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Geralda Larkins


Geralda Larkins Consulting and Impart Kingdom Ministries

Plantation, Florida

Geralda Larkins Consulting provides personal and professional development services to small to mid-sized organizations and their people. Services include strategic planning, administrative support, business consulting, career and workforce preparedness, leadership development, professional workshops, seminars, and networking events. Proceeds from signature networking events such as Beyond the Boardroom, help us to bring our high-value programs to at-risk communities at low-to-no cost. Impart Kingdom Ministries (IKM), our non-profit division, offers faith-based professional development programs, including the Strategic Society membership group, Legacy-Vision Incubator co-working space, and LegacyGlobal.TV broadcast network. We're known for revelatory bible studies, spirit-filled seminars, and our annual Strategic Planning Summit, to empower leaders with a spiritual mandate to impact the world. Vision is our competitive advantage. We're most proud of seeing our clients’ visions become reality, and in turn they transform personally right before our eyes into a more confident, dynamic servant leader.

While I'm an Author, Pastor, and Life Coach, I'm known as a "Visionary Strategist". I plan everything. I have been a planner my whole life. All through school, my planner was my lifeline. In college, I loved getting the syllabus in advance and mapping out exactly what it was going to take to do well in a class. My whole life was based on a series of goals and objectives to reach my personal definition of "success." Every year, as long as I can remember, I would make lists for my lists, and it felt so good to put a check or a line through a task completed. Graduate high school - check. Graduate college - check. Land a great job – check. Own a home - check. Get married - check. Have a baby – check. On the outside, I was measuring up pretty well to my own standard for success. On the outside, I was accomplishing more than the statistics said I would ever achieve. On the outside, I was the poster child for the American dream. On the inside, however, was a whole other ugly reality.

Buried in between all my accomplishments were things that I never planned for. I never planned for my father to disappear from my life when I was three years old and become a figment of my imagination. I never planned to be a victim of sexual abuse at six years old. I never planned for my mother to be murdered when I was 16 years old and leave me and my siblings orphaned. I never planned to be homeless at 19 years old. I never planned to be divorced at 23 years old. I never planned to remarry, only to get divorced again at 28 years old. I never planned to be a single mother. I never planned for my only son to have special needs. None of these things were in my plans. I dealt with these unplanned things the only way I knew how, I made another plan. But I grew tired of planning. That's because I had no vision for my life. Not having a vision of my identity or my purpose only amplified the many setbacks I experienced in my life resulting in years of frustration, sadness, anger, and fear that overwhelmed me to a place of depression. The lack of vision, clouded my judgment and impacted my ability to effectively develop and grow personally and professionally.

In 2010, starting with a foundation of faith, I began a journey of understanding who I am, embracing my unique gifts, and building the life of my dreams. I had to define my "why" in order to develop the right strategies to successfully navigate the ups and downs of life and attain to the greatness my heart desired. Today, my life's mission is to honor God in the service of people who desire to leave a legacy of His love in the world. This focus revolutionized my perspective of my 16-year career of government service to one of servant leadership. It also led me to launch a consulting firm, Geralda Larkins Consulting, to help steer visions to reality through my gift of strategic planning, coaching, and consulting. In 2015, I answered the call to pastoral ministry and founded Impart Kingdom Ministries to merge faith and the marketplace by offering unique bible-based programs, seminars, and events to empower entrepreneurs and leaders. Over the years, I am honored to have amassed a sizable portfolio of successful businesses, ministries, and social programs across South Florida that have either launched or expanded with my support.

I'm also passionate about building future leaders, serving as Founder of the Broward Etiquette Academy which teaches character development, leadership skills, and etiquette to youth and young adults. I have mentored hundreds of teen girls serving as past-Director of the Girls Encouragement Ministry which hosted the largest girls empowerment conference in South Florida for five consecutive years.

My highest achievement is my service as a wife and mother. I have the honor to be married to my junior high sweetheart and best friend Christopher. We have a blended family. We love to make memories with our four children, Chris Jr., Curtis, Cierra, and Oliver.

