus on the confident "Unknown Shero." The woman who has a 9-to-5, yet strives to continue the dream after hours. The world may not know her yet, but she is a force to be reckoned with. She creates, believes and does! She is the woman who is willing to share her journey because she uses the paradox of life to flourish as a brand. The woman who leverages her platform to mentor young women and budding entrepreneurs because they can benefit from her lessons and her success. The woman that greatly contributes her time and resources to help the next generation. The woman who greatly influences our communities, I like to call these women "Confluencers."

It's no exaggeration to say this journey began at an early age. My affinity for writing and public speaking began at the tender age of eight. Truth be told, I struggled with friendships, body shaming issues and rejection; but more importantly, I struggled with myself. I didn’t see me. I poured out my heart and soul onto loose leaf sheets with a No. 2 pencil. There was no judgment or arguments over whom was best friends with whom. Paper became my confidant. I shared my deepest thoughts, secrets and personal pains that I struggled with internally. In my laughter and my leisure, the paper was there. It rejoiced with me. I lived through my imagination. When it was time to speak, I embodied the spirit of Oprah and commanded the stage. I felt the pulse under my feet as I looked each girl in the eye that refused to be my friend. The stage become my safe haven. Instead of writing it, my freedom of expression became poetry, plays and songs. I found another nonjudgmental friend that accepted me for me. Her name was Stage. Together, we were unstoppable; a powerful force to reckon with. You couldn’t tell me that I was not a mini Oprah ready to conquer the world. I never forgot that feeling.

Life began to happen. As the years grew longer, I lost my love for writing but writing never lost its love for me. The result of a failed marriage initiated the opportunity for me to share the pain and doubt of my personal journey. I tried to compartmentalize my emotions, but I was running out of space and I needed a release. I began to journal the brokenness of my heart which I could not publicly address. Verbalizing it made it real and I just wasn’t ready. Late one night, a gentle spirit spoke to me and said, “Hey! Let other people hear your story. You’re not the only one.” That’s when I decided to take negative energy and the pain that I felt and transform it into a tool to help those who struggled with the same issues. Oftentimes, we think we are the only ones, but we are not. There is power in storytelling if you’re willing to be transparent. Sharing your story helps others see the mountains you’ve climbed and conquered. From the Florist to the Forest, where I challenge women to think deep before they leap into marriage was born. Although, the divorce was an unfortunate situation, I realized there was an underlying blessing in it. It allowed me to speak my truth, to heal and forgive myself and to admit that I didn’t think deep before I leaped. Simply put, I drowned.

Through this process, I reunited with my old friends, Paper and Stage. Just as before, they didn’t judge me. We connected again over my personal and private pains as I poured the emotions from within. I was no longer captive to my disappointments. Today, I participate in various conferences across the state of Texas and throughout the US - from college campus to religious centers - instilling the message of self-love and self-worth. This journey started off small, but it has blossomed into a garden of beautiful things. It has helped me to form relationships, particularly with myself. I know what it means to truly love yourself and listen to the spirit within. I can see me. Now, I am healed to help others.

I've accomplished a great deal throughout the years. By far, the proudest moment in my life is the birth of my son. Becoming a mom saved my life.
My most recent moment was Confluence, the Lifestyle landed a show on Blessed Beats.
Teacher of the Year (2013 and 2015)
Feeling Rich at any Budget- Redbook Feature in a national publication in April 2015
Top 40 under 40 - Delta Sigma Theta edition
Best Selling Author of Single Mama Dating Drama in 2016

Personal LifeShare

Money does not equal success. I know some of the richest people who unhappy and miserable. What defines success to me is knowing that I am constantly moving. If you are stagnant in your life, something is wrong. Evolution is the goal. If you remain the same and never change, something is wrong.

The best part of success is knowing that I am helping someone on their journey. It's about lifting as we climb. You never know when you will be on the receiving end. It's just good to be great to people. I want to leave a lasting impact on their lives and an impression on their heart.

The worst part of success is that you must continue to push through. Even when no one is calling, or you no longer feel relevant - you still must press on. You must continue to be consistent through your tough and drought seasons. Success doesn't have a look. Those who remain persistent are the ones who come out on top.

I relax by traveling, reading and writing; all of which help me escape my reality. They are my safe haven.

11804 Jelicoe Drive
Houston, TX 77047




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