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DrJatun.com & The Commend Her Network

Frisco, Texas

As an award-winning entrepreneur, four-time best-selling author, transformational speaker, podcaster and founder of The Commend Her Network (501c3), I offer life and business coaching. I am known for encouraging intentional living in every aspect of life. My signature annual event is the Intentional Living High Tea hosted every June where guests experience delectable bites, a classy ambiance, elegant entertainment and speakers providing talks on love, life and business.

I coach parallelpreneurs on cracking the code to launching a business, optimizing time, and living in full potential. As a speaker, I present talks on goal setting, planning, leadership, business development, mindset conditioning, confidence and more.

The Commend Her Network, non-profit sector of my business endeavors, is positioned to empower girls and women in personal and professional development through networking, workshops and mentoring.

What I'm most proud of as a company and what sets me apart from others is my ability to over-serve in an effort to ensure every client realizes their goals with less stress and guessing. I combine my 15-year corporate leadership experience, academic achievements and lived experiences to create an elixir of knowledge that returns significant returns for clients.

My journey to becoming the woman and business owner I am today was not a direct path. Born to a teenage mom and in turn the only child and oldest grandchild on both sides on my family, there were high expectations placed on me early on. From a modest upbringing, I was taught to recognize my talents, skills, and ability to do anything I wanted to. Even more so, everyone around me wanted me to do better than they did.

I have always been up for the challenge, ambitious, eager, and uber excited to grow, hence, all of my successes to date. I truly believe that my life - the absences, the losses, the gains, the lessons, the unexpected and the expected prepared me to be the leader I am today. In essence, everything I experienced was pertinent to my initiation into greatness and every experience was an ingredient to my recipe of leadership characteristics.

I had a passion for helping others and teaching others even as a child. Growing up as a preacher's kid (PK) added to the natural desire to help others. That desire grew and grew organically over the years to the point where people often looked to me for advice.

Throughout undergrad, graduate, and doctoral studies I always aimed high but did not always have a clear goal. For this reason, I was always open to trying things to increase my awareness and learn hands-on whether that thing was something I wanted to do or not.

One thing I did know is that I wanted to help people become better and I desired to be an entrepreneur. My dad had always worked a day job, ministered and ran a business so from exposure to that possibility I knew that was a route I could take. I tried many business ventures (while working and in college) to find the best fit. After learning the initial ventures were not what excited me, I kept testing the waters while building a career and advancing my education.

You see my plan was to have options and taking on the many endeavors simultaneously allowed that. The more I tried the closer I got to arriving at my passion, or in better terms, the closer I arrived at how I would implement my passion. Eventually, it dawned on me that I was already functioning in my passion of helping, inspiring and encouraging people but never thought of it as a business.

Moreover, that's when I was introduced to the business of coaching, speaking and writing. My life or my business has never been the same again. My coaching business then influenced the development of my non-profit 501c3 organization, The Commend Her Network (TCHN). Through all of the twists, turns, and uncertainty, I continued to push and over time became intentional about my next steps, which returned great successes. Each success reignites the fire in me to go harder and higher as a visionary and servant leader. Therefore, the journey continues.

Receiving my doctoral degree in 2013 has to be one of the moments I'm most proud of. Where statistics show that most doctoral students settle for all but dissertation status ultimately throwing in the towel just before starting their dissertation, I was one of the few to push through till the end. I've had the pleasure of being recognized as the Media Mentor of the year (2018) with Women of Visionary Influence (WOVI) organization, awarded the Social Media Responsibility & Awareness award with 10 Shades of Success, and the Economic Development award with the National Council of Negro Women. Additionally, I've been featured in Dallas Weekly, Thrive Global, 97.9 The Beat and a host of other platforms.

Personal LifeShare

Growing up an only child and oldest grandchild I like to think I was born a leader. My mom always tells me stories of me playing with friends or cousins and in those stories whatever we played, I wanted to take the leader role. Back in the day, we would 'play' make-believe. There wasn't social media or the advanced technology of today so we got creative. If we played house, I was the mother and if we played school, I wanted to be the teacher. It never failed, I wanted the leading role. Likewise, my dad often shares stories of how I would talk nonstop and little did he know that would convert later in life into me speaking before large audiences and teaching college courses. My gift of gab came in handy!

As a child when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up my answer was always a pediatrician or lawyer, neither of those turned out to be my interests. Although my undergraduate degree was pre-law, I took the business path from there. I became a corporate leader in mortgage banking, an adjunct professor, and an entrepreneur to name a few endeavors. The point Michelle made in her book Becoming Michelle Obama rings true, people should not ask children what they want to be when they grow up as if it's destined to be one thing at one particular point in life and you're done. Instead, becoming is an evolution that continues throughout life and can result in being or doing many things.

There was a past corporate mentor I had who encouraged me to obtain a Doctorate. At the time, I had already acquired a Master's degree and he would always tell me that the majority of folks had a Master's and to get ahead of the game it would behoove me to take it to the next level. The more we talked about the benefit the more and more convinced I became.

He not only played a key role in my advancement into a leadership role within the organization but also encouraged me to think bigger academically. And so it was, I took the plunge and completed my Doctoral studies in 2013. That experience not only stretched me but also elevated the way I approached business.

Aside from my past corporate mentor, there have been many unofficial mentors along my journey who coached me in business, corporate, and academia. In general, I enjoy connecting with individuals who are soaring in their respective expertise to not only glean from their experiences but also to seek ways to reciprocate the benefit they give.

5729 Lebanon Rd, Ste 144-300
Frisco, TX 75034




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