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U Media Health and Fitness

Winter Park, Florida

U Media Health and Wellness is a lifestyle health and wellness agency that focuses on being the Complete “U.”

Understanding the importance of complete wellness, U Media Health and Wellness partners with organizations to create a corporate wellness culture for employees, staff and clients. In addition to corporate wellness, we also help individuals to become their best selves through healthy eating, fitness, professional and mental wellness.

We believe the Complete “U” involves 4 pillars of well-being:

To obtain a healthier lifestyle which allows us to handle our regular activities without extra strain or physical stress.

To understand and maintain mental stability in order to manage expected or unexpected challenges

To relate, connect and interact with others to create a sense of community and lasting relationships

To gain self-satisfaction through career opportunities and continuous training and development

Through publications, discussions, news and events, U Media Health and Wellness strives to improve the lives of others. We also want to encourage and inspire our consumers to engage in progressive dialogue while building their communities.


Produced and Coordinated the following events:

Women of Excellence in Leadership Award Show

Model Within Me Youth Leadership Award Show

“Goal Setting,” “Master Job Search,” “Business Etiquette/ Dress to Impress, “ “Overcoming Adversities” - Atlanta Children Shelter Employment Workshop

Coordinator and Facilitator-“Goal Setting,” “Etiquette” for youth “Financial Planning” for parents - Girls Incorporated of Atlanta Leadership Workshop

Coordinator and Facilitator-“Goal Setting," “Mastering the Job Search," “Conflict Management” - Redan High School

Coordinator and Facilitator-“Goal Setting," “Mastering the Job Search," “Conflict Management” - Southside Recreation Center

Coordinator and Facilitator-“Knowing and Understanding Leadership," “How to Effectively Set Goals and Manage Time Effectively," “The Art of Communications," “Globalization/Multiculturalism," “Effective Networking and Mentoring” - Moore Middle School

Coordinator and Facilitator; “What is Leadership?” - Clark Atlanta University Women’s Leadership Workshop

Coordinator and Facilitator- “Empowering and Leading Youth through Creativity and Innovation” Workshop

I served as a volunteer speaker or presenter for the following organizations

Keynote Speaker-“Wearing the Invisible Crown” Clark Atlanta University Freshman Orientation for Women

Keynote Speaker-Georgia State University Office of African American Student Services and Programs-Globalization and Study Abroad event

Keynote Speaker-Girls and Pearls Event-Morrow Middle School

Keynote Speaker-“Self-Esteem and Loving Yourself”-Girl Scout Troops in Lake Park and Valdosta, GA

Keynote Speaker “Importance of Giving Back”-Cell Phone Campaign Drive-Busineighor

Facilitator and Speaker-Motherless Daughter Foundation

Facilitator and Keynote Speaker-Agave Ministry Women’s Group

Facilitator-“Women and Leadership”-Dress for Success Atlanta

1. Atlanta Business Chronicle- Person on the Move
2. Emerging African Leader-Leadership Award for Leadership and Enterprise
3. Nominee for CEO of the Year for the Women in Leadership and Development Award
4. Business Women and Business on the Rise for the Unstoppable Women Conference
5. Certificate of Appreciation from Clark Atlanta University
6. Received Name Plate on Wall of Recognition at the APEX Museum
7. Finalist of Business Woman of the Year- Divas of Fire

Personal LifeShare

Never allow others to dictate your happiness.

If I had the power to change one thing about the world, it would be bigotry and hatred towards others based on differences whether it be race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc.

LaKisha C. Brooks



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