May is Mental Health Awareness Month!

by LaShanda Pitts
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May is Mental Health Awareness Month! In partnering with nonprofits and businesses across the nation, CLS endeavors to place emphasis on the issues that affect people and communities on a local and global level.  One of the amazing nonprofits that is bringing awareness to mental health is the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.

Each year millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental illness. During May, NAMI and the rest of the country are raising awareness of mental health. Each year they fight stigma, provide support, educate the public and advocate for policies that support people with mental illness and their families.

The WhyCare? campaign is an opportunity to share the importance of mental health treatment, support and services to the millions of people, families, caregivers and loved ones affected by mental illness and a challenge to address broken systems and attitudes that present barriers to treatment and recovery.

Join CLS this month in raising awareness about mental health, because one in five people will be affected in some way by mental illness.

National Alliance on Mental Illness:



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Mental health has affected not only my family but me as well. I am very proud of the woman I am “BECOMING”. I recognized I needed help along a new path I had to take in life. I sought out help and I am a better person because of it. I encourage all people to seek help in times of trouble or despair. The mind you are saving is your own. Don’t mind what anyone else thinks.~peace and love Sis

Bettye Burney

It is my pleasure join in the awareness of ‘May-being Mental Health Month’. Building a coalition with NAMI in my area can definitely encourage individuals that I speak with on occasion can help them realize there are organizations and support groups available for their needs. At times we don’t really know by just looking at a person or engaging in conversation that they are okay. Through building rapport with family and friends we can share these resources with them. It is a privilege to show that ‘I care’ for their well being!!!

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