Classy Living Society Honors Human & Sex Trafficking Awareness Month

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When the members of Classy Living Society wear the color yellow, they are demonstrating that they stand united with organizations around the world that are taking a stand against human and sex trafficking.  The aim is to bring awareness to this global problem that affects all populations and economic levels and end the demand.  We stand together with the many organizations who are in the fight to eradicate modern slavery and to assist survivors with restoring their freedom.  

January is National Slavery & Human Trafficking Awareness month.  First declared in 2010, it is a time to acknowledge those currently enslaved and those who have escaped.  People are trapped in horrific situations in which traffickers use violence, threats, deception, and many other manipulative tactics to force victims into engaging in commercial sex, free labor and more.  Human trafficking is a heinous crime and a difficult battle to fight, as it is a billion-dollar business in which thousands of women, men and children are exploited every day, in rural towns, suburbs and cities.  Since human trafficking often involves the use of legitimate services of public and private sectors in seemingly legitimate practices, it takes those public and private sectors to join forces in the fight.

Classy Living Society kicked off this month of recognition by honoring Wellspring Living.  Founded in 2001, Wellspring is an amazing Atlanta area nonprofit organization whose daily focus is to provide survivors and those at risk of human and sex trafficking with the resources and opportunities necessary to enjoy a life of freedom.  Wellspring strives to work with their participants by affirming their dignity, bringing their personal gifts and talents to light, and doing whatever they can to see survivors thrive in life.  Through operating best practices and with highly qualified staff, Wellspring Living programs are statistically proven to provide restorative services that yield positive, life-changing results. 

Each day during the month of January, CLS participated in virtual community service events steeped in awareness, education and in honor of victims and survivors.  31 days of goodness…

To recap the events of the first half of the month, beginning January 1 through January 15, CLS members were involved in the following activities:

  • Using various hashtags such as #EndtheDemand, #CLStakesastandagainstsextrafficking, #Sextraffickingawareness, etc. CLS members took part in an amazing social media campaign – a series of coordinated postings touting statistical information, ways to spot the signs of human trafficking, tips on how to get involved in the fight to end the demand and more.  
  • The awareness campaign also involved shining the spotlight on Wellspring Living, their cause, how to get involved and the many beneficial programs the organization has in place to assist victims and survivors.  
  • Rays of yellow shone bright on January 3, as members posted selfies on social media wearing yellow in celebration of CLS’s sisterhood and united stand against human trafficking.
  • With the knowledge that there’s nothing better than to receive a handwritten card or note, members sent handmade and handwritten cards of encouragement to victims and survivors on January 4.
  • SHADE, CLS’s socially conscious line of lipsticks, introduced “Love You”, their newest hue!  January 5 was set aside for members to purchase the new shade at a discounted price; $2 of each purchase was donated to end the demand.  In addition, CLS donated a Love You lipstick on behalf of each purchaser, along with a note of encouragement, to the participants of Wellspring Living.   
  • On January 9, members downloaded and activated the STOP APP, a tool used to enable people across the world to join the fight against human trafficking.  It’s an easy way to report incidents of trafficking to local authorities. If you see something, say something…not only does it establish a picture of global trafficking, it helps to save lives!
  • A day of prayer and reflection on January 14 … members said a prayer for blessings over those affected by human trafficking and the organizations and officials that are making a difference as they move forward in carrying out the mission to end the demand.
  • Take the pledge!  On January 15, CLS members joined Polaris, an organization      By joining their movement, members will receive action alerts, newsletters and updates to stay educated, connected and to stand up for those who have lost their freedom.
  • Spread the word, share the knowledge!  On other days, members watched survivor’s story videos and webinars and shared what they learned on social media.  

The first half of January was nothing short of remarkable – all in the name of giving back, bringing awareness and increasing education for CLS members and the public regarding human and sex trafficking!  Stay tuned for news on the events of the second half of January!  You won’t want to miss it!


Written by: Janine Lattitmore of Wordy Editing Services

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Bettye Burney

O what a spotlight!!! I met Gail back in 2018 at the ‘Red Dress Gala’ and by chance we were seated at the same table. We clicked and I could tell by her demeanor that she’s genuine in every endeavor she approaches. I am so glad to have been in her presence especially after reading her many ‘hands on’ projects. Kudos to you Gail and thanks for spotlighting another true volunteer warrior Janine. ❤️❤️
#keep going #philanthropist #classylady

Avis Pitts

We have so many opportunities to make a difference this month. So grateful to be part of this movement for such an important cause. Learning so much about Human and Sex Trafficking.

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