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New York City, NY

EEVOY is a social media-booking app, which builds a community of people who share the same interest – beauty. The purpose of the app is to transform the way customers discover and book appointments with beauty service providers. The EEVOY app allows the beauty-interest community to connect with one another through photo and video sharing of beauty services. Additionally, the app provides verified reviews on beauty products while streamlining the appointment booking process. Customers benefit from community support and interaction, while beauty service providers gain valuable exposure and free marketing from fellow customers.

EEVOY was created because I was looking a new hairstylist after my hairstylist relocated. I used various online resources to find a new hairstylist, but those tools failed me each time. My hair suffered during this time, so I decided to come up with a solution for other women who experience the same issues. It takes happy loyal customers to have successful business and it takes a well-equipped business to make customers happy. I felt the tools in the market favored one side rather than both. I wanted to build a service that helped businesses and customers. I think it is important to create a product that provides transparency and will benefit both parties. When there is transparency, you gain trust and can build loyal customers in the process.

None at the moment but I do hope for EEVOY to have accomplishments / awards in the future.

Personal LifeShare

Success to me means happiness. It is the ability to discover and apply your passion to your career. Often, we pursue a career that will give us the financial stability while sacrificing our happiness in the process. I think it is important to be financially stable, but it is equally as important to be happy with what you are doing.

My advice for budding entrepreneurs is to stay positive, even when things do not go as planned; learn how to turn mistakes into lessons, assess problems and how the problem can be solved. Don’t dwell on the mistakes because it does not change anything. It’s better to learn from your mistake than to not learn at all.

As an entrepreneur, I find myself working more on EEVOY than actually relaxing. I have found something I’m truly passionate about and as a result shutting my laptop down can be a challenge sometimes. I am definitely working on being better at finding the time to relax.





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Takirah Jones

As someone in the beauty industry who’s always looking for a way to make things better, Thank you for the info on EEVOY. Definitely gonna use!

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