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A Sister's Truth

Houston, TX

A Sister’s Truth (AST) provides one-on-one coaching and courses to open-minded, high achieving women in a sisterhood-focused environment, helping them feel seen and heard. This is done through empathetic partnership and emotional connection. The ultimate outcome helps these women overcome fears that were holding them back, getting clarity on their purpose, and create a plan of action to move forward in life. AST has three values that set us apart from the competition. First, we provide a sisterhood and connectedness for women as they go through their self-awareness journeys. Secondly, AST values transparency with LaKitia, the owner, openly sharing her story and techniques that helped her embrace her purpose to connect with clients and better support them. Finally, AST makes women feel seen, heard, and supported by empathizing, being non-judgmental, and easy to talk to during coaching sessions. This helps our clients feel motivated and encouraged to pursue their purpose with someone in their corner cheering for them.

LaKitia Woodard, MBA is a Sexual Abuse Survivor and Advocate, Motivational Speaker, Sister Coach, and International Author empowering women to live their authentic selves. Her passion blossomed during her matriculation at Clark Atlanta University after joining the group Youthful Survivors. She traveled with the group across the country speaking and sharing her story of surviving sexual abuse at different schools, non-profits, organizations, and churches. After college, she continued to pursue her childhood dream of becoming the next Perry Mason. Despite the odds stacked against her, LaKitia was accepted and attended Thurgood Marshall School of Law. Shortly thereafter, the fire LaKitia had for becoming a lawyer dwindled which lead her to make a life-changing decision. She decided not to return to law school to figure out her true purpose.

On her journey to purpose, she found herself always sharing her testimony of surviving sexual abuse to motivate and inspire women to take action like: ask for a raise, overcome self-doubt, build confidence, goal setting, and more. As a result, she unmasked the ugly truth behind most problems inhibiting women from advocating for themselves and owning their power: a lack of self-awareness. It wasn’t until having a venting session with a friend that she was pointed in the right direction for embracing purpose. She talked to a friend about being frustrated about not figuring out her own life’s direction but having no problem helping others figure out theirs. Her good friend told her to figure out a way to track the results people have from taking her advice, package it up and sell it. LaKitia had no idea what that meant and took to google to find some answers. A few months later, A Sister’s Truth, LLC was launched. A Sister’s Truth teaches women how to use self-awareness to find fulfillment by gaining clarity on their purpose and creating a customized plan to pursue it.

I was born and raised in drug-infested projects overrun by gangs in Chicago Hts, IL to a single teenage mom living on welfare. If that wasn’t enough, I was sexually abused for 8 years by my drug-addicted stepfather. As you can see the odds were stacked against me for sure. But I turned those odds into motivation to become the first in my family to graduate from college and obtain an MBA Global Management; get accepted and attend Thurgood Marshall School of Law; become a Survivor of sexual abuse and speaker to bring awareness; launch a business called “A Sister’s Truth”; and now the first author as well. Every day I say YES to my purpose and walking in my greatness to empower women or young girls is an accomplishment, accolade, an award I’m honored to earn.

Personal LifeShare

To relax, I enjoy journaling in my book, 31 Days of Truth Manifest Your Passion, Power, and Perseverance, because it helps me to move forward afraid by facing my fears head-on.
I also practice meditation and spiritual study to connect with God and tap into his unlimited power and strength because this helps me to continue chasing my purpose.
In my free time, I love watching Marvel movies with my husband because it's my time to decompress and check out from the world for a few hours to re-energize.

I would change people's bad habit of comparison because it's the thief of joy. Our purpose is a source of joy that we must give to others through a form of service. But since our purpose doesn't look, feel, sound, or smell like the person we envy we let ourselves and others down. We all have a gift that's very crucial and important to the world that's needed, valued, and wanted. There's a reason for our lives and the specific gifts, talents, and skills we were given and it's imperative that we share in order to make the world a better place.

A Sister's Truth, LLC
PO Box 1482
Fresno, TX 77545




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