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The Wife Coach, LLC

Atlanta, Georgia

The Wife Coach, LLC is my personal development boutique with a focus on wives and marriage. As The Wife Coach, I empower women who are married--or planning to be--get rid of the fairytale syndrome and create a more realistic vision for their marriage as well as role as a wife. By tapping into The Power of the "P" (your position), and knowing when to "Tame Your Tongue," my clients are taught how to live a "happy wife life" and create their own Picture Perfect marriage.

I've been called a powerful keynote speaker and emcee, and with two published relationship books, I'm committed to helping women to know the difference between being a "married" woman and being a dynamic wife. Also as a Certified Prepare-Enrich Instructor, I coach couples in preparing for marriage and enriching their relationship through the P/E assessment and my customized VIP Day sessions and teach a six-week online signature masterclass called, Teach Me How to Be a Wife.

I'm on a mission to bring back real love, real intimacy and real happiness in marriages by teaching women (who are married or planning-to-be) to know the difference between being a "married" woman and being a confident, successful wife! Raised in the suburban-area of Hyattsville, Maryland, my first example of marriage was in an unhealthy, unhappy relationship with my now-divorced parents.

When it came to love in a marriage, it had nothing to do with my father both physically and mentally abusing my mother. This experience left a lasting impression that marriage was everything but a fairytale. But my perception of love and marriage changed when I discovered that marriage is what you create it to be. I met the man that would later become my real-life prince charming and learned that I had the power to write my own imperfect love story. Your story can be picture-perfect, too.

Outside of my work being featured in media (e.g. Huffington Post, Rolling Out Magazine), my most proud moments have been seeing my clients win at love! I've had women on the brink of divorce enroll in my masterclass and after six weeks, they were inspired through what they had learned to sign a new lease on their marriage. I've had women improve their attitudes, their communication, and their behavior in their relationships and start taking ownership of how they show up.

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If you spend too much time working IN your business, you won't have time to work ON your business. In marriage, the same rule/principle applies. Sometimes we're so involved in the day to day, mundane activities of marriage, may find yourself having a constant petty disagreements with your spouse, OR hitting a rough patch, but that's when you must take time to step out of your marriage and get a different perspective of how you can make things better.

The Wife Coach, LLC
Phone: 404-454-5387




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