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The Successful Healing Center, PLLC

Houston, Texas

Welcome to the Successful Healing Center where transformation takes place and your destination for living the most extraordinary life you've ever imagined. Here you are valued and encouraged to discover the freedom in healing and tap into your undiscovered potential. The life you want to live is now within reach.

Are you ready to succeed without limits?

If so we offer a range of services that will assist you on your healing journey. Specializing in Christian Counseling, our licensed professionals will be able to provide you with convenient online counseling services.

We partner with churches and community organizations in order to promote individual and group therapy. We place a high value on using mind-body skills that promote individual and community healing techniques for lasting change.

Kimberly Willis is a native Houstonian who began her career in politics as a Policy Analyst during the 82nd Texas Legislative Session. Her passion for effective change lead her to begin a career working in the Juvenile Justice System as a licensed Social Worker for the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department. Her experience working in the Juvenile Justice Systems afforded her the opportunity to connect with youth and community leaders from a wide array of backgrounds, which pushed her to return to community leadership work. She was most recently a candidate for State Representative of District 139.

After graduating from Aldine ISD’s Eisenhower High School in Houston, Texas; Kimberly attended Baylor University in Waco, Texas. As a full-time student at Baylor, she volunteered and mentored youth at local churches, schools, and community centers. In Spring 2007, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology specializing in Child and Family Studies and later obtained a Master’s of Science in Juvenile Forensic Psychology from Prairie View University and a Masters of Social Work from the University of Houston. While attending Baylor and dedicating her career to meeting the needs of others, she found her passion for helping others and a commitment to improving the juvenile justice, mental health systems and promoting economic empowerment through educating the community.

While working in the community as a volunteer, advocate, and organizer, Kimberly Willis discovered a passion for helping others especially in the areas of justice and activism for the economically disadvantaged. Her passion is fueled by her own upbringing, which encompassed overcoming financial, educational, emotional and social drawbacks. Overcoming these setbacks has led to Kimberly’s call to inspire and train people who are bound by life’s circumstances to achieve and embody greatness. She produces a change in every environment she steps in, being a torch of wisdom and enlightenment in dark places and a compass for those who have gotten off track. She strives to live the most effective life possible by combining her social and leadership expertise to empower and motivate change.

Author of The Gospel That Heals: Strategies to Heal After Hurt
Coauthor of Texas on the Brink 2011- A Statistical Look into the State of Texas.
2011 Texas Proclamation recipient
2011 Candidate Training sponsored by Annie’s List and Emily’s List
2010 Neighborhood Centers Inc. Family Service Award Recipient
2012 Certificate in Social Policy from the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work
2012 Texas Certified Mediator
2013 YMCA Minority Achiever Award Recipient
2018 Regional Expert Witness Training
2018 Center for Mind Body Medicine Certification

Personal LifeShare

My mentor once told me "on the stage of life if you are so busy playing everyone else who in the world is going to play you?" This transformed the way I viewed my individual gifts. I no longer accepted a role that didn't match my true authentic self. I began to create and orchestrate a life for myself that would fulfill my greatest desire which was to heal others through the most natural means.

Don't ever be the thing/person that holds yourself back from achieving maximum success.






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Very inspiring article. Finding your true passion is the ultimate goal in life. From reading this, Kimberly Willis has definitely found hers. Thank you for sharing your story.

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