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Hakemia Jackson


Houston, Texas

Hakemia Jackson is the Founder and CEO of Divinely Powered Coaching & Leadership Development Practice. Founded in 2016, she provides leadership coaching and diversity & inclusion awareness to all staff levels and executives, leveraging coaching and mentoring techniques and practical knowledge to foster professional growth.

We aid our clients in discovering and utilizing their greatness within, by cultivating new behaviors and maximizing their skillset. These skills are typically classified as “soft skills” but at divinely powered define them as “vital skills;” hose core competencies that ultimately impact productivity and revenue growth.

She partners with her clients to focus the coaching engagement on empowerment, self-discovery, accountability and results that enables the client to reach their desired state. Hakemia’s forward thinking and momentum helps her clients refine their thinking, enhance communication, and redirect unhealthy behavior in the workplace. Hakemia’s magnetic presence and dynamic ability to ignite a fire within her client's lives personally, professionally, and/or spiritually has left her clients divinely powered up.

Her expertise and gift of shepherding has created opportunities as a First and Goal coach and facilitator. Which is an organization that equips today’s youth with the skills to be functioning contributors to our society personally and professionally. She has created awareness with youth and young adult leaders that fosters growth by leveraging leadership development techniques and exercises. She has also conducted personal branding and self-discovery sessions aimed at enhancing their social and emotional intelligence and moral development.

I am a product of an assiduous mother, who worked two jobs to provide food and shelter for her seven children. As a child, my mother always told me to “keep my head in those books” so I would never have to experience the struggles she endured. So I did. I never wanted to disappoint my mother and was determined to escape the environment I lived in and so deeply despised. I was surrounded by poverty, in a crack-stricken community. I grew up in that environment but never became a product of it because I had my own community, “my village”. A group of individuals who played a major role in my life. They ensured I took the road less traveled by my peers, each providing a piece of the map that I needed to rise above my circumstances. I followed their map and strived to become successful.

Despite having “my village” of people who believed in me and supported me, professional success has never defined to me. This I had to determine alone. Their job was done. I had successfully matriculated into young adulthood, becoming the first in my family to graduate high school and the first to attend and graduate from a top ranked university. Not only did I graduate I had secured a job prior to completing college in Corporate America, at a Fortune 500 company… “I have arrived”, so we thought. I had reached success in the eyes of everyone from my community including many of those in “my village”, because of their limited exposure and experiences. Little did any of us know, life for me would be different from that point forward. This was definitely a turning point. It was the beginning of my search for professional success, a road that was foreign to me and this time I did not have “my village” to help guide me. I had to plot this leg of my journey alone.

After 17 years of all the corporate mumbo jumbo, I realized for years I was suppressing a much greater call. The call for True Leadership and Exhortation. Not the leadership to have dominion over people, but the leadership that inspires others to identify their gift within. Following some adversities and toxic peer behaviors, as a manager in corporate America, I decided my presence in this controlled space was no longer healthy for me. January 2016 is when Divinely Powered Leadership Development and Coaching practice was established. I vowed that my company would stand as a beacon of light to the management bullies, email trolls, stifling behaviors, and biases supporters.

We believe that personal growth and organizational success are inextricably tied together. Because of this belief, we are dedicated to supporting all levels from staff to executives in developing success in their professional and personal lives, which in turn, positively affects their thinking. We are here to empower your thoughts and amplify your voice.
Here are a few areas of concentration that includes but are not limited to:
• Mobilize and leverage the talents and strengths of people with the intent of enhancing relationships in an effort to promote organization vision
• Support diverse thinking that positions the organization as innovators in their industry
• Increase confidence and professional presence in forward thinking
• Communicate with impact to drive transformation that is sustainable
• Promote an environment of inclusivity and diversity that aligns with their moral compass
• Tap into unused potential or find opportunities to better utilize their talents to positively impact their environment
• Strategically utilize diversity in the workplace as a key business strategy

I am a proud woman of God with 3 beautiful children and a dedicated Christ centered husband. I have earned a Master’s in Organizational Behavior and Executive Coaching from The University of Texas – Dallas and has earned my PCC Certification from the International Coaching Federation. I have obtained a License in Spiritual Belief Therapy from the Theropon Institute of Texas. I have an undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems from The Florida State University with a certification in SAP Business Processes and Oracle Customer Care and Billing Systems (CCB). I have also received a certification from the University of Houston SURE Entrepreneurship Program.

Personal LifeShare

Walk in truth so that your character is never tarnished. No one can’t take it away or try to erase it. The truth will always surface itself.

For everyone to walk in love, compassion, empathy, and understanding. This will minimize the biases, divisiveness, and selfish behaviors.





Hakemia Jackson

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