CLS Talks: In the Garden with Nyajai

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Do you have a green thumb?  Have you ever been able to grow thriving plants and maintain lush gardens overflowing with fruits and vegetables?  Since many of us are not so fortunate to possess this wonderful talent organically, thank goodness for the green fingers of those like Nyajai Ellison of Nyajai Gardens, Classy Living Society’s recent guest for its virtual CLS Talks!

During the session “How to Start an Indoor Herb Garden”, Nyajai offered valuable tips on how to start and maintain a vibrant organic garden of fresh herbs in our own homes!  We learned about seeds and self-starters, the proper organic soil to use in our pots, and how to water and feed our gardens to gain optimal growth. 

Playing in the dirt with Nyajai was so much fun and so informative!  She is an excellent gardening coach!  A Black organic grower and plant lover with a strong appreciation for nature, self-care, and peace, she is affectionately known as “The Garden Goddess”.  She lives by the mantra, “what you water will grow.” 

Time in the house during the pandemic has certainly fueled the “green explosion”, widely increasing an already burgeoning desire to farm, plant gardens and create greenspaces at home.  While gardening may have simply been a new hobby for many, it may also be a nod toward our natural way to find methods to remain sustainable, as the pandemic has opened our eyes about the delicacy of our livelihood.  The Garden Goddess discovered her love for gardening for this very reason; the scarcity of resources during the pandemic fueled her desire to maintain food security and health.  Whatever our reason for doing it, people like Nyajai are helping many of us to be successful at it by empowering others to grow and harvest – especially those within Black communities.  

To connect with Nyajai, the Garden Goddess, visit her website, linked below.  There, you will find more info on her, and how to purchase her book, “All Spice! Growing Your Own Herbs”, a beginner’s guide to growing herbs on the homepage, and her book on organic vegetable gardening “Fun, Fresh, Green! The Joy of Organic Gardening” on the “About” page.

Nyajai Gardens, The Garden Goddess:

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