Recent Awards/Milestones:
* Women Empowering Women Award of Appreciation 2018
* Pastoral Ordination, Soul Harvest Creative Praise Ministries 2017
* SWJ Enterprises Award of Appreciation DIVAS Conference 2017
* 100 Outstanding Women in Broward County in 2017
* Legacy Magazine's 40 under 40 Black Leaders of Today and Tomorrow in 2016
* Girls Encouragement Ministry Award of Appreciation 2011 - 2016
* Broward College Martin Luther King Day of Service Award 2016
* Human Capital Office Commendation Award 2016

Recent Keynote Speaker Engagements:
* Kingdom Visionary Strategic Planning Summit 2016 - 2018
* Women Empowering Women Annual Conference 2016 - 2018
* Great Glory International Fellowship - 2018
* FREEdom Experience 2018
* Dominion Life Daughters of the King Conference 2018

Personal LifeShare

Oftentimes, my biggest obstacle was, well, myself. Before I understood the power of vision, I was blinded to my purpose and made decisions from a place of fear. I can remember the many mornings, waking up doubting myself, the countless times I told myself "no" before someone else did, or the times I let others form an opinion about my abilities rather than believing in myself. If you're ever going to grow personally or professionally, you're going to face failure. When I launched a Prom Dress Drive for at-risk teens, we received tremendous support from local formal wear sponsors. We worked tirelessly for weeks to make the day special for what we hoped were about 40 high school girls. However, on the day of the event only two girls showed up. It was devastating. I spent weeks going over the plans to assess where we could've gone wrong. The only thing that pushed me back on track to continue the work was the overall vision of girls reaching their fullest potential; even if one event made a positive impact on just two.

True success is fully living out the purpose for which you were created. The bible calls us “God’s masterpiece.” (Ephesians 2:10). Accordingly, God doesn’t want us copying someone else or doubting ourselves. We don’t have to compromise, compete, conform, or con our way to purpose. We each have gifts, abilities, talents, personality, and experiences that make us unique. To be fully empowered to walk in your purpose and achieve success, you must be willing to be true to yourself at every stage of the journey of life. When you need to make critical decisions to help you operate successfully in your purpose, you must honor who God created you to be, which empowers you to walk boldly in your lane and make a positive impact in this world.

The mission of Impart Kingdom Ministries is to teach Kingdom Essentials for success in life, in ministry, and in the marketplace. Our vision is life on earth as it is in heaven. However, early in my journey, I was bogged down with doing tasks that weren’t honoring the “teacher”, “consultant”, “administrator” that God created me to be. These things began to weigh me down and while exciting for a time, the excitement quickly faded away because I wasn’t being true to myself. Moreover, I was making choices from a place of fear (i.e. fear of disappointing someone, of missing out on an opportunity, of additional income, etc.) rather than from a place of knowing who I am in Christ, embracing the masterpiece of me, and doing what was right for me.

I now know that when I’m emotionally, physically, or spiritually out of alignment, it means that in some aspect of my life I’ve not been true to myself. I then have to do what can be terribly scary – face that truth and then do something about it. For me, that meant turning down some clients, contracting out or referrals, changing my whole business structure from fee-based to purpose-based. Most importantly, God had to shift my mindset from trying to be everything to everyone and simply:
• Do what I love (teach, consult, administer),
• In the service of people (not fame or fortune),
• Who love what I do (my niche, i.e., Kingdom Visionaries, social entrepreneurs that love Jesus)

Deviating from this very simple mantra will ultimately lead to me dishonoring myself and taking me out of alignment with who God created me to be. Accordingly, the best part of success in my business/ministry is helping to bring clarity to our client's unique purpose and seeing their visions brought to life. The worst part of success is misaligned vision and missed opportunities for purpose to manifest due to fear and a lack of faith.

Phone: 954-543-0808




Geralda Larkins

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