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CEO Leadership & Training Academy

Houston, Texas

The CEO Leadership & Training Academy is a learning hub for community, entrepreneurs, and organizational leaders with an inexpensive startup environment. We provide coaching, training, and consulting to help businesses get started and to execute their organizational purpose. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we combine our expertise and partner with other entities with the goal in mind to provide our clients with assistance and information in the most critical parts of their businesses. Most people have to contract out services, but our clients do not. We have the resources to provide the essential services our clients require without the need to go elsewhere.

Aside from my work with the Academy, I have an additional company, Live Empowered Coaching. Through Live Empowered Coaching, I provide management consulting and coaching to help organizations improve performance, efficiency, and sustain their businesses.

I began my business over four years ago, as I performed contracting and consulting services for other agencies while working full time. Last year, I felt compelled to go full time in my business last year after feeling so exhausted trying to do both. CEO Leadership & Training Academy began after teaching nonprofit workshops to the community and interested entrepreneurs. We would receive so many questions after our training that we decided to combine all of our individual knowledge and form an online academy. We provide classes as well as training, coaching and consulting on a full time basis to our clients. We asked questions about what they needed to succeed and uncover their biggest challenges. After reading the surveys and taking an assessment of the responses, we decided to form the CEO Leadership & Training Academy to provide those solutions.

I am an author; I won the 2019 Indie Book award for my collaboration with other doctoral professors. The book focused on nonprofit management and how we used our research to help community leaders in their nonprofit organizations.

I was recognized as a 2019 Influential person which has led to many podcasts interviews, speaking engagements, as well as an opportunity to be a keynote speaker for the Excellence in Diversity Summit for the National Forum of Black Public Administrators (NFBPA)

A very proud moment was when Rève Preparatory Charter School opened its doors to Kindergarten and First grade students this year for the first time.

Personal LifeShare

The greatest challenge I had was very early on in my entrepreneurial journey. I did not have a business plan and/or strategy when I first embarked in business. I hired a financial coach to walk me through the process, which inspired me later with co-founding of CEO Leadership & Training Academy.

I was a very outgoing child, popular in school and always wanting to be the best. I was determined to be the best. Most would describe me as an overachiever.

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