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Room for Relations

Houston, Texas

Room for Relations: Sex and Relationship is a podcast where we discuss everything from the 1st date to the last orgasm. The podcast has grown and we now have a blog, sell merchandise, and started having live events. The goal of Room for Relations is to curate spaces where minority xennials and millennials can talk, address, and develop healthy beliefs about sex, love, and dating in fun, non-judgemental, and educational environments. We have developed the term "edu-tainment" to describe how we approach these topics.

At Room for Relations, we focus on making conversations about love, sex, and dating, normal, fun, and educational. From the podcast to the live events, we want to make sure everyone is having a good time, good conversations, and good drinks. Growth and healing can be both messy and painful. We want to provide spaces for it to be exciting and fun as well.

I have been a relationship therapist since 2011 and it is something I always knew I wanted to do since seeing my 1st episode of Frasier. There was also some interest in engineering and acting but Psychology became my focus in undergrad and I went on to get a Masters in Psychology and another Masters in Counseling with a focus on marriage and family therapy. I am now a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT).

Throughout my training, I have always known I wanted to have my own practice where I could be my own boss and work directly with clients. I thought this would come after 10 years of agency work but I was lucky enough to be supervised and mentored by Dr. Kate Walker of Kate Walker Training, who encouraged me to start pursuing private practice as soon as I was licensed.

In between my own practice and other contract jobs, most of my time would be spent with friends where would have these deep, interesting, and funny conversations about everything. Since I am a relationship therapist, I would often steer the conversation to topics related to sex, love, and dating. Over the years I would throw out ideas about us starting a YouTube channel or recording and sharing these discussions with others. After I became fascinated with podcasts and how it was a more modern form of talk radio, I launched Room for Relations: Sex and Relationship podcast with a few friends.

Since the launch of Room for Relations podcast, we have had over 200 episodes, a live podcast, and have started having live events where people can be a part of the conversation.

Personal LifeShare

Success is being able to make decisions on how I spend my time and where I focus my energy while making enough money to sustain my current life and invest in my future. The best part of success is the flexibility of my day and the ability to help others gain success. The worst part of success in my own business is how easy it is to get distracted and not be as productive because I work for myself. Every day I work hard to stay focused and disciplined so I can continue to have growth.

In the next 5-10 years, Room for Relations will be the go-to source for all things sex, love, and dating, when it comes to black professionals. I see content from blogs, videos, and podcasts along with live events where people are able to heal and grow while having a good time,






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