Flair Shay and The Bougie Brella Has You “Covered” with Customized Umbrellas!

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The Bougie Brella

Lemon Grove, California

The Bougie Brella is known for its "picture umbrellas"; we customize umbrellas with your favorite images, wording or logo. Our umbrellas have definitely become a conversation starter. We love that our customers can self-advertise what is meaningful to them on our products. Our umbrellas have been used at various walks, marathons, sporting events, parades and protests. We love that our customers can make a bold statement without speaking a word by simply carrying an umbrella. Our mission is to help our customers continue to be loud, bold, beautiful and confident without speaking a word, while at the same time bringing awareness to what they feel is important. Everyone has a story, won or lost a battle with a disease. We all have lost a loved one. We all have a picture that we absolutely love - a beautiful picture of your child or a cause you feel strongly about. We want to know your story and you'd be surprised by how many others are interested too, just by seeing your image on a umbrella!

I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Fibro Sarcoma in 2013. I was hospitalized and/or in rehabilitation for over two years. I underwent 17 surgeries and had to learn to walk all over again. With the stresses that come with cancer treatment, I often thought about how to bring awareness to the disease I was fighting.

In 2019, I was playing around with umbrellas and decided to customize an umbrella with a picture of me and my son. I LOVED how it came out! When I gave my son his umbrella, he said "Mom, you're so Bougie". Reluctantly he used his umbrella at school on a rainy day and was bombarded with questions from staff and fellow students. I used mine as well, and people would chase me down, asking questions and sharing their life story. I couldn't believe the stories I heard simply walking holding my umbrella. People wanted to know my story because of what I self advertised.

Currently, I receive emails from all sorts of people who tell me their stories of survival from narcissistic relationships to a victory they didn't expect. I love knowing the story behind every umbrella we send out.

We are a very new company! Our Instagram page has hit 4,000 followers and Facebook has hit almost 2,000 likes, all within a few weeks of opening. We have also been featured in SD Voyager as a new and upcoming business.

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