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Daphne Valcin


Daphne Valcin Coaching

West Palm Beach, Florida

Daphne Valcin Coaching is a leadership and business coaching practice, based in West Palm Beach, Florida, that’s laser-focused on equipping clients with the strategies and tools necessary for major positive results.

Through a fusion of mentorship, coaching and business consulting, I help mission-driven business leaders magnify their profits and results by providing sales, marketing, and profit-producing strategies. As a result, they increase their clientele, reduce activities that are not serving their businesses, and have systems in place to grow their business for the life of their business.

As a life coach with a firm focus on leadership, I work with mission-driven leaders who are seeking to further their development, both personally and professionally. They acquire the proper tools to create pathways to prosperity and success in the areas of their lives that they have labeled as priority, towards high-impact, long-term results. As a result, they are presented with career promotion opportunities, acquire the ability to mend broken relationships, enhance their financial acumen, and have an increased sense of confidence as well as consciousness.

Through Daphne Valcin Coaching, clients participate in one-on-one programs or invite me to lead group programs where clients dig deep into the key components for leadership development or business start-up success—all through interactive, results-driven, in-person or virtual sessions.

From the time I began facilitating my very first coaching discovery sessions, a number of clients have stated that my coaching is life-changing. In just their initial session, clients have mentioned experiencing forward movement on visions they have often had for years. In the case of business coaching clients, within just a few minutes of coaching with me, individuals are often able to leave with ideas and practical steps to take their businesses to the next level when it comes to clarity, cash flow, or confidence.

I started out bringing in about $75/month with my coaching business after thinking I was going to launch and be hugely successful with an influx of paid clients. After months of trying to figure out why I wasn't as successful as I thought I would be, I realized I had a sales and marketing challenge. I delved deeply into research, hired my own coaches, and performed the necessary work to grow my business. A little over 1 1/2 years after launching, my revenues were equal to my husband's income. About four years into business, working just 25 hours a week, my revenues were more than double my husband's income. When I'm working with my business coaching clients now, I'm often supporting them to break through challenges just as I did to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

When I was in college, I also started a nonprofit organization, Project Inspire, which is focused on empowering youth and young adults through powerful personal, educational, and professional opportunities, using the arts as a gateway to achievement. Through my leadership of Project Inspire, the organization has awarded over $30,000 in scholarships thus far to deserving students needing additional resources to go to college.

I am a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, Charter member of a chapter of Toastmasters International, previous member of the National Association of Women Business Owners, previous Executive Board Member for the Palm Beach Urban League Young Professionals, and previous member of the Forbes Coaches Council (an invitation-only organization for coaches).

My honors include:
College Board Professional Fellow (2014 – 2015)
Capital Cause Changemaker of the Year Award Finalist (11/13)
Capital Cause Changemaker of the Year Award Finalist (11/12)
Golden Key International Honour Society Honorary Member *Howard University* (12/08)
All Politics is Local Community Mobilization Panel Participation Award (09/08)
University of Florida Summer 2006 Dean of Students Office/Office of Alumni Affairs Graduating Outstanding Female Leader Award (08/06)
University of Florida Summer 2006 Graduation Speaker (08/06)
Beta Eta Sigma Black Honor Society (inducted 04/03) (President 2005-2006)
National Society of Collegiate Scholars (inducted 04/03)
Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society (inducted 04/03)
Warrington College of Business Dean’s List (4/03)

When it comes to my clients, some of their achievements that I'm super proud of include the following.
✓ Clients going from $3,000 in monthly revenue to achieving $52,000 in monthly revenue or going from $300 in monthly revenue to $3,000 in monthly revenue or being able to transition from a full-time job to full-time entrepreneurship
✓ Daphne Valcin Coaching clients reaching their monthly client recruitment and retention goals
✓ Organizations previously not in compliance with governmental entities attaining compliance
✓ Clients with multiple business ideas honing in on most profitable business focus
✓ Clients honing in on most profitable target market
✓ Nonprofits gaining 501(c)(3) status and effectively recruiting, retaining, and managing high-level members of Board of Directors

✓ Successful job application and attainment for career changers
✓ In-depth resume review and revision resulting in immediate increase in interest in prospective employers and high-level employment prospect within one week of revised resume for one client
✓ Clients considered entry-level and mid-level executives discovering ways to effectively communicate expertise, experiences, and project successes in resumes, employment interviews, and informational interviews
✓ Clients reducing debt, increasing savings/ investments, and shifting money mindset
✓ Professional graduate students supported for strategic, successful completion of intensive programs
✓ Enhanced emotional and physical health through the creation and implementation of lifelong action plans
✓ Strengthened professional and marital relationships

Personal LifeShare

When it comes to my personal foundation, I am a first-generation American, born to two Haitian immigrants in a Miami neighborhood that was experiencing an increase in drugs and violence during my upbringing. However, using some of the same strategies I use with clients, I have committed my life to overcoming obstacles and embracing opportunity and success, speaking at my undergraduate graduation, making my way to an Ivy League University for my Master’s Degree, and causing massive business growth in the business ventures I have been a part of.

Advice I would give to my younger self is, "Be fearless, and be fearless now. The lives of others across the country are depending on your boldness so they too can walk in their own light."

A few of my heroes include Maya Angelou and my own mother. What I learned from Maya Angelou is in fully embracing who you are and embracing and fully loving others, you can truly change the world. What I learned from my mother is to persevere and give without limits to be able to walk in the purpose that God has given us on this earth.

5840 Corporate Way, Suite 250, West Palm Beach, FL 33407



Daphne Valcin

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