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Dr. Acquilla Faye


Tribe Transform

Raleigh, NC

Tribe Transform is like a compilation album from God that provides companies with services that builds community and supports transformation using a holistic wellness model. We provide services in the areas of empowerment, education, elevation, and entertainment. When a company is looking to make a shift in their culture that increases productivity, decreases turnover and cultivates an environment in which employees are excited to participate; we are the company to contact. Our focus is the most important component of every business---the people. We know that when employees have a sense of work-life balance, experience decreases in tension and stress, and effectively collaborate with their co-workers, every aspect of the business experiences growth.
Focusing on the individuals who work in people-services such as hospitality, education, social services, customer service and entrepreneurship endeavors, we equip them with the strategic plans, wellness programs, and growth training that supports growth. The beauty of Tribe Transform is that all services are also customized for individuals who are seeking to advance in the business arena as authors, speakers, and better caregivers. We know that the world deserves the best from the individuals who serve and for that to happen, we support the providers with top of line holistic services to meet their inner and outer needs. Whatever is going on within a person or company will reflect within the advancement and impact of their affairs.
We promise to deliver top of the line services through educating about the processes, elevating the mindsets of those involved, empowering with relevant tools and hands-on support, and entertaining because everything in life should be enjoyable.
The company also supports are sister organization, Our Efforts United who's model is "Rebuilding the Community" through strategic partnerships to support youth 17 and under to build character, business, education, and wellness for themselves and their families.

Have you ever heard that the several rivers lead to the ocean? Well, they do and my journey has rode the various rivers that always lead to the ocean of serving others through the capacity of my gifting. I was blessed to enter the world with gifts of educating, empowering, elevating, and entertaining since early in my youth. I was told that I began exercising my gifts at three years old and then diving in as an entrepreneur, teacher, artists, community advocate, and published author at seven. My journey has not always been smooth. Many tests I had to master, which allowed me to learn about the needs of others and how to overcome blockages. I give thanks to the creator for allowing me to blossom into a certified educator, speaker, reiki master, life coach, and entertainer and published author while maintaining my heart for the betterment of others. As a young adult, I began to serving others from a larger platform, which has led to assisting major corporations, millionaires, community organizations, and entrepreneurs. Through public speaking and various media platforms like my podcast- Grown Folks Talking Live on iHeart and Bshani, publishing books for others and myself in addition to providing professional development on local, state, and national platforms my journey began to take a turn. The demand for services and my time reached a plateau that required a team and partnership to fill the needs of those seeking transformation services, strategic plans, branding, and healing.
Over the past 7 years, the business has undergone shifts that led to Tribe Transform coming into fruition. As a single parent (or as I like to a say a soul/sole provider), educator, entrepreneur, and community advocate; the message that came to was, "Do not limit yourself because of what others are saying. Be the greatness and diversity that I created you to be because you have a purpose that only you can fill. There are people waiting on you to stop playing small with your greatness." This is a message that I often share with others. The key is building a strategy.
The company houses multiple arenas that are supported through the team while still allow access to book me for keynotes, personalized trainings and the arts. The balance that was mastered within me came through my practice of mindfulness, meditation, martial arts, and the creative arts. The balance was achieved by having to go through various trying times mixed with the most prestigious of moments simultaneously. This is what I wanted to offer to others. I had a strong desire to help others learn that no matter what is happening in their personal lives or business, that there is a way to maximize every perceived pitfall into a growth moment that will achieve one's desired outcomes.
The experiences and professional training in addition to the national and international awards have been the benchmarks of the success and validation that the "new age thought" focused on holistic wellness is the foundation that makes businesses excel by focusing on the people who make the business.

The Creator has truly blessed me! My success is a testament to the what happens when we maintain our deeply rooted faith in the vision of what is given to us and what happens when we accept who and what we are in life.
The largest milestone is being alive to celebrate the business' growth, developing partnerships of integrity, affecting the lives of thousands internationally including Venezuela, Canada, U.K, Sweden, South and West Africa, and the U.S. In addition, my personal transformation, and my son are all a part of my major accomplishments. Since high school I said, "I am my business" and give thanks for every moment that the Creator has allowed others to recognize my heart and businesses including Our Efforts United, Tribe Transform, and Dr. Acquilla Faye.

Magazine Sponsor for the 2019 Our Minds
Our Voices Women of Distinction Awards in Durham, NC where we brought in Cathy Hughes and I was able to meet and connect with her personally.
Spectacular Magazine has recognized me as an Emerging Leader of the Year 2018
International Media Woman of Fire 2018
NABS Featured Performer 2018
African American Cultural Festival Curator 2017
Mothers of America-Mother of the Year (NC) 2015
Community Hero 2013, Women Healing from the Heart Leadership Award 2014
STEP Outstanding Service as an Educator 2009, Thurgood Marshall Leader
Presidential Classroom Alumni, Cambridge Who's Who amongst American Businesses 2011 and 2013

Helping over 5,000 families with no grants
Publishing books for five clients in 2019
Booked by Millionaire clients
Men's Wellness Fair
Paint Your Vision Annual Event
Teacher of the Year Nominations,
Destress for CEOs at Raleigh City Club 2018, partnership with The Sagewood Center 2019
Top four show on Bshani 2018-2019
Rebranding clients who have exceeded their goals
Columnist for "Transfor

Personal LifeShare

The best advice I received was from my grandparents, parents, elders, mentors and colleagues..."Let your work speak for you and do everything from your heart knowing that God is always in control." I apply this by knowing that I have to do my part with what is given to me and know that I have the power to change any situation by turning to the Source of Life for strength and wisdom." In my business, each client is viewed for who and who they are and my joy is helping them to become the best while providing professional support grounded in the spirit of love, healing, and peace that the Creator gives to me.

My younger self was a pretty powerful young lady. I think that she would actually remind me to stay focused, powerful, and playful because everything is temporary and each experience is shaping you to be the perfect person that only you can be for the purpose that the Creator designed you.

Mailing: P.O. BOX 37941 Raleigh, NC 27627

The Sagewood Center
6801 Pleasant Pines Dr, Raleigh, NC 27613





Dr. Acquilla Faye

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