Faye Atwater-Edozie

I started as a plus size Model and won the American Beauties Plus National Woman title in 2018. However, my passion has been to spread education to the children of Nigeria by personally funding material and encouragement to the pupils and staff at Angels Montessori School of Ikeja. I was truly moved to see them work so hard with a minimal amount of resources and materials. As a former educator in Georgia, I’ve seen teachers and school discard items that Nigerian teachers and students would humbly appreciate and treasure. There is no free public education in Nigeria, and the schools that try to provide a decent education are faced with many obstacles, limited resources, and many parents do not have the funds to invest in their children’s education. The school staff takes what little they earn (it takes $360 Naira to equal $1) to feed the students some type of meal — mostly rice or oatmeal, and provide basic materials.

The teachers’ sacrifices are inspiring to me, because it means they are taking resources they could be helping their own families with to help others. Electricity is provided only two hours per day due to electrical blackouts and generators with diesel fuel must be used for the remainder of the day. The current cost of a gallon of diesel is $15,000N. The students are eager to learn. I watched a teacher hand copy 20 tests as they cannot afford to make photocopies. As a teacher, I remember having a limit of 10,000 copies from a copy machine a week. Can you imagine manually writing over and over again to produce enough tests for your students — with no lights — when you get home from a long day of work? There are so many heartwarming and profound stories I could share but I’ll leave with this one — to change the lives of the least fortunate has blessed my soul.