CLS Talks! Mental Health Check-in Presented by Corey Empowers

by LaShanda Pitts
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May is Mental Health Awareness Month and what better way for CLS to acknowledge the importance of this awareness than to do a mental health check-in with its members!  On May 26, 2020, members of CLS had an opportunity to join a live virtual talk with Corey Minor Smith, an attorney, author and transformational speaker.  Corey Empowers!

From a childhood filled with instability, broken relationships, a parent with mental illness, and countless other demoralizing life situations – Corey’s posture is that of a fighter.  As a result of her life experiences, she was unyielding in her determination to make her dream of becoming a lawyer and servant leader a reality.

During the virtual chat on Facebook Live, Corey presented the story of her compelling journey and provided strategies to make mental health a top priority and encourage those who chimed in to use their voices to advocate for others.  Corey empowered her CLS Talks audience to be their very best while managing life’s most challenging undesirable circumstances. Her heartwarming account of her journey will serve as a constant reminder and source of inspiration on how to turn problems into power.

For more information on Corey, Corey Empowers, follow her on social media and to pick up the motivational memoir #Driven, visit her website: Corey Empowers

“Corey is one of the most engaging presenters and knowledgeable speakers I’ve encountered, a brilliant woman who will inspire you to soar above your circumstances and navigate your way from negativity to positive outcomes. She’s the real deal!”
— Dr. Michael Eric Dyson | Distinguished Professor at Georgetown University and New York Times Bestselling Author

CLS Talks is an exciting platform by which CLS will bring informative insights to support, among other things, women’s physical, relational and financial health.  The goal of CLS Talks is to educate the participants of these unique video sessions on important topics related to women’s health.

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During our CLS Talks session, Corey gave us so much insightful information that I couldn’t even put my pen down. Her own amazing story of strength and resilience is an inspiration to us all. Thank you Corey for reminding us that it’s okay to say we’re not okay, especially during these challenging times.


It seems amazing to hear someones story and be amazed when you see where they are now versus where they came from. I believe in the power of prayer and the fact that many times we have to keep going even when it seems there is no where to go. I love happy endings and absorb words of encouragement from those that ‘have been through it”.

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