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Desire to Empower

Dallas, TX

Desire to Empower is a 501c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to empowering, inspiring and motivating girls and young women to act on their goals and become successful in today's society.

Our mission is to guide, educate, support and bring awareness to girls and young women in the areas of personal and professional development through the many programs we offer centered around mentorship, career and education planning, leadership development and financial literacy to name a few. Our purpose is to provide an avenue to young women and girls that focuses on positive aspects of life. We believe that every woman and girl has the ability to accomplish their goals and move forth in today's society as successful and professional individuals. despite their economic backgrounds, upbringing, past or current life situations.

What sets us apart from many organizations is that we use faith as the foundation of everything we do because we know that with faith all things are possible. We convey this message as well as other spiritual messages to uplift and be another source of encouragement to all girls and women we come in contact with letting them know that, YES, you can achieve your goals, YES, you can be successful and YES, you overcome any obstacle that comes your way!

Although, a fairly small organization, we have made a big impact in our local communities as well as communities nationwide by actively attempting to build relationships and partner with other organizations around the United States.

Additionally, our team is what makes Desire to Empower what it is and what is has been. Dedication, perseverance and a true heart for helping women and seeing women be successful is what makes this organization thrive. We support and encourage each other so that we can encourage and support others. We understand that iron sharpens iron and we also know that being a blessing to others is the most important blessing that anyone can ever receive. We are a family and we welcome every woman that we come in contact with, an extension of that family.

I got started with this organization by being obedient to the direction of the Lord. Never in a million years did I think I would serve in this capacity. I always knew I wanted to help women because of the many struggles and adversities that I had faced in my own life, but the way in which this all came about and the timing was not in my plans at all. To make a long story short, I was going through a very tough time in my life which led me to a spiritual journey of truly trying to find what my purpose in life was. During this time, the Lord woke me up out of my sleep and gave me the words, Desire to Empower. I had no idea what it meant but as time went on I began to see what he wanted me to do, then my organization was birthed. During this time I was moving with my three children as a newly divorced, single parent to a new state where I barely knew anyone but trying to get this organization off the ground. But God!!!! It happened, I hosted my first event back in my hometown and have had events here in Dallas and other cities since then.

Along the way there have definitely been many challenges. It was hard trying to get an organization going in a city where I didn't know many people nor had a solid team behind me as I was doing the majority of the work on my own. There were many times I wanted to quit but I just couldn't. I knew that this organization was to serve a purpose even greater than my eyes could see. The Lord appointed ME on this mission, for this particular organization because he saw something in me that I didn't see even in myself. He knew what I was capable and he knew what he wanted to be fulfilled through this organization so I have not given up. I know that I cannot let him down and that is what continues to drive me.

My proudest moments have been seeing the women we've come in contact with make a change in their lives. To see them accomplish their goals, be in better spirits, increase their confidence levels, use the tools we've provided them and adopting an I CAN and I WILL attitude beats any award or recognition I've received!

Last year, we were recognized on Fox 4 News for our involvement with the community which was awesome and I have received several awards and recognitions for the work that I've done personally through my speaking and books but nothing tops seeing what we've been able to accomplish in the lives of the women we've come in contact with.

Personal LifeShare

Yes, yes, yes! Many struggles have come along the way. The ability to balance a corporate job, being a single parent while also juggling the activities of the organization while also speaking, coaching and writing is tough but seeking the Lord for help and learning how to effectively manage my time is key!

My childhood was rough. My mother had her struggles as well as my dad so I was pretty much raised by my grandmother. Although, the environment was more stable with her than my parents, there were also things that took place in that household which had a hug effect on me and caused me to attempt to end my life at a young age. Thank God it didn't work!

As a child and actually through most of my adult years I was shy and lacked confidence . I made a lot of bad decisions but still managed to not be a statistic.

Through my life I always knew I wanted to help people, I just didn't know in what capacity. I also always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I went to college and initially was studying to be a nurse but that didn't work out so I switched my major and graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Management.

Eydie Robinson


www.desiretoempower.org; www.eydierobinson.com


Images by: JMcClure Photography

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