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The Business Credit Agency

North Atlanta, Georgia

My company is The Business Credit Agency. I am so proud to say that we deliver results! We specialize in educating and serving companies from start ups to very well established firms in building business credit and obtaining funding without the owners using their personal credit to obtain funding or credit for the business. Since we introduced our pilot Business Credit Course and Group Coaching and Accountability program, entrepreneurs who are a part of this program have received multi-millions in business credit and funding without putting their personal credit solely on the line.

We have many VIP clients whom we started with. Originally we were a referral only business; due to the volume and price points we were charging, it just made sense. Eventually word started to spread about our results and we began sharing basic knowledge about business credit via Facebook Live videos. As a result, began hitting volume, catering to a variety of new startup companies and inspired "wantrepreneurs".

Naturally, within a few weeks, our business model shifted from only serving VIP clients to teaching entrepreneurs how to build their business credit and we have not looked back - we cater to clients at all levels from startup to established firms. We are different because we are reachable, current, and we simply - and efficiently - get results.

We are different because we hold our clients accountable. Entrepreneurs who work with us have to do their part. We are client service, customer service and results driven more than anything else.

We built our brand quickly from social media and live events. Our sauce is the ability to connect and educate entrepreneurs. We have built a culture and add value to our clients. We also believe in collaboration - we host live monthly events in Atlanta to connect entrepreneurs with knowledge and resources. Since COVID-19 we have shifted our business model to virtual webinars and virtual events.

My story starts back many, many years ago. Over ten years ago, I originally was pursuing a singing and entertainment career, but entrepreneurship remained my main love. I am a creative entrepreneur and for the longest, I struggled with how to balance talent with business. I eventually learned that I had to hone in on my business skills and I started seeking professional mentors and listening to many successful entrepreneurs on YouTube, attending live conferences, and investing in myself and my team when it came to personal development. Although I graduated from college with my degree in Finance and International Business with honors, I learned my business sense from my family and my mentors who came along my life's path and favored me with knowledge, insight, and wisdom on how to build multi-million dollar companies.

Fast forward to today, being a business owner is so rewarding! I have been through all the business bloopers – eviction from office (because I jumped prematurely into office space on a tax business partnership deal that did not happen) to multiple figures overnight (well, that’s what it felt like). I have been schemed on, plotted on, hated on, loved, and admired all in one. I have been feared in business and have been fearful. I have truly seen the light and darkness of business and this road is not for the weak hearted, but it is very possible and achievable.

My most recent venture is The Business Credit Agency, in which me and my team educate entrepreneurs on how to properly structure and build business credit without using personal credit. We have been successful and have seen so many entrepreneurs go through our program and get business credit and funding to grow their business. Starting this business credit agency came from many years of seeking this knowledge and being scammed, tricked and convinced out of multiple figures. It’s funny how life can present lemons and I got an idea to teach entrepreneurs how to do the very thing, me and my family spent years trying to understand and build business credit properly without using our credit.

I teach with so much conviction because, if people knew the hurdles we’ve overcome to get to the point where I literally know this knowledge and very current with this knowledge. I feel like someone had to be the sacrificial lamb and in many ways I know I was that lamb. However, now the love and respect from so many entrepreneurs is beautiful. We are updating and upgrading our systems daily to keep up with the demand for companies seeking how to properly build their business credit without using their credit.

I am so excited to say that since we have launched our “$100,000 Business Credit Course,” where we teach entrepreneurs how to obtain $100,000+ for their businesses without using their credit; we have had multi-millions and counting in business credit and funding extended. Over the next year, we are looking to quadruple our customer volume, being the secret sauce for start ups, mid-size enterprises, and large firms who do not know about business credit or even how to obtain it.

As a company, our proudest moments have been constantly evolving, pushing the limitations of limited thinking, getting clients funded who did not think they would get approved, being recognized and celebrated by the media and other platforms has been rewarding. Knowing that we are spreading a positive message and truly impacting lives - beyond our rewards and accolades, seeing a brand new entrepreneur "get it" is truly rewarding. Pushing business owners - helping them get to their next levels and break barriers is rewarding. For us, working with like-minded and progressive business owners is truly a reward that me and my team get to experience daily. It is truly a blessing.

Personal LifeShare

Be yourself. My mom always instilled in me and my brother, who is successful in his own career and life path, to be ourselves. "Being you is enough," and "What you're looking at, ain't what you're looking at." My mom would tell us this daily and "Don't FOOL yourself," All this along with other "proverbs" is very rewarding and has truly impacted my thought process on my journey to be authentic as possible.

My heroes are in my family - my mom, my dad, my brother, my husband, my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, my son. My family is the closest experience to really understanding love in every area and aspect it can be - from good times to challenges - the best lesson I have drawn from all my heroes is love, be full of passion, and maintain consistent relationships. These attributes and character traits inspire and spill over into my business, friendships, and relationship with myself. I am only inspired by what I have experienced from own family because I know I have seen them from all angles -the good, the challenges, the indifferent.

The Business Credit Agency




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