Classy Living Society Honors Human & Sex Trafficking Awareness Month – Part 2

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January was such a busy month for Classy Living Society! As previously reported, each day during the month of January, CLS participated in virtual community service events steeped in awareness, education and in honor of victims and survivors of human and sex trafficking as well as other wonderful opportunities to give back and socialize! Here’s a synopsis of the exciting events in the second half of January!

The second half of January’s events kicked off by shining the spotlight on our community partner Rahab’s Daughters. This amazing organization was founded by Sam Wijeyakumar, herself a survivor of human trafficking. She started the organization with three goals: to educate others about human trafficking, to rescue victims and reintegrate them into sustainable, safe lifestyles and to end the demand. CLS members shared information about Rahab’s Daughters, statistics, how to get involved and other information on their social media platforms. Later in the month, members also shared information regarding a Rahab’s Daughters program called Moms Against Trafficking, which provides support to moms enduring the effects of having a child who has been exploited by human trafficking.

On the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, CLS members made it a day “on” and not a day “off” with several individual opportunities to be of service, including writing a letter to future Atlanta Habitat homebuyers. Members were paired with homebuyers, and each member wrote a handwritten note or email of support and encouragement to the homeowner.

Spread the word, share the knowledge! On other days, members watched human trafficking survivors’ stories on video. Sometimes all it takes is to hear a survivor’s story to understand their plight and triumph in their freedom. Members shared what they learned while listening to these stories on their social media platforms.

One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure! On January 20, members cleared out their closets and donated gently used garments and accessories to thrift shops, nonprofits and Fab’rik Boutiques around town. Shoes, coats, sweaters, blouses, pants, hats, scarves and more were donated for girls and ladies in need.

FAIR Girls (Free – Aware – Inspired – Restored) is an organization that has served well over 1,200 girls and young women, providing safe housing, life skill training and other services so that they can transition from human trafficking victim to survivor. Their mission is deeply rooted in reducing the barriers faced by women and girls that hinder them from remaining free and surviving. FAIR Girls is another of CLS’s partners and on January 21, members shared information on this amazing organization.

The next day, CLS members took social media by storm, as they posted selfies wearing their Beautiful Survivor sweatshirts. Members shared personal stories and stories about other women who have survived abuse, illness, life-altering tragedies and more as they reiterated what being a beautiful survivor means to them. The three B’s: boldness, bravery, beauty…the Beautiful Survivor possesses all three of these qualities and more! The Superwomen among us!

On Sunday, January 24, CLS members took to the streets on individual virtual 45-minute walks for human trafficking survivors! Each walker wore red and posted to their personal social media pages using the hashtag #EndIt

It’s a Birthday Celebration! On January 26, CLS celebrated Founder LaShanda Pitts’ special day by playing a game of Give, Win & Spin! Members donated $5 or more to Wellspring Living and our Founder personally matched the donations received. In the end, a total of $600 was donated to Wellspring Living! All of the donors’ names were placed on a wheel that was spun live on the CLS Facebook newsfeed. Winners won gift cards up to $75 from Chick-Fil-A, Amazon, TJ Maxx, Homegoods, Walmart, and a Visa gift card.

On January 29, it was time for another birthday celebration…this time for CLS Founding Sister Valerie Alerte Kavanagh! In honor of her special day, members gathered gently used jewelry to mail or drop off to various designated retail stores to be donated to Wellspring Living. Classy!

The month’s activities culminated with a day of prayer; a time of prayer, meditation and reflection for those victimized by human trafficking, the survivors and the countless organizations that are trying to make a difference as they move forward in their mission to bring awareness to human trafficking and to #EndTheDemand.

The entire month of January, Classy Living Society devoted time to educating, researching, discussing and raising awareness regarding human trafficking during National Slavery & Human Trafficking Prevention Month. It is up to each of us to educate ourselves, learn how to spot the signs of human trafficking and find out how to get involved in the fight against it. Each step we take can help #EndtheDemand. It was an astounding 31 days of giving back and bringing awareness to a cause that CLS is passionate about.

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