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SheBoss Unlimited

Dallas, TX

SheBoss Unlimited advocates for the advancement and inclusion of women in senior and executive level corporate positions and for the opportunity to receive an equitable amount of funding from lenders and investors for their entrepreneurial endeavors. The company offers professional development experiences that will prepare them for these opportunities.

To create impactful, inspiring, and empowering professional development experiences and provide growth stimulating resources for ambitious, goal-driven career women and female entrepreneurs that will compel them to unleash the "boss" within and go for what they deserve. Also, to advocate for gender equality in the workplace and the professional advancement of women.

Ambitious, goal-driven, action-taking, self-investing career women and women entrepreneurs who seek opportunities that will help them excel in their business or career.

SheBoss Unlimited is a professional and leadership development and empowerment organization for high-achieving, high-potential, goal-driven women business owners and career women that publicly launched in October 2018. In concert with its mission, the organization aspires to increase awareness of the issues women in business face, offer professional development and growth resources and opportunities, and to recognize and honor women who have made remarkable contributions to their professions and/or their community. SheBoss Unlimited is a catalyst of inspiration for ambitious women who aspire to create a life they are truly in love with.

The company delivers empowerment, and leadership and professional development through women-inspired empowerment events, one-on-one coaching, workshops, and online programs. These activities serve to help her sharpen her skills and gain confidence as SHE strives for the SheBoss role SHE desires. SheBoss Unlimited's Facebook group, entitled "The She-Suite", serves as a forum for discussion on topics related to women in business. This group provides resources in designated units that are free to all She-Suite members. Because SheBoss is passionate about gender equity, diversity and inclusion, program development audits are another component of the company's offerings.

SheBoss is more than just a brand, it’s a message and a movement. Women all over the world are in positions of leadership and supervision in various industries. Yet, there is still a huge gap in opportunities, compensation, business funding, recognition and respect for them in their roles as a BOSS. SheBoss Unlimited is not a male-bashing brand. It's a brand the uplifts, highlights, and empowers women, specifically and intentionally.

The SheBoss message is intended to enforce the fact that SHE is a boss in her own right and deserves what SHE deserves. SHE can lead a multi-million dollar company just like he can, SHE can facilitate a high-profile merger or acquisition, just like he can, SHE can start and grow a profitable business. There is so much SHE can do because SHE is qualified and happens to be a women.

SheBoss Unlimited also offers SheBoss branded merchandise. The SheBoss product line is for the lady boss, female leader, and/or professional woman who knows her worth, fights for what she deserves, and uplifts and supports other women. It is also for any woman who fits the description and considers herself a proud SheBoss. SHE definitely doesn’t mind making a bold statement while making “boss moves”. She's bold, she's talented, she's intelligent, she's compassionate, she's a trendsetter, she's fierce, she's powerful, she's edgy, and she's a leader. These products say for every woman who purchases and rocks them, “I’m a woman, I’m proud of who I am, I’m good at what I do, I know my worth, and I’m a BOSS”.

SheBoss Unlimited operates on a 6-Point Empowerment Thrust to carry out its mission:
1. Mental Wellness
2. Emotional Stability
3. Spiritual Awareness
4. Physical Wellness
5. Professional Growth & Business Development
6. Diversity & Inclusion

SheBoss Unlimited also collaborates with other organizations, entities and brands that are just as passionate about women's empowerment. We hope that you will support SheBoss Unlimited and the women we serve in one way or another! Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other women (and some men) cheering her on!

My journey to women's empowerment began long before I realized it. I can remember as far back as high school when classmates would confide in me with their inner most secrets because they said "I was someone they could trust". One of those classmates would ask me to write letters to her boyfriend on her behalf when they were in a disagreement because she said "I always knew the right thing to say". Then, in my early years of womanhood, others would tell me how much my drive, determination, and accomplishments inspired them. I would be asked to help them "get on track". Women were seeking me out for encouragement because they saw me bounce back from the grip of domestic violence, they saw me as a young single mother, raising her kids while working and going to college. They also saw me get married and live a life that some admired. I became a certified professional development trainer in 2003 once I realized that what I was doing was actually a profession.

I knew that I was called to and passionate about women's empowerment when I was going through the most devastating time in my life when my marriage was falling apart and I still found myself encouraging others; never disclosing what I was secretly going through. When you are driven to do something, in spite of your own personal circumstances and in spite of your pain, you know that's what you are destined and called to do.

After making the decision to file for divorce, I went through a period of deep and heavy grief. In the midst of that grief, incidences that I had suppressed for years had surfaced, like the childhood sexual abuse I had experienced as a young girl, from around 8 -10 years old. I had never told anyone because I thought that I must have done something that would cause these people to do the things they did to me. I also thought I would get in trouble. As I was grieving the loss of my marriage and forced to face something from my past, I realized that there were many other women who are or have dealt with things that have stagnated them subconsciously because they never properly dealt with them. I decided I needed to give myself permission to heal from my divorce and all of the other situations and circumstances of my life that had kept me bound to a degree and I didn't even know it. After some time of journaling, it was spoken into my spirit to write a book. I spoke right back and said "no way will I expose all of my personal business like that." But that nudge kept getting stronger and stronger and would not go away. One night, it spoke as clear as ever and said "writing the book is for your healing, publishing and releasing the book is for someone else's healing." I had to be obedient, so I wrote and released "Broken But Not Destroyed: Restoration is Possible" in March of 2015. I had no idea how this book would impact the lives of the women who read it until I started receiving messages. The book is still a tool of empowerment that I am very proud of.

My desire to empower women also comes from some of the experiences I've had in corporate America. From being told by a White male supervisor that "I was too professional" to a white female supervisor trying to pit me against another black woman she didn't like. When I refused to be used to tear another sister down, I too became a target of hostility and harassment. Over the years, I have witnessed unconscious biases against women play out in the workplace. I have seen gender biases create unfair judgement against women and diminish opportunities for their advancement. Witnessing and reading the research studies and reports of the inequalities women face in the workplace and as women business owners led me to expand my women's empowerment efforts beyond public speaking. It was then that I began to brainstorm an idea for how I could contribute more to the causes of women. On October 16, 2018, National Boss's Day, I officially launched SheBoss Unlimited.

SheBoss is my proudest professional accomplishment to date. The company is still young, but has more than I imagined in this short period of time. I'm extremely excited about the plans to scale and do more. It's a God-given assignment that I am working hard to carry out in a way that will have the greatest impact, which is why the 6-Point Thrust was created.

My most recent public acknowledgements are:

*2017 -Identified as a subject matter expert by Training Industry Magazine and had an article featured in the spring 2017 edition of the magazine entitled: Cultivating a Workplace Culture That Grows High-Potential Employees
*2017-Featured as "Training Leader to Watch" in Training Magazine in the May/June 2017 issue

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Know your worth, understand it, and don't settle for less.

My mother is my hero. She was shot five times when I was 13 years old and because she was a single mother, I had to help her clean her bullet wounds. Watching her bounce back from that showed me that I could do anything,





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