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Two Saturdays before Christmas Day, Classy Living Society hosted a Pancakes and PJs soiree at the Saint Germain French Bakery & Cafe in Atlanta’s trendy Westside! Taking a break from the Hallmark holiday movies, holiday decorating and frantic Christmas gift shopping, the ladies of CLS donned their most festive pajamas and met to “Mingle & Jingle” the morning away! The Mingle Jingle is CLS’s most anticipated annual holiday event and the best way to celebrate the holidays.

Bon appétit! The Saint Germain French Bakery and Cafe pulled out all the stops and gave CLS a little taste of France in Atlanta. The ladies spent the morning all comfy in their PJs enjoying a menu of petite omelette française (french omelet with hollandaise sauce, diced red peppers, cheddar & tomatoes), delicious fluffy pancakes with syrup and fruit salad, with a side of bacon and rosemary crispy potatoes! Yum! Biscuits and french baguettes with butter and a variety of jam and honeys were also served. Don’t forget the mimosas! What festive soiree breakfast is complete without the bubbly?

Founded by husband and wife team Heather and Mathieu Jourdan-Gassin, Saint Germain French Cafe & Bakery opened in Old Fourth Ward’s historic Ponce City Market in 2016. In 2021, Saint Germain opened new locations in Atlanta’s Westside at the Interlock and in the Buckhead Village District. Both Southerners at heart – Mathieu is from the French Riviera and Heather is from Decatur, GA – the duo share a passion for bringing a little slice of Paris (with a dash of Southern hospitality!) to Atlanta. And, wow, the hospitality! Heather and Mathieu were the most gracious hosts and did all they could to make sure everyone had a great time!

A great time it was! Sistergirl talk, hugs, and love were all over the place! There was singing and dancing and celebrating the great tidings of the holiday, which also included the extraordinary Comedian Lady Q as the Mistress of Ceremonies. The fun also included games with fabulous prizes, including a first prize winner table in a competition to see which team/table would be the first to construct a puzzle made out of photographs of CLS sisters taken at past amazing events.

CLS also took the opportunity to celebrate the winner of a previously held contest to design CLS’s next great t-shirt logo. Congratulations to Jacquetta Nicole Goode who created the tagline “Fine Fabulous Philanthropist”! Each CLS sister who attended the Mingle Jingle received a beautiful clear glass mug emblazoned with this classy new tagline.

The ladies also took turns posing in front of the festively decorated grass wall backdrop and taking photos and selfies while holding signs that read “Naughty…Nice…Somewhere in Between” and “Hey Santa… I’ve Been Inspiring, Socializing & Volunteering”.

The special giveback mission of the day was a heartwarming one – a mound of coats surrounding the Christmas tree were for the women served by Woman 2 Woman & Associates, a non-profit organization that assists women in crisis from domestic violence, substance abuse, and homelessness. Minister April Laland, who founded Woman 2 Woman in 2009, was on hand to speak with the ladies and receive the coats for the women she assists through her organization. Minister April recounted several stories of the women her organization assists, as well as shared her own personal story as a victim of domestic violence. “I am, myself, a two-time champion survivor of domestic violence,” she recounted. Grateful to receive the donation of coats, Minister April told the CLS ladies, “What you did today is you let the women like me know that somebody cares. You have given them a step up.”

The Classy Living Society ladies love to have a good time, and sisterhood bonding, inspiration, and togetherness is an important element of the organization. However, at the heart of CLS is giving and lending a hand to those who need assistance and who are less fortunate. What a blessing it is to be able to give to those in need, especially at Christmastime. The 2021 CLS Mingle Jingle – Pancakes & PJs was a big hit for many reasons. Ringing in the Christmas holidays, with celebration, joy, love, and giving each other… and those sisters out there in the community who need it…a step up. Happy Holidays!




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Carol Houston

Soooo much love & fun… a wonderful experience.

Olivia Rudder Wilson

This was a beautiful!!! Due to circumstances beyond my control I was unable to make it as planned. This beautiful recapture made me feel like I was there.🥰

Angela Monroe

Such an amazing event; so much love, laughter and joy.

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