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It's All About Fashion!

Lithonia, GA

My specialty is to teach people a very important trade - sewing! I help people learn a lost skill and how to get in touch with their creative side and using it for entrepreneurship, or simply for relaxation purposes. Through my nonprofit organization, Mahasin's House Foundation, I help young people ages 13-18 to be self-sustainable by learning skills that have been taken out of school systems. What makes It's All About Fashion so very special is that I love what I do and treasure the joy from each person who trusts me enough to learn something new and build upon it.

I am a self-taught seamstress/designer and I have been sewing for 25 years. The stores didn't offer the clothing that I wanted to wear, so I would alter or customize outfits to fit my personal style. In 2017, I started my nonprofit organization while helping a friend find guidance for her teen. Through that personal experience, I realized I possessed the tools and equipment to start something with some great people I know.

Some of my proudest moments are when my students become an entrepreneur from designing clothing. There is always someone who stands out from the rest of my students and exceeds my expectations! A wedding dress designed by one of my students was featured on a Netflix original program, "The Wedding Coach"! That was super amazing and another proud moment! The reward comes when our young people benefit from the training that is taught in our Sew & Grow workshops. A major milestone for my nonprofit was moving from mentorship to training the youth. Our young people need to acquire skill sets at a young age that can help them in life and give them guidance and structure to build on.

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God first! Say what you mean and mean what you say. Be grateful when someone extends themselves - I learned a long time ago that no one owes you anything! Finally, treat people the way you'd like to be treated.

I just got married and it is truly a new journey that I'm excited about, as a mother to two beautiful girls, and now a wife. I make sure to teach them things that I have accomplished, and things that made me stronger. I teaching them that God comes first in all things.

I see my business growing to other states as well as online schooling, and starting my own dress line. I also see my nonprofit training countless teens in Atlanta and opening training centers in other states as well.

5925 Cassie Drive
Lithonia, GA




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