Cocktails & Clutches

by Classy Chronicles
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Going on a shopping spree has such a different impact when giving back to the community is involved!  With the knowledge that a portion of the dollars from your purchase goes to a worthy cause, buying extra just became easier and more fun!

That’s what CLS members did on Saturday, August 8 at its Cocktails & Clutches event!  The event was held at Barbie’s Shoe Closet, just outside of Atlanta, where fashionably dressed CLS sisters with statement clutches under their arms, shopped the afternoon away!   

The boutique donated $161.96, 10% of the afternoon’s sales, to Redeeming Smiles, a nonprofit organization committed to providing dental funding to the underserved and uninsured; particularly with rare dental disparities.  Classy Living Society will round the donation amount up to $500.  In addition, all who attended the mixer brought a donation of dental products: toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, you name it!  Chanadria Burrell, Founder and CEO of Redeeming Smiles, and her mother were on hand to meet and greet everyone and secure the donations.  “…the collection was beyond what we even prepared for!” said Ms. Burrell, upon discovering the avalanche of donated products!  Find out more about Ms. Burrell’s organization and how you can make a donation to this worthwhile cause @

Speaking of giving back while shopping, CLS’s own line of socially conscious lipsticks were set up at the event, showcasing their Late Summer Heat line of lip colors!  Have you seen them?  Such delicious shades!  As you may know when you purchase a SHADE lip color, $2 from each purchase is donated to a number of non-profit organizations that are making a difference in the lives of people who need it most. Head on over to their website and order your SHADE!

While shopping and mingling, the ladies sipped on refreshing fruity sangria, especially mixed for the day, and munched on delicious tacos.  It was a perfect day filled with good food, good company, sisterhood, shopping, and most of all – giving back!  Now that’s Classy!

Written by Janine Lattimore



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