Dreaming of Traveling Again? Book a Virtual Experience!

by LaShanda Pitts
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Are you dreaming about the time you can travel again?  Mulling over photos from your travel adventures from “when we were allowed to go outside”?

Surviving the pandemic has been no easy task – juggling Zoom conference calls while homeschooling children, surviving the toilet paper wars, staying at home when you’d like to be out and about, coming up with creative meals to cook for family…it all just makes you want to kick back and chill!

A Real Simple magazine online article provides information that may come to the rescue as a substitution for thwarted summer vacation plans. AirBNB owners across the globe are offering virtual experiences.  You can take a flamenco class in Madrid, say hello to a bunch of cute penguins in Capetown or partake of an inexpensive meditation class from a Japanese Buddhist monk.  When you book your virtual experience, you are also helping an AirBNB owner make up for a portion of their lost income.  It’s a win-win situation!

For more information on these amazing virtual AirBNB experiences, click on the link for the article found on the Real Simple magazine website below:


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The virtual ‘everything” definitely will take some getting used to but if this will be the new norm then this is what we will have to do. As far a virtual vacations, this is a distance thought for me. Being in the school system we did virtual field trip and they were so much fun for the kids and I found it fun because they had fun. But me just taking a virtual vacation does not seem to be that much fun for me. But then again I have not tried it yet, but would be willing to give it… Read more »

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