Kimberly Taylor is Capturing & Sharing Kimazing Beauty Through Her Camera Lens

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Kimazing Photos

Atlanta, Georgia

My specialty and my purpose is creating, capturing, and conveying the beauty of African American women through my eyes, through my lens, and to the world. My mission is to bring forth the Black woman in a regal manner.

Focus is a significant component of my business. It is crucial that I focus during every encounter with my client assuring that I convey who they are through the images that I capture - with special emphasis focused on the eyes- they really are the window to the soul.

I believe what sets me apart from other photographers is ME. Being authentic, staying true to my number one goal with all of my clients - to create, capture, and convey their story through my lens.

What I think makes me special is my ability to make my clients feel comfortable during their photo shoot. It's always my number one compliment.

I worked in the retail industry for 21 years. As I approached the age of 40, I started to want more and I wanted something that was my own. I no longer wanted to work for anyone else; I definitely did not want to be told what to do, I wanted to be my own boss. I have two daughters, and I thought it was imperative to show them the importance of entrepreneurship, freedom, and building something from the ground up - while making it KIMAZING!!

What made me jump into photography? When a co-worker brought to my attention that I always had my camera with me when I attended functions. She stated that I captured the gatherings brilliantly and that I should seriously consider photography as a business. When I responded, "You might be on to something, you should be my first model", and she agreed! I nailed the shoot and the rest is history. I have not put my camera down since.

I am most proud of building a reputable business where 98% of my business is through referrals. I am extremely humbled by the number of clients who have flown in to have their photos taken by me or even the clients who have flown me out to capture them, their group, or their event.

Seriously though, enough about me - one of the most rewarding moments is when the client looks at their photo and says, "Whoa, that's really me?" Some clients have been so blown away, they have teared up because they could not believe how spectacular they looked. That is my ultimate goal- showing them the beauty that I see.

Personal LifeShare

Some of my favorite ways to relax are editing photos and seeing them transform before my eyes. I also enjoy spending time with my family, reading, researching ways to perfect my craft, watching YouTube videos on how to best capture my clients. However, my ultimate favorite thing in the world to do is eating big, juicy, butter-soaked snow crab legs!

Always honor God first in all things. Stay consistent. Always protect the brand. Treat clients how I would want to be treated.

Kim Taylor- Branding Photographer Owner of
Kimazing Photography
Atlanta, Georgia
Phone: 678-464-1936




Images by: Kimazing Photography

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Awesome Kim! Congratulations


This is an AMAZING story! I can actually visualize while reading your story. What courage to jump into your passion! Kim, you are AMAZING!

Avis Pitts

Thank you for sharing your amazing story Kimberly! Your passion shows through your work.


Wow! Thanks for sharing your story! Amazing work by capturing memories for families to treasure a lifetime. I’m Praying you have great success being an entrepreneur!

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