Danielle M. Willis is Paying “Attention 2 Detail” on Her Over the Top Events

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Attention 2 Detail Events & Decor

Leesburg, Georgia

Attention 2 Details Events & Decor is an Albany / Leesburg, Georgia based boutique company specializing in full-service planning and event design. We craft luxe celebrations for savvy clients who crave to go beyond what’s familiar and expected for their special event. Our clearly-defined planning process allows our clients to enjoy the journey and let go of feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

We have a passion for creativity and believe we are in the business of helping people create memories because there is always something to celebrate -- from a wedding, a social event, or a just because date night. We love what we do because anything worth doing requires your very best! We take great pride by dedicating over the top service to each event as if it were our very own.

My niche for event planning began while in college as a resident assistant (RA) planning events for students on campus, at work and for family members. I was mostly planning events and making gifts (i.e. diaper cakes, door wreaths) as a hobby because it was something I loved to do. After graduating from college, I still had my hands in event planning and customary gifts, but did not consider starting a business until years later.

As time went on, I was doing more planned events and decorating for family and friends, so I took a huge leap of faith and in 2015, decided to officially start my own event planning and design company. My enjoyment is to see the smiles and happiness of our clients as we take part and share in creating their memories. Our goal is to create a stress-free experience, for we understand the importance of paying attention to details and want to ensure that our clients’ experience is their own unique, yet special, moment.

Proud Moment(s):
Becoming a Certified Wedding Planner through The Bridal Society
Sponsoring and Hosting our Annual Mother's Day Appreciation dinner for single and foster mothers in the Albany/Leesburg Ga Area.
Partnering with Non-Profits and other Organizations in the Dougherty/Lee County Area on community events and projects
Southwest Georgia's 40 Under 40 Nominee & Recipient
Class of 2018 Georgia Forward's Young Gamechangers
Class of 2020 Black Belt Business Academy
The smiles and appreciation of my clients during events

Personal LifeShare

Although your journey may be different than the next person, the best part is knowing that you still made it. This advice has carried me through my journey in life because it reminds me to keep going, keep pushing, because no matter how you get there, if it's for you, it's for you.

Always strive for what you want out of life, always work hard to give the best part of yourself, and take pride in the work you do. Be proud of everything you do.

Danielle M. Willis
Ph: 478-227-4456




Images by: Personal IMG: Belinda Vickerson Photography; Business IMG 1: JayDaniel Photography

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